Ezekiel Chapter 17

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Two Eagles plus One Vine Tree

  1. Baba-God word come meet me:
  2. “Man pikin, tell di pipo of Israel one parable,
  3. Tell dem sey, ‘Dis na wetin Baba-God Almighty tok: “One ogbonge eagle [Nebuchadnezzar] come Lebanon [Jerusalem]. E get strong feathers, long feather, plus plenty feathers wey get plenty colors. He con carry di highest branch of di cedar tree [Judah].
  4. He pluck di highest branch wey just dey grow (king Jehoiachin). He carry am komot to di city wey brekete wit market (Babylon), con plant am for inside city wey burku wit market- pipo.
  5. He carry some of di seeds of di land (Zedekiah of di royal family), con put am for beta soil. He plant am near plenty water—where e fit grow like willow tree.
  6. Naso e grow, con turn to low vine wey dey spread. Di branches grow up to reach di eagle, but di roots dey under am, di body of di vine tree grow come out, con get plenty  branches plus leaves.
  7. “But anoda ogbonge eagle con show-face wit strong feathers plus plenty feathers. And di vine tree (Zedekiah) con bend e roots face am, con stretch her branches go meet am—from di place wey dem plant am put—so dat he go fit water am.
  8. Dem bin plant am for beta soil, near plenty water so dat e go get branches, produce fruit, con turn to fine vine tree.”’
  9. “Tell dem sey, ‘Dis na wetin Baba-God Almighty tok: “Abi dis tree go grow con prosper? Abi he (Nebuchadnezzar) no go komot am from di roots, con cut di fruits komot, so dat di leaves go dry? Di tree no even need strong hand or plenty pipo to komot di root.
  10. Even if dem go plant am for anoda place, abi e go prosper? Abi e no go dry kpatakpata wen di heavy-breeze from east blow am, con dry for di beta land wey e grow put?’ ”
  11. But word from Baba-God come meet me sey:
  12. “Ask dis pipo wey no dey hear word sey: ‘Abi una no sabi wetin dis tins mean? Tell dem. ‘See, di king of Babylon go Jerusalem, and he carry di king komot plus di princes.  Naso he carry dem follow body go Babylon.
  13. He take one pesin from di king family [di king uncle, Zedekiah], he make agreement wit am, con make am swear oath. He  still carry di strongest men for di land,
  14. so di kingdom go fall, and e no go fit carry esef go up—but so dat di kingdom go only fit stand by keeping agreement wit foreign nation [Babylon].
  15. But di king, Zedekiah change-am-for Nebuchadnezzar by sending messengers go Egypt to bring horses plus big army. Abi he go succeed? Abi pesin wey dey do dat kain tin fit     escape? Abi he go break di agreement wit foreign nation con escape?
  16. ‘As surely as I dey live,’ naso Baba-God Almighty tok, ‘Zedekiah go die for Babylon, for di land of di king wey put am for king-chair, di king (Nebuchadnezzar) wey he  fashi hin agreement, con break am.
  17. Even Pharaoh plus hin big army,and plenty pipo no go fit epp Israel for di war, wen di king of Babylon come surround Jerusalem again by building wall to attack—to kill plenty     pipo.
  18. Di king of Israel no-send hin agreement. He break di agreement—con do all dis tins, afta  he don swear sey he go keep di agreement. So he no go fit escape.’”
  19. So dis na wetin Baba-God Almighty tok: “As surely as I dey live, I go punish am for breaking my agreement, and becos he no-send di oath wey he make.
  20. I go spread my net for am, and my trap go catch am. I go carry am go Babylon, con put my judgement on am for there, becos of di sin wey he commit against me.
  21. Na sword go kill all hin best sojas, and those wey survive—go scata enta everi breeze. Naso you go know sey me Baba-God nahin tok am.”

Israel Get Levels At Las

  • Dis na wetin Baba-God Almighty tok: “I go cut one of di highest branch komot from di tall cedar tree—con plant am, I go break new branch from up-up, branch wey soft, con plant am on top of one high mountain.
  • For di mountain wey tall pass for Israel nahin I go plant am. E go be fine cedar tree wey dey send e branches go out, con dey produce fruit. Different-different type of birds nahin go build dia bird-house put, and dem go live for di shade of di branches.
  • Naso all di trees for forest go know sey me Baba-God—don bring tall tree come down, con make di short tree get levels. I don make green tree dry, con make tree wey don dry fresh again. Me, Baba-God nahin tok am, and I don do am.”


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