Daniel Chapter 2

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        Nebuchadnezzar Dream

  1. For di second year as Nebuchadnezzar be king, he con dream; hin mind con dey disturb am sote he no fit sleep.
  2. So di king call di jazzmen plus all di pipo wey sabi read stars, and all di pipo sey sabi do otumorkpor, plus di Chaldeans—to tell di king about hin dream. So all of dem come, con stand for front of di king.
  3. He con tell dem sey, “I dream one dream wey dey disturb my mind, and I wan know wetin di dream mean.”
  4. Naso di pipo wey sabi read stars con ansa am wit Aramaic, “Oh king, make you live forever! Tell your servants di dream and we go tell you di meaning.”
  5. Di king con ansa di pipo wey dey read stars sey, “Na wetin I don decide be dis: If una no tell me wetin my dream be, con tell me di meaning of di dream, I go cut una to pieces, con scata una houses.
  6. But if una tell me di dream, con show me di meaning, I go give una gifts, I go pay una, con give una serious levels. So make una tell me di dream, con show me di meaning.”
  7. Dem con ansa am again, “Make di king tell your servants di dream, and we go tell you di meaning.”
  8. So di king tok sey, “I dey sure sey una dey fyne time, becos una no sey I don zero my mind for wetin I don decide.
  9. But if una no tell me di dream, I get one punishment for una. Una don gada todega to tell me wayo tins and lie-lie, con dey hope sey tins go change. So now, make una tell me di dream, and I go know sey una fit tell me di meaning.”
  10. Di pipo wey sabi read stars con ansa di king, “No man for dis earth fit do wetin di king dey ask for!  No king, oga, or ruler—don ever ask dis kain tin from any jazzman, or pipo wey sabi read stars, or Chaldean*.
  11. Wetin di king dey ask for too hard. No pesin fit tell di king except di gods, and dem no dey live among men.”
  12. Dis one con make di king vex well-well, and he para, sote he sey make dem kill all di wise men  for Babylon.
  13. So dem make law to kill all di wise men. Naso dem send men to look for Daniel and all hin padi—to kill dem sef.

Baba-God Show Daniel Di Dream

14. Wen Arioch wey di commander of di king guard komot to kill all di wise men for Babylon, Daniel follow am tok wit wisdom.

15. So he ask di king commander sey, “Why di king rush sign dis hard law?” Naso Arioch explain di mata to Daniel.

16. So Daniel go meet di king, con beg am for more time, so dat he go fit tell am di meaning of di dream.

17. Naso Daniel go back to hin house, con explain di mata to all hin padi; Hananiah, Mishael, plus Azariah.

18. He beg dem sey make dem beg Baba-God of heaven, to sorry-for dem—about dis secret, so dat dem no go kill him plus all hin padi, wit di rest wise men of Babylon.

19. For night, Baba-God con show Daniel di secret for vision. So Daniel praise Baba-God of heaven,

20. He con tok sey, “Praise be to di name of Baba-God for ever and ever; nahin get wisdom plus pawa.

21. He dey change time plus season; nahin dey raise kings and nahin dey komot kings. He dey give wisdom to pipo wey get-sense, and he dey show new tins to pipo wey sabi understand.

22. He dey show pipo deep tins wey dey coded; he sabi wetin dey inside darkness, and light dey stay wit am.

23. I tank and praise you, oh Baba-God of my papa-papa-papa, you don give me wisdom plus pawa, you don show me wetin we ask you, and you don show us di king dream.”

     Daniel Tok Di Meaning of Di Dream

24. So Daniel go meet Arioch, wey di king don tell to kill all di wise men for Babylon. Naso Daniel yarn am sey, “No kill di wise men of Babylon, carry me go meet di king, and I go tell am di meaning of di dream.”

25. So Arioch carry Daniel go meet di king kiakia, con tell am sey, “I don see one man among di pipo wey we catch from Judah; he fit tell di king wetin hin dream mean.”

26. Di king con ask Daniel wey dem dey call Belteshazzar, sey, “So you fit tell me wetin I see for my dream, con tell me di meaning?”

