Jeremiah Chapter 37

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Jeremiah Warn Zedekiah

  1. Nebubchadnezzar di king of Babylon nahin crown Zedekiah wey be di di son of Josiah as king of Judah, he rule afta Jehoiachim wey be di son of Jehoiakim.
  2. Him and any of hin servants, and any of di pipo for di land no gree listen to di words wey Baba-God tok tru prophet Jeremiah.
  3. But king Zedekiah di king, con send Jehucal wey be di son of Shelemiah, and Zephaniah di priest, wey be di son of  Maaseiah—go meet Jeremiah di prophet wit dis message: “Abeg pray to Baba-God awa Oga for us.”
  4. Now Jeremiah dey free to waka upandan among di pipo, becos dem neva put am inside prison dat time.
  5. Pharaoh army don bin march out from Egypt, and wen di armies of Babylon wey surround Jerusalem hear wetin dey sup, dem komot from Jerusalem.
  6. So Baba-God message come meet Jeremiah di prophet sey:
  7. “Dis na wetin Baba-God tok, di God of Israel: Tell di king of Judah wey send you to come ask me sometin, ‘Pharaoh army wey don march out to support you, go go back to hin own land of Egypt.
  8. Naso di armies of Babylon go come back to attack dis city, dem go catch di city, con burn am wit faya.”
  9. “Dis na wetin Baba-God tok: No whyne unasef con dey tink sey, ‘Di pipo of Babylon go surely leave us.’ Dem no go komot!
  10. Even if you fit win di whole army of Babylon wey dey attack you, and only men wey don wound nahin con remain for dia tent, dem go still raise up from dia place, come burn dis city.”

Dem Put Jeremiah For Inside Prison

11. E con happun sey, afta di army of Babylon don komot from Jerusalem becos dem dey fear Pharaoh army,

12. Naso Jeremiah start to dey komot from di city to go di area of Benjamin to go claim hin property among di pipo for there.

13. But wen he reach di gate of Benjamin, di captain of di guard wey hin name na Irijah, di son of Shelemiah, di son of Hananiah, con arrest Jeremiah. He tok sey, “You dey run go meet di pipo of Babylon!”

14. Jeremiah con tok sey, “No be true, I no dey run go meet di pipo of Babylon.” But Irijah no gree listen to am, instead he arrest Jeremiah con carry am go meet di princes.

15. Dem con dey vex for Jeremiah, naso dem beat am, con put am inside prison for di house of Jonathan di writer—becos dem don turn di place to krench [prison].

16. Dem put Jeremiah inside one secure prison wey dey underground, and he dey for there for many days.

17. So king Zedekiah sey make dem go carry Jeremiah come, so dem carry am come di palace, where di king con ask am codedly, “Abi any message dey from Baba-God?” Jeremiah con tok sey, “Yes, you go fall enta di hand of di king of Babylon.”

18. Naso Jeremiah con tell king Zedekiah sey, “Which bad tin I do against you, or against your servants, or against di pipo—wey you con put me inside prison?

19. Where dem your prophets wey prophesy to you sey, ‘Di king of Babylon no go attack you or dis land’?

20. But now my oga di king, abeg listen, make I tell you my mata: No send me go back to di house of Jonathan di writer, or I go die for there.”

21.King Zedekiah con give order sey make dem no put Jeremiah for di underground prison, instead, make dem keep Jeremiah for di yard of di guards for di palace. Di king sey make dem give Jeremiah bread everi day from di street of di bakers until di bread for di city finish.


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