Ezekiel Chapter 21

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Babylon Na Baba-God Sword

  1. Baba-God word come meet me sey:
  2. “Man pikin, set your face against Jerusalem, con preach against e holy-places. Prophesy against di land of Israel;
  3. con tell her sey: ‘Dis na wetin Baba-God Almighty tok: See, I dey against you, oh Israel, and I go carry my sword take scata my pipo—both pipo wey get clean-heart plus wicked pipo.
  4. Yes, I go cut off both pipo wey get clean-heart and pipo wey wicked! I go carry my sword against everi pesin for di land—from south to north.
  5. Naso all di pipo go sabi sey me Baba-God, I don carry my sword for my hand, and I no go keep am down until e finish e work.”’
  6. So man pikin, cry! Cry for dia front wit heart wey no get joy, and wit serious sadness.
  7. And wen dem ask you sey, ‘Why you dey cry?’ You go tell dem sey, ‘Na becos of di bad news wey I don hear. Wen e happun, everi heart go melt wit fear, and everi hand go dey shake, everi spirit go faint, and everi knees go soft like water. E dey come, and e go happun,’ naso Baba-God Almighty tok.”
  8. Message from Baba-God come meet me again sey:
  9. “Man pikin, prophesy and make you tok sey, ‘Dis na wetin Baba-God Almighty tok!’ Tok sey: ‘Sword, one sword wey dem sharp, and wey dem polish!
  10. Dem sharp am for serious killing, and dem polish am to make am shine!  Abi we go con dey laff and flex? Di sword hate di walking-stick of my son, just as e hate everi stick.
  11. Yes dem dey sharp and polish di sword [Babylon] now; dem dey sharp am and polish am—to put am for killer hand.’
  12. “Cry out and make you make noise, man pikin, becos e go dey against my pipo; e go dey against all di princes of Israel. Fear and sword go dey against my pipo. So nack your lap wit sadness.
  13. I dey test my pipo, and if dem no gree repent, all dis tins go happun to dem.
  14. “So, man pikin, prophesy and nack your hand togeda. Make di sword strike two times, even three times. Na sword for killing—sword wey dey kill great men, wey dey enta inside dia rooms.
  15. I don set di sword for killing for all di gates, so dat hearts go faint, and plenty pipo go fall. Oh! Dem make di sword to shine, dem hold am for killing.
  16. Oh sword go upandan, move go right or left, any where belle face.
  17. Me sef, I go clap my hands, and I go belleful wit my vex. Me, Baba-God don tok!”
  18. Message from Baba-God come meet me again sey:
  19. “Man pikin, mark two roads wey di sword of di king of Babylon go follow. Di roads go start from di same place, but put sign for place where di road take divide into two.
  20. Mark out one road wey di sword go take attack Rabbah of di Amonites, and anoda one to Judah for Jerusalem wey get wall;
  21. Becos di king of Babylon dey stand for where di road take share into two, for front of di junction where di two roads divide to two—to do juju; by shaking arrows, asking from hin idols, and he dey check di liver of di animal sacrifice.
  22. Di juju for Israel dey for hin right hand, to epp am choose commanders: to open di mouth of killing, to raise dia voice wit shouting, to set di machine wey dem go use take break di gates, to build mountain-for-attack, and to build wall-of-attack.
  23. Di pipo of Jerusalem no go believe, becos of di agreement wey dem don make wit Babylon. But he go remember dem of dia sins (di oath wey dem break), con carry dem komot as prisoners of war.
  24. “So dis na wetin Baba-God Almighty tok: ‘Una sins don show. Everi pesin sabi how una bad reach—sote una dey show una badness for inside everitin wey una dey do; becos una don do dis tin and dem don remember una, dem go carry una komot as prisoners.
  25. “You wicked and corrupt prince of Israel, wey your cup don full, di day of your final judgement dey come,
  26. Dis na wetin Baba-God Almighty tok, ‘Komot di cap, and remove di crown; notin go be di same again. Raise up low pipo! Bring down those pipo wey dey rule!
  27. I go scata, scata, scata! Yes, I go turn di city to scata-scata. E no go dey again until one pesin go come wey get di right to judge di city. Na him I go give di city.”’

Sword Against Di Ammonites

  • “And you, man pikin, prophesy and make you tok sey, ‘Dis na wetin Baba-God Almighty tok about di Ammonites plus  dia insults,’ and tok sey: ‘Sword, dem don carry sword wey go kill una,  sword wey dem polish to kill, and wey dey flash like lightning—
  • Una prophets dey see fake vision and dem dey tell una fake prophecies. Una be wicked and evil pipo, and una cup don full, di days of una final punishment dey come. Na sword go fall for una necks.
  • Your days of punishing odas don end, so keep your sword. I go judge una for una own   kontri, for di land where dem born una.
  • I go pour my vex on una, con blow my vex against una like faya; I go carry una give wicked men—wey get talent to scata tins.
  • Una go be fuel for dia faya, una blood go flow for una land, dem no go remember una again; becos me Baba-God don tok am.’ ”


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