Jeremiah Chapter 38

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Jeremiah For Inside Di Underground Prison

  1. Naso Shephatiah wey be di son of Mattan, plus Gedaliah di son of Pashhur, Jehucal wey be di son of Shelemiah, and Pashhur wey be di son of Malkijah—hear wetin Jeremiah dey tell all di pipo wen he tok sey,
  2. “Dis na wetin Baba-God tok: ‘Na sword, hunger plus disease go kill any pesin wey dey for dis city, but any pesin wey go meet di pipo of Babylon go dey safe. He go escape wit hin life; and he go live.’
  3. ‘And dis na wetin Baba-God tok: Dis city go surely fall enta di hand of di army of di king of Babylon—wey go take-over di city.’ ”
  4. So di princes con tell di king sey, “Abeg dis man suppose die. He dey kill di moral of di sojas plus di pipo wey remain for di city, wit di tins wey he dey tell dem. Dis man no want beta tin for dis pipo, but he want make dem scata.”
  5. Naso king Zedekiah ansa dem sey, “He dey for una hand, di king no fit dey against una.”
  6. So dem carry Jeremiah, con put am inside underground prison wey dey for di prison yard—of Malchiah wey be di king son. Dem use rope carry am go down. Water no dey inside di pit, but portor-portor dey for there, so Jeremiah con sink inside di portor-portor.

Dem Free Jeremiah

7. But Ebed-melech wey be Ethiopian, wey be official for di king palace hear sey dem don put Jeremiah inside pit. As di king dey sidon for di Benjamin Gate,

8. Naso Ebed-melech go di king palace, con tell am sey,

9. “My oga di king, dis men don do wicked tin for everitin wey dem don do to Jeremiah di prophet. Dem don throway am inside pit where hungry go catch am die, and bread no dey for di city again.”

10. So di king tell Ebed-melech di Ethiopian sey, “Take thirty men wit you from here, go carry prophet Jeremiah komot from di underground prison before he die.”

11. So Ebed-melech carry di men follow-body, con enta di king palace, for under di storeroom. He carry some old rags plus some old clothes from there, and he tie dem togeda wit ropes go meet Jeremiah for inside di underground prison.

12. Ebed-melech di Ethiopian con tell Jeremiah sey, “Wear dis dirty-clothes and old clothes under your hand to protect you from di ropes.” So Jeremiah do am.

13. So dem use rope take drag Jeremiah come out, komot from di pit. And Jeremiah con dey for di yard of di prison.

Jeremiah Warn Zedekiah Again

14. So king Zedekiah send for prophet Jeremiah, con sey make dem carry am come di third gate of Baba-God house. Di king con tell Jeremiah sey, “I wan ask you sometin and I no wan make you hide anytin from me.”

15. Jeremiah con tell Zedekiah sey, “If I give you my ansa, you no go kill me? Even if I advice you, abi you go gree listen to me?”

16. But king Zedekiah con swear codedly to Jeremiah sey: “As surely as Baba-God dey alive, wey give us life, I no go kill you or carry you give di pipo wey dey fyne your life.”

17. Naso Jeremiah tell Zedekiah sey, “Dis na wetin Baba-God Almighty tok, di God of Israel: ‘If you surrender to di princes of di king of Babylon, your life go save, and dem no go burn dis city. Naso you plus your family go live.

18. But if you no gree surrender to di princes of di king of Babylon, dis city go fall enta di hand of Babylon, naso dem go burn am wit faya; and you no go escape from dia hands.’ ”

19. King Zedekiah con tell Jeremiah sey, “I dey fear di Jews wey don go Babylon, becos di pipo of Babylon fit carry me give dem, and dem go do me anyhow.”

20. Jeremiah con ansa am sey, “Dem no go carry you give dem. Obey Baba-God by doing wetin I dey tell you to do. Den e go beta for you and your life go save.

21. But if you no gree surrender, dis na wetin Baba-God don show me:

22. See, dem go carry all di women wey remain for di palace of di king of Judah go meet di princes of di king of Babylon. And those women go tell you sey: ‘Dem deceive you, con win you—those your princes wey you trust. Your leg don sink for inside portor-portor; all your padi don fashi you.’

23. Dem go carry all your wives plus pikin go meet di pipo of Babylon. You no go fit escape from dia hands, but di king of Babylon go catch you, and you go make dem burn dis city wit faya.”

24. So Zedekiah con tell Jeremiah sey, “No let any pesin know anytin about wetin we don tok, so dat you no go kpeme.

25. But if di princes hear sey I don follow you tok, and dem come meet you, con tell you sey, ‘Tell us wetin you tell di king and wetin di king tell you; no hide am from us or we go kill you,’

26. Tell dem sey, ‘I dey beg di king make he no send me go back to Jonathan house so dat I go die for there.’ ”

27. Naso all di princes true-true come meet Jeremiah, con ask am, and he tell dem everitin wey di king tell am to tok. So dem no ask am any question again, becos no pesin know wetin he follow di king tok.

28. Naso Jeremiah con dey for di di prison yard until di day wen Jerusalem fall.


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