Ezekiel Chapter 10

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Di Glory Komot From Baba-God House

  1. I look and for di sky wey dey for up of di cherubim, I see sometin wey be like king-chair wey be like sapphire.
  2. Baba-God con tell di man wey wear linen sey, “Go among di tyres wey dey under di cherub, carry charcoal full your hand from di faya wey dey between di cherubim, con scata dem on top of di city.” And di man go as I dey watch.
  3. Now di cherubim dey stand for di right side of Baba-God house wen di man enta, and cloud full di yard wey dey for inside.
  4. Baba-God levels rise from on top of di cherubim, con move go di doormot of Baba-God house. Naso cloud brekete for Baba-God house, and di yard con dey shine wit di light of Baba-God levels.
  5. Di sound of di feathers of di cherubim loud reach di yard wey dey for outside, like Baba-God Almighty  voice wen he dey yarn.
  6. E con happun sey, wen Baba-God tell di man wey wear linen, sey, “Take faya from among di tyres, from among di cherubim,” di man waka go inside, con stand for di side of one   tyre.
  7. Naso one of di cherubim stretch hin hand from between di cherubim—to di faya wey dey between di cherubim. He carry some of di faya, con put am for di hand of di man wey wear linen—wey con carry am go outside.
  8. Sometin wey be like man hands dey under di feathers of di cherubim.
  9. I look, and I see four tyres for di side of di cherubim; one for di side of everi one of di cherubim; di tyres dey shine like chrysolite.
  10. As for di way wey dem look, di four tyres resemble demsef, like tyre wey dey for inside anoda tyre.
  11. As dem dey move, dem dey move go any of di four sides wey di cherubim dey face, and dem no dey turn as dem dey move. Dem dey move straight to di side wey dem dey face, and dem no need to turn go side.
  12. Dia whole body; dia backs, dia hands, plus dia feathers, and dia tyres—brekete wit eyes,  and for even di tyres wey di four of dem get.
  13. I hear pesin dey call di tyres ‘Di rolling tyres’.
  14. Everi one of di four cherubim get four faces; One face be like Cherub face, di second face be like man face, di third face be like lion face, and di fourth face be like eagle face.
  15. Naso di cherubim move go up. Na dis be di living tins wey I bin see near River Chebar.
  16. Wen di cherubim move, di tyres move follow dem; and wen di cherubim set dia feathers to rise up from ground, di tyres no komot from dia side.
  17. Wen di cherubim stand for one place, di tyres sef stand for one place; and wen di cherubim rise up, dem rise wit dem, becos di spirit of di living tins dey inside dem.
  18. Naso Baba-God levels (di light of hin face) move komot from di doormot of Baba-God house, con move go float on top of di cherubim.
  19. As I dey watch, di cherubim set dia feathers and dem rise from di ground, and as dem dey move, di tyres move wit dem go di east gate of Baba-God house, and di levels of di God of Israel dey float on top of dem.
  20. Na dis be di living tins wey I bin see under di God of Israel, near di river of Chebar, so I con sabi sey na dem be di cherubim.
  21. Everi single one of dem get four faces, and everi one of dem get four feathers, and sometin  wey be like man hands dey under dia feathers.
  22. Dia faces be like di same faces wey I bin see near di River Chebar, even di way dem  look and di way dem be. Everi single one of dem dey carry-go straight.


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