Jeremiah Chapter 6

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Jerusalem Last Warning

  1. “Oh, pikins of Benjamin! Make una gada unasef, and make una run komot from Jerusalem. Sound di trumpet for Tekoa, con set sign of faya for Beth-haccerem: becos bad tin dey come from di north, plus serious scata-scata.
  2. Di daughters of Zion be like fine woman wey soft.
  3. Enemies go surround una like shepherds wey camp round di city; dem go set dia camp round her. All of dem go choose place wey dem go chop.
  4. Dem go dey shout, ‘Prepare war against Jerusalem! Stand up make we attack her for afta-noon!’ But dem go tok sey, ‘Evening don dey reach and di day don dey fade, and di shadows of di evening don dey stretch out.
  5. Rise up make we attack dem for night; and make we scata her palaces.’ ”
  6. Dis na wetin Baba-God Almighty tok, “Cut down di trees make una build wall to attack dem. Dis na di city wey go receive punishment, becos di city brekete wit oppression.
  7. As fresh water take dey bring her water come out fresh, naso Jerusalem take dey bring her wickedness come out. Fight-fight plus scata-scata nahin dey sound inside her everi time, I always dey see her sickness plus her wounds.
  8. Oh Jerusalem, I dey warn una now, or I go turn komot from una, con make una land empty—sote no pesin go fit stay for there.”
  9. Dis na wetin Baba-God Almighty tok, “Dem go carry even di remaining pipo for Israel again, like wen farmer dey check everi tree again to pick fruits wey dem miss.”

Israel Disobey and Baba-God Change-am-for Dem

10. Who I go tok to, or who I go warn? Who go listen to me? See, dia ears no circumcise, and dem no go listen; see, Baba-God word be like shame to dem—e no dey make body sweet dem.

11. So I dey para well-well oh Baba-God, and I no fit hold am inside me. I go pour am out for all di pikin for street, and on all di young men wey gada, even on husbands plus wives, and on those pipo wey don old and wey dia head don white.

12. Oda pipo go claim dia house, togeda wit dis farms and dia wives, becos I go stretch out my hand against those pipo wey dey stay for di land,” naso Baba-God tok.

13. All of dem get longatrot—from di smallest one to di biggest one of dem. Even prophets and priest—all of dem na scam.

14. Dem no use seriousness take treat my pipo wound. Dem tok sey, ‘Peace, peace—wen peace no dey.

15. Abi shame dey catch dem for di tufiakwa wey dem do? Lai-lai, shame no catch dem at all, and no small shame for dia eyes. So dem go fall among pipo wey don fall. So dem go fall down wen I punish dem,” naso Baba-God tok.

16. Na wetin Baba-God tok be dis, “Stand for junction make you look; ask for di olden days road, ask where di original way dey, con waka inside am, and una soul go see rest. But dem tok sey, ‘We no go waka inside am.’

17. Evensef, I choose watchmen to guide una, con tok sey, ‘Listen to di sound of di trumpet!’ But dem tok sey, ‘We no go listen.’

18. So hear, oh nations; oh pipo, make una know—wetin go happun to dem.

19. Make una hear, oh earth: See, I dey bring kasala for my pipo. Na di fruit of dia plans, becos dem no gree listen to my words and laws, but dem fashi my law.

20. Why una dey bring incense from Sheba come meet me, or una sweet calamus from abroad? I no accept una burnt offering, plus una sacrifice no dey make belly sweet me.”

21. So na wetin Baba-God tok be dis, “See, I go put road block for dis pipo way, and dia papa plus sons go fall togeda on dem, neighbours and dia padi go kpeme.”

Armies From Di North

22. Na wetin Baba-God tok be dis, “See, army dey come from di land of di north; great nation dey ginger from corners and of di earth.

23. Dem carry bow and arrows, plus long-sharp-iron; dem wicked well-well and dem no dey sorry-for pesin. Dia voice loud like wave for big-river as dem dey ride dia horse, dem arrange demsef like men wey wan fight war–to attack una, Oh daughters of Zion.”

24. So di pipo of Jerusalem tok sey, “We don hear gist about dem, awa hands dey shake. Sorrow don hold us, and pain like woman wey wan born pikin.

25. Make una no go farm, or waka for road, becos di enemy carry sword and fear dey for everi corner.”

26. Oh daughter of my pipo (Jeremiah dey tok), make una wear sackcloth, con roll for ashes; cry wit seriousness as if you dey cry for your only son wey kpeme, cry wit all your pawa, becos army wey dey scata-scata go meet us now-now-now.

27. “I (Baba-God) don turn you to pesin wey go test my pipo like iron, and to be like strong-house among my pipo, so dat you go fit sabi and test dia ways.

28. Dem be stubborn pipo wey dey turn komot from me, dem dey waka upandan wit bad-mouth. Dem strong pass bronze and iron, and dem dey corrupt oda pipo.

29. Di thick-smoke of di hot-hot-faya dey burn seriously, to make di faya melt di lead komot. E no-make-sense to kontinu to dey burn, becos di tins wey no pure no gree komot [becos evil still dey among dem].

30. Dem dey call dem, “Silver wey dem reject,” becos Baba-God don fashi dem.”


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