Jeremiah Chapter 4

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Baba-God Call Israel By Hin Promise

  1. Baba-God tok sey, “If una go come back to me, chai Israel, come back to me; and if una go komot una idols wey be tufiakwa from my face, den una go dey kamkpe.
  2. And make una swear sey, “As surely as Baba-God dey alive,” inside truth, inside justice, and inside clean-heart. Di nations go bless demsef inside Baba-God, and Baba-God go be dia levels.”
  3. Becos na wetin Baba-God tell di men of Judah be dis, “Make una dig di ground wey una neva plant put! No waste una beta seeds among shuuku-shuuku.

Gbege From Di North

4. Make una circumcise unsef to Baba-God, con komot di skin wey cover una heart, oh men of Judah, and di pipo wey dey stay for Jerusalem: unless my vex go come like faya to burn una, and no pesin go fit off am; becos of di evil tins wey una dey do.

5. Tok am for Judah, and yarn for Jerusalem to everi pesin; con tok sey, “Blow di trumpet for di land; shout, ‘Make una gada togeda, and make we go di cities wey get wall.’

6. Raise flag as sign, as warning for Jerusalem: Run now! Make una no waste time!’ Becos I dey carry gbege come from di north, plus serious scata-scata.”

7. Di lion wey dey come out from e coded place; pesin wey dey scata nations dey come for road. He don komot from hin place, to scata una land. Na only scata-scata  go remain from di city of Judah and no pesin go fit live for there.

8. So make una wear sackcloth, make una cry and mourn becos di serious vex of Baba-God neva turn komot from us.

9. “And e go happun for dat day,”—naso Baba-God tok—“Di king heart go kpeme, plus di heart of di princes; and di priest go surprise, and di prophets go wonder.”

10. Den I con tok sey, “Ah, Baba-God di Oga! Surely, you don deceive dis pipo plus Jerusalem, sey, ‘Una go see peace,’ wereas na sword dey shuuk inside dia soul.”

11. Dat time dem go tell dis pipo and Jerusalem sey, “Hot breeze from di desert dey go meet my pipo, no be soft breeze wey dem take dey blow or to komot dirty from seeds;

12. heavy-breeze wey too strong for those tins—nahin go come from me; now I go still tok my judgement against dem!”

13. “See, he go come up like clouds, and hin horse-moto go be like rolling-breeze: hin horses fast pass eagle. Wahala for us, awa own don finish kpatakpata!

14. Chai Jerusalem, wash your heart komot from wickedness, so dat Baba-God go fit save you. How long your evil tinking go dey inside you?

15. Dem don tok about your scata-scata for Dan, and for di mountain of Ephraim.

16. “Warn di nations wey dey around and tell Jerusalem sey, ‘Enemies dey come from far-far land, and dem dey shout di sound of war to attack di cities of Judah.

17. Dem surround Jerusalem like vigilante wey round field, becos my pipo don disobey me,’ ” naso Baba-God tok.

18. “Una ways and di tins wey una dey do, nahin make all dis tin happun to una, na una wickedness be dis, becos e bitter, becos e reach inside una heart.”

Jeremiah Cry For Judah

19. My heart, my heart—I dey feel pain! My heart dey beat wit heavy sound inside me! I no fit rest, becos I don hear di sound of di enemy trumpets, and di sound of dia war.

20. Scata-scata upon scata-scata dey roll for di land, until di land empty kpatakpata. And before you know, dem don scata my house, and now-now-now dem don tear my curtains to pieces.

21. How long must I see di war flags, con hear di trumpets of war?

22. “Becos my pipo na mumu pipo, dem neva sabi me, dem be mumu pikin wey no get understanding. Na only wrong tin dem get sense to do, but dem no sabi how to do beta tins!”  naso Baba-God tok.

23. I look di earth, and I see sey e dey anyhow, and e empty. And di heavens no get light.

24. I look di mountains plus di hills, and I see sey dem dey shake anyhow and dem dey move. 

25. I look, and I see sey no man dey, and all di birds of heaven don fly komot.

26. I look, con see sey all di green-land don turn to desert, and all di cities wey dey there don scata kpatakpata for Baba-God front, and as he dey vex seriously.

27. Becos na wetin Baba-God tok be dis, “Di whole land go scata, but I no go scata am kpatakpata.

28. Di earth go cry becos of dis tin, and di heavens wey dey for up-up go turn to black; becos I don tok am, I don arrange am, and I no go change my mind, or turn back from am.

29. Di whole city go run, becos of di noise of di horse-riders and di men wey dey shoot arrow, di pipo go run wit fear. Dem go kpanji [hide] for inside bush, con climb on top of rocks.  All di cities go empty, and no single pesin go remain for there!

30. Wetin una go do, wen dem don rob una? Even though una dey wear fine red cloth, con wear gold jewelry, even though una do make-up for face? Una just dey make unasef fine for notin. Your boyfriends (di kontris wey be your padi) go fashi you, dem dey plan to kill you sef.

31. Becos I don hear voice like woman wey dey feel pain as she wan born her first pikin, di voice of di daughter of Zion wey dey cry, con spread her hand, “Wahala for me now! Becos my soul don taya as dem dey kill me!”


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