Ezekiel Chapter 16

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       Jerusalem Na Wife Wey No Dey Faithful

  1. Baba-God word come meet me again :
  2. “Man pikin, go tok about di bad-bad-tins wey Jerusalem dey do, so dat dem go know,
  3. con tok sey, ‘Dis na wetin Baba-God Almighty dey follow Jerusalem tok: “Dem born you for di land of Canaan. Your papa na Amorite, and your mama na Hittite.
  4. Wen dem born you, no pesin cut your navel, or baff you, or rub you wit salt, or cover you wit wrapper.
  5. No pesin sorry-for you reach, to do any of dis tins for you. Wen dem born you—no pesin dey to show you love. And dem throway you for open field—becos dem hate you even di day wey dem born you.
  6. “Naso I waka pass, con see you dey roll upandan for inside your own blood. Na blood cover your body for there, but I tell you sey, ‘Live!’ Yes, I tell you sey, ‘Live!’
  7. I make you grow like plant for field. Naso you grow, con big, and you con fine well-well. Your breast grow, and you hair grow, but you bin dey naked and you no wear anytin.
  8. “Now wen I pass, and I look you, con see sey you old reach for love, I use my cloth take cover you, con cover your body wey naked. I swear to you, con make agreement of marriage wit you, and you turn to my own,” naso Baba-God tok.
  9. “I baff you wit water, I wash di blood komot from your body, con rub ororo for your body.
  10. I make you wear cloth wey dem design, wit sandal wey dem make wit badger skin, and I cover you wit fine linen and silk.
  11. I make you fine wit jewelries: I put bangle for your hand, and chain for your neck,
  12. and I put jewelry for your forehead, earrings for your ears, and fine crown for your head.
  13. So you con baffup wit gold plus silver; na fine linen and silk you con dey wear—wey dem design. You chop bread wey dem make wit di best flour, honey plus ororo. You fine well- well, and you turn to queen for your kingdom.
  14. So your name spread among di nations, becos of how you take fine reach, becos e perfect tru di levels wey I don give you wey make you fine well-well,” naso Baba-God Almighty tok.
  15. “But you con dey trust your own beauty, and you use your fine name take turn to ashawo. You waste your beauty on any pesin wey just dey pass, and your beauty con belong to dem.
  16. You take some of your clothes, and you use am take design di shrine of idols wit plenty fine colors, con dey give yoursef to dem like ashawo. Dis kain tin no suppose happen. No be so e suppose be.
  17. You still carry di fine gold and silver jewelries wey I give you— and you use am take make idol wey resemble man for yoursef, con dey give yoursef to dem like ashawo—by worshipping dem.
  18. You carry your designer cloth—con wear am for dia body, and you give dem my ororo plus my incense as sacrifice to dem.
  19. You give dem di scent of incense from di food wey I give you—plus fine flour, ororo, and  honey wey I give you to chop; naso e happun,” naso Baba-God Almighty tok.
  20. “And you carry your sons and daughters wey you born for me, con sacrifice dem as food for idols. Abi una ashawo na small mata?
  21. Must you kill my pikin, con sacrifice dem wit faya for idols?
  22. Inside all di mumu sins wey you do, and di ashawo wey you do, you no remember di days wen you be youth, wen you naked wit no cloth, and you dey roll inside your blood.
  23. “‘Wahala! Wahala for you,’ naso Baba-God Almighty dey tok. And afta all your oda wicked tins,
  24. you build shrines for yoursef, con build shrines for everi street.
  25. For front of everi street nahin you build shrines, and you down-grade your beauty, con kontinu to dey open your legs anyhow like ashawo—to any pesin wey dey waka pass.
  26. You give yoursef to di Egyptians like ashawo [by worshipping dia idols], your neighbours wey konji dey worry, and  you make me vex wit di ashawo wey you kontinu to dey do.
  27. So I stretch my hand against you, I go make your portion small, con carry you give di wish of your enemies, di daughters of di Philistines, wey shame dey catch becos of how you dey do anyhow.
  28. You even give yoursef to di Assyrians like ashawo, becos you no dey belleful, and even afta dat, you no still belleful.
  29. So you kontinu your ashawo go reach Chaldea, di land of market-pipo, but even wit dat, you no still belleful!
  30. Dis na wetin Baba-God Almighty dey tok, “See as your heart low reach! You don do all dis tins like ashawo wey no dey shame.

Jerusalem Na Ashawo

  • You build shrines for front of everi road, you build shrines for idols for everi street, con dey do like ashawo. Evensef, you no be like normal ashawo, becos you no dey ask for moni.
  • You be ashawo wife wey prefare strangers instead of your own husband wey love you!
  • Everi olosho dey collect moni, but you be oshofree for all men, you dey pay dem make dem come meet you from everi where, to come sleep wit you.
  • So inside your ashawo, you be di opposite of odas; na you dey pay your customers, instead of dem to dey pay you! [like sugar-mummy].

