Jeremiah Chapter 8

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Judah Sin Plus Punishment

  1. “For dat time, dem go bring out di bones of di kings and di officials of Judah, plus di bones of di priests and prophets, plus di bones of di pipo of Jerusalem—komot from dia grave,” naso Baba-God tok.
  2. “Naso dem go dey outside for sun and moon, plus all di stars of di sky—wey my pipo love and serve, wey dem follow, con tink about, and wey dem worship. Dem no go gada dia bones again or bury dem, but dem go dey for ground like manure.
  3. Any where wey I pursue dem go, all di pipo wey survive from dis evil nation—go prefer death to life—naso Baba-God Almighty tok
  4. But you go tell dem sey—naso Baba-God tok, “Wen men fall for ground, abi dem no dey stand up? Wen man komot, abi he no dey come back?
  5. So why dis pipo of Jerusalem con dey turn komot everi time? Dem dey kontinu for di way of lie-lie; dem no gree come back.
  6. “I don listen well-well, but dem no dey tok wetin dey right. No pesin dey repent from hin wickedness, con tok sey, ‘Wetin I don do so?’ Everi one of dem dey follow dia own way like horse wey dey ginger go fight!
  7. “Even di stork (bird) wey dey fly for sky sabi di time wey she dey travel go anoda place, even di dove, swallow and crane. And dem dey come back for di correct time of di year. But no be so wit my pipo! Dem no sabi Baba-God laws.
  8. “How una go tok sey, ‘We wise becos we get Baba-God law,’ wen una teachers don bend my laws wit lie-lie wey dem write?
  9. Shame dey catch di wise pipo; dem don lose hope, and dem don fall inside dia own mumu way—like trap. Since dem don reject Baba-God word, which kain wisdom dem con get?
  10. So I go give dia wives to oda men, and dia land to new pipo. From di smallest to di biggest one of dem—all of dem get longatrot; both prophets plus priest—all of dem na 419.
  11. Dem no treat my pipo wound well, and dem dey tok sey, ‘Peace! Peace! Wen peace don scata to pieces.’
  12. Abi shame no catch dem wen dem dey do evil plus mumu tins? Lai-lai, dem no get shame at all; dem no even sabi feel small-shame. So dem go lie down wit deadbody, dem go fall wen Baba-God punish dem,” naso Baba-God tok.
  13. Baba-God tok sey, “I go finish dem. Dem go be like vine tree wey no get grape fruits, like fig tree wey no get fig fruit; even dia leaves go dry. And di tins wey I don give dem go pass komot from dem.”
  14. So di pipo dey ask demsef sey, “Why we dey sidon for here? Gada togeda! Make we run go cities wey get wall, to die for there! Becos Baba-God awa Oga don silence us, and he don give us poison as water to drink, becos we don sin against am.
  15. We bin dey hope for peace but no beta tin don show-face, we bin dey hope for time wey we go heal—but na only kasala we con see!
  16. From Dan, dem fit hear di sound of di enemies horse! Di sound of dia strong horse dey make di whole land dey shake. Dem dey come scata di land plus everitin wey dey for di land—both cities plus pipo.”
  17. “See, I go send snake wey get poison to meet una, viper wey jazz no fit control, and dem go bite una,” naso Baba-God yarn.

Jeremiah Cry For Hin Pipo

18. I go try to calm down inside my sadness. My heart don faint inside me.

19. Hear di voice of di cry of my pipo from abroad: “Abi Baba-God no dey for Zion? Abi her king no dey for there again?” But Baba-God ansa dem, “Why dem don make me vex wit dia idol, and wit dia mumu foreign gods?”

20. (Naso di pipo con tok sey,) “Harvest don pass, and cold season don end, and we no dey saved,”

21. Di pain of my pipo na my pain. I dey feel sad and I just dey wonder.

22. Abi medicine no dey for Gilead? Abi healer no dey for there? So why my pipo wound neva heal?


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