Jeremiah Chapter 7

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Jeremiah Message For Di Gate Of Baba-God House

  1. Na di word wey come meet Jeremiah from Baba-God be dis,
  2. “Stand for di gate of Baba-God house, con tok dis message for there: ‘Make una hear Baba-God word, all di pipo of Judah wey dey pass tru dis gates to worship Baba-God.
  3. Na wetin Baba-God Almighty, di God of Israel tok: Make una change una ways and wetin una dey do, and I go allow una stay for dis place.
  4. No let pipo whyne una sey peace go dey becos Baba-God house dey for here. Dem dey shout, “Baba-God house dey for here! Baba-God house dey for here!”
  5. If una really change una ways plus wetin una dey do, con use una church-mind take judge between man and hin neighbour,
  6. If una no oppress foreigner, pesin wey no get papa, or widow, and una no shed innocent blood for dis place, and if una no follow oda gods wey go wound una,
  7. Naso I go let una stay for dis place, for di land wey I give una papa-papa-papa for ever and ever.
  8. But see, una dey trust wayo words wey una no go gain anytin from.
  9. Abi una go tiff or kill, and commit adultery, con swear wit wetin no be true, or burn incense to Baal, or follow oda gods wey una no sabi before;
  10. Den una go come stand for my front for inside dis house, wey dem dey call by my name, den una go con tok sey, ‘We dey safe,’ –only for una to go back, con dey do all dis wicked, mumu and yeye tins?
  11. Abi dis house wey dey bear my name don turn to joint for robbers for una eyes? See, even me sef don see am,” naso Baba-God tok.
  12. “Now make una go my worship-place wey bin dey for Shiloh, where I bin put my worship-place wit my name, and make una see wetin I do for there—becos of di wickedness of my pipo Israel.”
  13. Baba-God tok sey, “Becos una dey do all dis wicked tins, and I tok to una, I even wake up for early mor-mor to warn una, but una no gree listen. I call una but una no gree ansa.
  14. So I go do wetin I do for Shiloh—to dis house wey dey bear my name, di house wey una trust, di place wey I give una and una papa-papa-papa.
  15. I go pursue una komot from my front, as I take pursue all una brodas—even di whole pikin of Ephraim.

Judah Kontinu To Dey Worship Idols

16. So Jeremiah, make you no pray for dis pipo, or beg me for dem, or epp dem pray, becos I no go listen to you.

17. Abi you no dey see wetin dem dey do to di cities of Judah, and for di streets of Jerusalem?

18. Di pikin gada wood, and di papa light di faya, and di women mix flour to make cakes for di queen of heaven, naso dem pour drink offering for dia gods—to make me vex.

19. Baba-God dey ask sey, “Abi na me dem dey make vex? Abi no be demsef dem dey wound—to cos shame for demsef.”

20. So dis na wetin Baba-God Almighty dey yarn, “I go para and I go vex for dis place, both for man and animals, for di trees, for di land plus farms wey dey for di ground. My vex go burn, and e no go off.”

21. Dis na wetin Baba-God Almighty tok, di God of Israel, “Make una take una burnt offerings plus oda sacrifices, and make una chop dem by unasef!

22. Becos wen I carry una papa-papa-papa from Egypt, no be burnt offerings plus sacrifices I really dey fyne from dem.

23. But dis na wetin I tell dem: ‘Obey my voice, so dat I go be una God, and una go be my pipo. Waka for inside all dis ways wey I don tell una to follow, and e go beta for una.’

24. But dem no gree listen, or hear Baba-God word. Instead, dem follow di tinking of dia evil heart, dem con dey move go back, instead of front.

25. Since di day wey una papa-papa-papa komot from di land of Egypt reach today, day afta day, again and again—I send una my servants di prophets.

26. But dem no gree listen to me, or hear my word. But dem get coconut-head and dem do evil pass dia papa-papa-papa.

27. You tell dem all dis tins, dem no go listen to you, wen you call dem—but dem no go ansa you.

28. So tell dem sey, ‘Dis na di nation wey no dey gree obey Baba-God wey be dia Oga, or wey don follow correction. Truth don kpeme, e don vanish from dia mouth.

29. Cut your hair komot, oh Jerusalem, con throway am, con go dey cry for on top of mountain, becos Baba-God don bone and fashi dis generation wey he dey vex for.’

Bottom-of-di-mountain of Killing

30. “Di pipo of Judah don do evil tins wey I see,” naso Baba-God tok, “Dem don set dia idol wey be tufiakwa, for di house of my name, to corrupt my house.

31. And dem don build shrines of idols for Topheth, for bottom-of-di-mountain wey dem dey call Benhinnom [di son of Hinnom]—to burn dia sons and daughters inside faya—sometin wey I no tell dem to do, sometin wey no dey for inside my heart.

32. So di days dey come,” naso Baba-God tok, “Days wen pipo no go call am Topheth again, or di bottom-of-di-mountain of Hinnom, but dem go call am, ‘Bottom-of-di-mountain of Killing,’ becos dem go bury di dead for Topheth until space no dey again.

33. Den di deadbody of dis pipo go turn to food for di birds of di air, and for di wild animals of di earth, and no pesin go pursue dem komot.

34. I go stop di voice of celebration plus jolly-jolly from di cities and streets of Judah plus Jerusalem; and I go stop di voice of man plus woman wey wan marry—becos di land go empty.”


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