Jeremiah Chapter 5

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Di Justice Of Baba-God Judgement

  1. “Make una run upandan for di streets of Jerusalem, make una see now, make una know, and make una fyne for open places, if una go see man, if any pesin dey, wey dey do justice, and wey dey fyne di truth—den I go forgive di city.
  2. Even though dem dey swear wit Baba-God name sey, ‘Baba-God dey alive,’ surely, na lie dem dey tok!”
  3. Oh Baba-God, abi your eyes no dey on di truth? You don nack dem, but dem no feel sad. You don suffer dem, but dem no gree accept correction; dem don make dia face strong pass rock, dem no gree come back to you.
  4. So I tok sey, “Dis pipo be poor pipo, dem be mumu pipo; becos dem no sabi di way of Baba-God, or di law of dia God.
  5. I go meet dia leaders, and I go follow dem tok; becos dem go surely sabi Baba-God way, plus di law of dia God.” But dem sef, togeda—don break komot from Baba-God control and dem don cut-chain.
  6. Nahin make lion from inside forest go kill dem, and di wolf of di evening go tear dem kpatakpata. Leopards go waka inside dia towns, and dem go tear any pesin wey dey go out—to pieces, becos dia sins burku, and dem dey always turn komot from Baba-God.
  7. “How I go take forgive una for dis tin? Una pikins don fashi me, and dem don swear to wetin no be even gods. But I make dem chop belleful, dem con go commit adultery, and dem gada togeda for ashawo house.
  8. Dem be like horse wey don chop for morning; all of dem dey halla follow dia neighbour wife.
  9. Abi I no go punish dem for dis tins?” naso Baba-God ask, “Abi my soul no go revenge for dis kain nation? 
  10. “Make una go her wall, con scata am, but make una no scata dem finish. Komot di branches, becos those branches no belong to Baba-God.
  11. Becos di house of Israel plus di house of Judah go dey unfaithful against me well-well,” naso Baba-God tok.
  12. “Dem don lie about Baba-God, con tok sey, ‘He no really be Baba-God. Gbege no go come meet us; we no go face war or hunger.’
  13. Naso di prophets turn to breeze, and di word no dey for inside dem; so make dia own predictions of kasala fall on dem.’ ”
  14. So Baba-God Almighty tok sey, “Becos una toks dis word, see, I go make my word for your mouth turn to faya, and dis pipo go be like wood, naso e go burn dem.
  15. See, I go bring nation against you from far, oh house of Israel,” naso Baba-God yarn, “Na strong nation, na old nation, nation wey you no sabi dia language or understand wetin dem dey yarn.
  16. Dia weapon dey kill; and all dia sojas get pawa well-well.
  17. Naso dem go chop everitin for una farm plus una food, food wey una sons and daughters suppose chop. Dem go chop all una malu plus una sheep, dem go chop una vine trees plus fig trees, dem go use sword take carry poverty and scata-scata enta una city wey get fence and cities wey una trust.”
  18. But Baba-God tok sey, “For those days, I no go scata my pipo kpatakpata.
  19. And e go happun sey, wen una go tok sey, ‘Why Baba-God dey do all dis tins to us sef?’ Naso you go tell dem sey, ‘Just as una turn komot from me, con dey serve foreign gods for una land, naso una go take serve strangers for land wey no be una own.’

Warning For Baba-God Pipo

20. “Tok dis tin for di house of Jacob, con spread am for Judah sey:

21. Make una hear dis tin now, mumu pipo wey no get understanding; wey get eyes—but no fit see, and wey get ears—but no fit hear.

22. Una no dey fear me? Abi fear no dey catch una for where I dey, me wey dey set di sand as boundary for water, as law forever—so dat di water no go fit cross. Even though di water dey dance and shout, but dem no go fit cross di boundaries wey I don set.

23. But dis pipo get heart wey no faithful and loyal; dem don turn komot from me, and dem don fashi me.

24. And dem no dey tok for inside dia heart sey, ‘Now make we fear Baba-God awa Oga—wey dey give both first and last rains, plus harvest season for di correct time everi year.

25. Una sins don make dis tins no dey happun again, and una bad-bad-tins don stop beta tins from coming to una.

26. Becos wicked men dey among my pipo; dem dey for corner dey wait like pesin wey dey set trap; dem set trap and dem catch men.

27. Just as hunter take dey full hin cage wit birds, naso dia house brekete wit di tins wey dem collect wit mago-mago, nahin make dem dey feel like great men and big men.

28. Dem don turn to ororbor and dem dey shine. And e no get any wicked tin wey dem no fit do. Dem no gree give justice to pipo wey no get papa, and dem dey fashi di rights of pipo wey dem dey oppress.

29. Abi I no go punish dem becos of dis tins?” naso Baba-God tok, “Abi my soul no go revenge for dis kain nation?

30. Na bad-bad-tins plus wicked tins nahin dem don do for di land;

31. Di prophets dey prophesy fake prophecy, di priest dey rule wit dia own pawa—and my pipo like am like dat. But wetin you go do las-las?”


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