Daniel Chapter 1

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          Dem Carry Daniel Go Babylon

  1. On di third year wen Jehoiakim be di king of Judah, Nebuchadnezzar wey be di king of Babylon come Jerusalem, con surround am wit hin army.
  2. Naso Baba-God give Jehoiakim wey be di king of Judah—to Nebuchadnezzar hand, along wit some of di tins wey dey for Baba-God house. Nebuchadnezzar carry all dis tins go di shrine of hin god for Babylon, con keep am inside di house of hin god—for where dem dey keep beta-beta-tins.
  3. Naso di king tell Ashpenaz wey be chief of hin palace officials, to bring some of di pikins of Israel, from di king family and di princes—
  4. Young men wey no get comma for body, wey fyne, wey sabi everi wisdom, wey know-book, wey sabi science, and wey dey okay to serve for di king palace—and wey dem fit teach di language plus di learning of di  Chaldeans [Babylonians].
  5. Di king give dem di food wey dem need everi day, plus wine from di king table. Dem suppose train dem for three years, and afta dat, dem go start to dey serve di king.
  6. Among dis pipo na some of di pikins from Judah: Daniel, Hananiah, Mishael plus Azariah.
  7. Di chief official con give dem new names: He call Daniel—Belteshazzar; he call Hananiah—Shadrach; he call Mishael—Meshach; and he call Azariah—Abednego.

Daniel Dey Faithful

8. But Daniel zero hin mind sey he no go spoil hinsef wit di share from di king food or wine, he con ask di chief official to free am—so dat he no go corrupt hinsef.

9. Now Baba-God con make di official show am favour, and to sorry-for Daniel,

10. But di chief official tell Daniel sey, “I dey fear my Oga wey be di king, wey don choose una food and drinks. Why he go con see sey you no dey chop well like di oda young men wey be your age? Naso di king go tok sey make dem cut my head komot becos of you.”

11. So Daniel tell di guard—Melza, wey be di chief official choose to dey in charge of Daniel, Hananiah, Mishael plus Azariah,

12. “Abeg test your servants for ten days: Only give us vegetables to chop, plus water.

13. Den compare di way we go dey—wit di way wey di young men wey dey chop di king food—go dey, and treat your servants based-on wetin you see.”

14. So he gree for dis tin, con test dem for ten days.

15. For di end of di ten days, dem con fine well-well, and dem dey okay pass any of di oda men wey dey chop di king food, and dem even fresh pass dem.

16. So di Melzar komot di food and wine wey dem suppose chop, con give dem vegetables.

Daniel Wisdom

17.Baba-God con give dis four young men knowledge, and he make dem wise, con sabi everitin wey dem teach dem. Evensef, Daniel fit understand even visions, plus everi kind of dreams.

18. Wen di time wey di king set to bring dem, naso di chief official carry dem go meet Nebuchadnezzar.

19. Di king follow dem yarn, con see sey no pesin reach di levels of Daniel, Hananiah, Mishael plus Azariaha; so dem start to dey serve di king.

20. Naso di king notice sey for everi mata of wisdom plus understanding wey he ask dem about, dem beta pass all di jazzmen—ten times, and even all di pipo wey sabi ready stars for di whole kingdom,.

21. So Daniel stay for there until di first year of king Cyrus.


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