Ezekiel Chapter 19

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Cry For Di Princes of Israel

  1. As for you, start to dey sing burial song for di princes of Israel,
  2. And tok sey: “Imagine di kain lioness wey your mama [Jerusalem plus Judah] be among di lions! She lie down among di young lions, con train all her pikin.
  3. She train one of her pikin [Jehoahaz], and he turn to strong lion. He learn how to tear wetin he catch, and he chop men sharply.
  4. Di nations hear about am, and dem put am inside dia pit. Dem carry am wit chains go di land of Egypt.
  5. ‘Wen she see sey her hope no come to pass, and wetin she want no gree happun, she carry anoda of her pikin, con make am turn to young strong lion.
  6. He move among di lions, becos na strong lion he be. He learn how to tear wetin he catch, and he chop men sharply.
  7. He break dis strong-house, con scata dia cities. So di land con empty becos of fear— wen di lion dey halla.
  8. Naso di nations come attack am, from everi corner from di areas. Dem spread dia net take  catch am, and dem put am inside dia pit.
  9. Dem put am inside cage wit chains, con carry am go meet di king of Babylon. Dem put am inside prison, so dat no pesin go hear hin voice again for di mountains of Israel.
  10. ‘Your mama be like vine tree inside your bloodline, wey dem plant near water, she dey produce plenty fruits, and she get plenty branches becos of di plenty water.
  11. Her branches strong—sote dem fit use am take make king walking-stick. Naso her branches grow tall pass di oda thick branches.She easy to see becos she tall among oda trees—wit her plenty branches.
  12. But dem don komot her root wit vex, and dem throway am for ground. Di strong-breeze from di east make her fruit dry, dem break her strong branches and dem dry, and faya burn dem.
  13. Now na desert dem plant her put, for dry land wey need water.
  14. And faya spread from one of di branches con burn her fruits—sote she no get any strong branch wey king fit use for walking-stick.’” Dis one na sad song, and make dem use am as burial song.


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