Jerusalem Boyfriends [Lovers] Go Do Her Anyhow

  • ‘So you ashawo, hear Baba-God word!
  • Dis na wetin Baba-God Almighty dey tok: “Becos you pour your konji come out, and you show your nakedness inside your ashawo wit your boyfriends; becos you worship idols  wey be tufiakwa, and becos of di blood of your pikin wey you kill for dem,
  • So I go gada all your boyfriends, wey you don flex wit, di ones wey you love, plus di ones wey you hate. I go even gada dem against you from everi corner, and I go naked you for dia front so dat dem go dey look you as you dey naked.
  • I go judge you as dem take dey judge married woman wey dey sleep outside, or woman wey shed blood. And I go punish you wit death as I dey vex and jealous.
  • Naso I go carry you give your boyfriends and dem go break your shrines, plus di altars where you dey worship idols. Dem go komot your clothes plus fine jewelries, con make you naked kpatakpata wit notin.
  • Dem go bring plenty pipo to attack you, wey go stone you, con cut you to pieces wit dia swords.
  • Dem go burn your houses wit faya, con punish you for front of plenty women. I go stop your from ashawo life, and you no go pay your lovers [boyfriends] again.
  • Naso my vex for you go calm down, and my jealousy go turn komot from you; so I go calm down and I no go vex again.
  • Becos you no gree remember di days wen you be youth, but you make me vex wit all dis evil tins wey you do, I go pay you back fully for all your sins, and you go stop your ashawo life, apart from all your oda mumu ways,” naso Baba-God Almighty tok.

Wickedness Wey Pass Samaria Plus Sodom

  • “Everi pesin wey dey tok proverb go tok dis proverb against you: ‘Like moda like daughter.’
  • You just be like your mama, wey dey fashi her husband plus all her pikin; you just be like yours sistas, wey dey fashi dia husbands plus all dia pikin. Your mama na Hittite and your papa na Amorite.
  • Your senior sista na Samaria, she plus her daughters wey dey stay for your left hand side, and your junior sista na Sodom—wey dey live wit her daughters for di right side.
  • No be only sey you copy dia sins, but you con even bad pass dem for all your ways.
  • As surely as I dey live,” naso Baba-God Almighty dey tok, “Your sista Sodom plus her daughter no do wetin you plus your daughters don do.
  • Now na dis be di sin of your sista Sodom: She plus her daughters dey feel-big, dem get longatrot, dem lazy well-well, and dem no gree epp poor pipo plus pipo wey need epp.
  • Dem dey make-mouth. Dem con dey do di tins wey I hate as I dey look dem, so I scata dem komot wen I see am.
  • Samaria no commit half of di sins wey you commit. You don do mumu tins wey pass wetin dem don do, and you don make your sista be like holy-pesin wit all di bad-bad-tins wey you don do.
  • You wey judge your sista, carry your shame sef, becos di sins wey you don commit bad pass your sistas own; dem get clean-heart pass you. Yes, carry your own shame sef, and make disgrace catch you, since you don  make your sistas be like holy-pipo.
  • “But time dey come wey I go bring back Sodom wit her daughters—con prosper dem; and I go bring back di pipo of Samaria wit her daughters—con prosper dem, and even you sef.
  • Shame plus disgrace go catch you well-well becos of everitin wey you don do; e go make your sistas calm down sey dem beta pass you.
  • Wen your sistas, Sodom wit her daughters, plus Samaria wit her daughters—come back to wetin dem be before, naso you plus your daughters sef—go dey as una bin dey before.
  • You no even tok about your sista [except wen you wan yab dem] Sodom, those days wen you bin dey feel-big [wen David be king],
  • Before breeze con blow, and fawo yansh open—to show your own wickedness, even now di daughters of Edom dey yab you, plus all di pipo wey dey around her, and di daughters of di Philistines—plus those wey surround you and wey hate you.
  • Na dis be di punishment for di tufiakwa and yeye tins wey you don do,” naso Baba-God tok.
  • Dis na wetin Baba-God tok, “I go deal wit you based-on wetin you don do. You fashi di oath by breaking di agreement.”
  • But I go still remember di agreement wey I make wit you wen you still be youth, and I go stand my everlasting agreement wit you.
  • Naso you go use shame take remember all di evil tins wey you don do, wen you take your sistas—both di senior and junior one. And I go make your sistas, Samaria plus Sodom—to be your daughters, even though dem no be part of awa agreement.
  • So I go stand my agreement wit you, and you go sabi sey na me be Baba-God,
  • So dat you go remember, and shame go catch you, and you no go ever open your mouth again, becos of your disgrace, wen I don forgive you everitin wey you don do,” naso Baba-God tok.


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