Jeremiah Chapter 36

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Dem Read Jeremiah Book For Inside Baba-God House

  1. For di fourth year of Jeoiakim wey be di son of Josiah, king of Judah, Baba-God message come meet Jeremiah sey:
  2. “Take book, con write inside am, all di words wey I don tell you about Israel, Judah, plus all di nations, from di time wey I start to dey follow you tok, reach now—since wen king Josiah be king.
  3. Maybe wen di pipo of Judah hear about everi kasala wey I dey plan to show dem, all of dem fit change from dia wicked ways, den I go forgive dia wickedness plus dia sin.”
  4. So Jeremiah call Baruch wey be di son of Neriah, and as Jeremiah dey tok all dis word wey Baba-God don tell am, Baruch con dey write dem down for di book.
  5. Naso Jeremiah tell Baruch sey, “Dem don stop me, I no fit go Baba-God house.
  6. So you go go Baba-God house on a day wey dem dey fast, con read Baba-God word to di pipo from di book wey I tell you to write. Evensef, you go read am for di ears of all di pipo of Judah wey dey come from dia cities.
  7. Maybe dem fit pray to Baba-God, con komot hand from dia wickedness, becos Baba-God don threaten dis pipo wit serious vex and heavy punishment.
  8. So Baruch wey be di son of Neriah do everitin wey prophet Jeremiah tell am to do; he read Baba-God word for inside Baba-God house from inside di book.
  9. E con happun sey, for di ninth month, for di fifth year of Jehoiakim wey be son of Josiah, dem declear fasting for Baba-God house, for all di pipo for Jerusalem and those pipo wey come from di cities of Judah.
  10. Naso Baruch read di words of Jeremiah from di book—for everi pesin to hear, from inside di room of Gemariah, wey be di son of Shaphan di writer. Di room dey for di yard wey dey for up, for di doormot of di new gate of Baba-God house.

Dem Read Jeremiah Book For Di Palace

11. Wen Micaiah wey be di son of Gemariah, di son of Shaphan hear all dis words of Baba-God from di book,

12. He waka go di writers room for di king palace, and all di princes sidon for there: Elishama di writer, Delaiah wey be di son of Shemaiah, Elnathan wey be di son of Acbor, Gemariah wey be di son of Shaphan, Zedekiah wey be di son of Hananiah, plus all di princes.

13. Afta Micaiah tell dem everitin wey he hear Baruch read to di pipo from di book,

14. All di princes con send Jehudi wey be di son of Nethaniah, di son of Shelemiah, di son of Cushi, to tell Baruch sey, “Bring di book wey you don read to di pipo and make you come.” So Baruch wey be di son of Neriah go meet dem wit di book wey dey for hin hand.

15. Dem con tell am sey, “Sidon abeg, and make you read for us.” So Baruch read am for dem.

16. Wen dem hear all dis words, naso fear catch all of dem, and dem con dey look demsef. So dem tell Baruch sey, “We must tell di king all dis words.”

17. Dem con ask Baruch sey, “Tell us now, how you take write all dis tins from Jeremiah mouth?

18. Baruch con ansa dem sey, “Nahin tell me to write all dis words as he dey tok, and I write dem wit ink for book.”

19. Naso di princes con tell Baruch sey, “Make you plus Jeremiah go kpanji [hide]. No let any pesin know where una dey.”

Jehoiakim Burn Di Book

20. Afta dem keep di book for Elisham di writer room, dem go meet di king for di palace, con report everitin to am.

21. Di king send Jehudi to go bring di book, and Jehudi go carry di book come from di room of Elishama di writer. Naso Jehudi read am for di king and all di princes wey dey stand near di king.

22. Na di ninth month and di king dey sidon for di house wey he dey spend di cold-season, and he sidon near faya wey dey burn to warm hin body.

23. As Jehudi read about three or four pages, di king cut dem komot wit knife, con throway and inside di faya, until all di paper burn finish.

24. Di king and all hin servants wey hear all dis words no show sey dem dey fear, and dem no even tear dia clothes.

25. Even though Elnathan, Delaiah plus Gemariah beg di king make he no burn di book, he no gree listen to dem.

26. Instead, di king command Jerahmeel, wey be di son of Hammelech, Seraiah wey be di son of Azriel, plus Shelemiah wey be di son of Azriel, and Shelemiah wey be di son of Addeel—to arrest Baruch wey be di writer, plus Jeremiah di prophet. But Baba-God hide dem.

Jeremiah Write Di Book Again

27. Afta di king burn di book of di words wey Jeremiah tell Baruch to write, message come meet Jeremiah from Baba-God sey:

28. “Carry anoda book make you write di words wey bin dey for di first book, wey Jehoiakim di king of Judah burn.

29. Tell Jehoiakim di king of Judah sey, ‘Dis na wetin Baba-God tok: You burn dat book becos e tok sey di king of Babylon go surely come scata dis land, con purse both men plus animals komot.

30. So dis na wetin Baba-God tok about Jehoiakim wey be di king of Judah: He no go get any pesin to sidon for di king-chair of David; dem go throway hin deadbody komot. Hin body go dey under sun for day and cold for night.

31. I go punish him and hin pikin and hin servants becos of dia wickedness. I go bring all di evil tins wey I don yarn on dem, and on all di pipo of Jerusalem plus Judah, becos dem no gree listen to me.’ ”

32. So Jeremiah carry anoda book, con give Baruch di son of Neriah, and Baruch start to dey write as Jeremiah dey tok all di words wey dey for di first book wey king Jehoiakim of Judah burn for faya. And dem add many of di kain words wey bin dey for there before.


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