27. So Daniel ansa am, “No wise man, jazzman, or pipo wey dey read stars, or magician, or pipo wey dey do otumorkpor—fit tell di king di secret wey he dey ask for,

28. But Baba-God dey for heaven wey dey show pesin secrets. He don show king Nebuchadnezzar wetin go soon happun lata-lata. Your dream plus your vision wey you see wen you lie down for your bed nahin be dis:

29. Oh king, as you bin dey lie down for bed, your tinking enta your mind, about tins wey go sup for future. And di God wey dey show pesin secret—show you wetin go happun.

30. As for me, Baba-God don show me dis secrets, no be becos I get wisdom pass oda men wey dey alive, but so dat you, oh king, go know di meaning, and so dat you go understand wetin pass tru your mind.

31. “Oh king, you look, and for your front—e con get one big image, wey dey shine and wey make you shock.

32. Dem make di head of di image wit pure gold, dem make di chest and hand wit silver, dem make e belle and lap wit bronze,

33. Dem make di legs wit iron, and di down side of hin leg—na wit iron and some part of am na clay.

34. As you dey look, one rock con cut come out, but no be human being hand do am. Naso di rock nack di image for hin leg wey dem make wit iron plus clay—con scata dem to pieces.

35. Naso di iron, di clay, di bronze, di silver, plus di gold—con break to pieces di same time, e con be like chaff for harvest ground for cold-season. Naso breeze blow dem komot sote no pesin see dem again—but di rock wey nack di image—con turn to big mountain wey cover di whole earth.

36. “Na di dream be dat, and now we go tell di king di meaning.

37. You oh king—na you be di king of kings. Baba-God of heaven don give you kingdom plus pawa, and muscle, plus levels;

38. He don put for your hand—different human being, plus wild animals for forest, and birds wey dey fly for sky;  and any where wey pipo dey live, he don make you di ruler of all of dem. Na you be dat head of gold.

39. “Afta you, anoda kingdom go raise, e no go get levels reach your own. Den afta dat, di third kingdom, di one wey be bronze, wey go rule di whole earth.

40. Las-las, one fourth kingdom go dey, wey strong like iron—iron dey break and scata everitin—and as iron take dey break tins to pieces, naso di kingdom go take scata all di oda ones to pieces, con break dem.

41. Just as you see wey di down side of di leg plus di toes na both iron plus clay, naso di kingdom go be kingdom wey divide; but e go still get some of di pawa of iron inside am, even as you take see iron wey mix wit clay.

42. As part of di toes na iron plus clay, naso di kingdom go strong, but some part of am no go soft.

43. And just as you take see di iron wey mix wit clay, naso di pipo of di kingdom go dey marry demsef, but dem no go  fit gum-body wit demsef—even as iron no dey mix wit clay.

44. “For di time of those kings, Baba-God of heaven go set up kingdom wey no go ever scata, and wey oda pipo no go take-over. E go scata all those kingdoms to pieces, con end dem, but di kingdom go stand gidigbam forever.

45. Na dis be di meaning of di vision wey you see about di rock wey cut out from mountain—wey no be human being hand cut am—rock wey break to pieces—di iron, di bronze, di clay, di silver plus di gold. “Di ogbonge God don show di king wetin go happun for future. Di dream na true and di meaning sure.”

       Nebuchadnezzar Promot Daniel

46. Naso king Nebuchadnezzar kneel down for Daniel front, he respect am, con order sey make dem give am offering, con burn incense for am.

47. Di king con tell Daniel sey, “True-true, your God na di God of gods, and di Oga of kings, and he dey show pipo secrets, becos you fit explain dis secret.”

48. Naso di king put Daniel for high position, con give am gifts yanfu-yanfu. He make am ruler for di whole Babylon, con make am di chief of all di wise men for Babylon.

49. Naso Daniel ask di king, and di king make Shadrach, Meshach plus Abednego leaders for di territory of Babylon, but Daniel hinsef con dey for di palace.


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