Ezekiel Chapter 22

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Di Sins of Jerusalem

  1. Baba-God word come meet me:
  2. “Man pikin, abi you no go judge? Abi you no go judge di city [Jerusalem] of blood? Den go tell her about all her mumu ways,
  3. con tok sey: ‘Becos una don kill plenty of una own pipo, con corrupt unasef by worshipping idols, una time dey come.
  4. Una don sin becos of di blood wey una don shed, and una don corrupt unasef wit di idols wey una make. Una don dey make una days finish for earth, and di end of una time don reach; so I go make una turn to shame and sometin wey nations dey yab, and all kontris go laff una.
  5. Oh evil city wey brekete wit katakata, those pipo wey dey near and those pipo wey dey far-far go yab una.
  6. “See as everi single prince of Israel wey dey inside you—dey use hin pawa take dey shed blood.
  7. Na for inside you dem don downgrade papa and mama; na inside you dem don oppress foreigners, and na inside you dem oppress pipo wey no get papa, plus widows.
  8. Una don hate my holy tins, con spoil my Sabbaths.
  9. Na inside you pipo dey tok lie for pesin head, con make dem die for notin. Inside you nahin pipo dey chop for di shrines for di mountains, and na inside you pipo dey behave like ashawo.
  10. Na inside you pipo dey sleep wit dia papa wife; and some pipo dey even use gra-gra sleep wit women wey dey see dia period.
  11. Na inside you one man dey do bad mumu tins wit hin neighbour wife, anoda pesin dey sleep wit hin daughter-in-law wit shame, and anoda pesin dey sleep wit hin sista—hin  own papa daughter.
  12. Na inside you men dey accept bribe to shed blood, una don borrow pipo  moni wit extra moni to pay back, and una make gain from dem; una don use longatrot take make gain from una neighbour by obtaining dem, and una don fashi me,” naso Baba-God Almighty tok.
  13. “See, I don clap my hand against una ojoro gain wey una don make, and against di blood wey una don shed.
  14. Abi una hand strong reach, abi una get-mind reach—for di day wey I go deal wit una? Me, Baba- God, I don yarn. I go do wetin I tok.
  15. “I go scata una among di nations, con scata una anyhow for di kontris, and I go end una yama-yama ways.
  16. Wen una don corrupt unasef for di eyes of di nations, na den una go sabi sey na me be Baba- God.”’”

Israel For Inside Hot-hot-faya

Naso Baba-God word come meet me, con tell me sey:

18. “Man pikin, di house of Israel don turn to waste from iron—for my eyes; all of dem be like bronze, tin, iron, plus lead—for inside di faya; dem even be di waste iron for inside silver.

19. So dis na wetin Baba-God Almighty tok: ‘Becos all of una don turn to waste iron, see, I go gada una enta Jerusalem.

20. As men take dey gada silver, copper, iron, lead plus tin enta faya to melt am wit hot faya, naso I go gada una as I dey vex and para, con put una for there, and melt una.

21. I go gada una and I go blow una wit my hot vex, and una go melt inside am.

22. As dem take dey melt silver for inside hot faya, naso una go take melt inside am, and una go sabi sey na Baba-God pour hin vex on una.’ ”

Israel Wicked Leaders

23. Again Baba-God message come meet me, con tok sey:

24. “Man pikin, tell di land sey, ‘On di day of my vex, you go be like corrupt land, like land wey no see rain.

25. Di leaders be like lions wey dey shout on top of bush-meat wey dem don kill. Dem dey kill di pipo, con tiff moni and beta-beta-tins, and as dem dey kill plenty pipo, dem dey turn plenty women to widows.

26. Her priest don break my law, and dem don downgrade my holy tins; dem no dey separate between tins wey no clean and tins wey clean, dem dey teach sey difference no dey between wetin dey clean and wetin no clean; and dem close dia eyes to my Sabbaths, sote dem dey downgrade me amomg dem.

27. Her princes wey dey inside her be like wolves wey dey tear animal wey dem catch; dem dey shed blood and dem dey kill pipo—to make mago-mago moni.

28. Di prophets don cover dis sins by seeing fake visions and lie-lie prophecy, and dem tok sey, ‘Naso Baba-God tok,’ wen Baba-God no follow dem tok anytin.

29. Di pipo of di land dey oppress pipo, dem dey rob and obtain pipo, dem don downgrade poor pipo and pipo wey no get shi-shi. And dem don do ojoro for foreigners.

30. “I fyne one man among dem wey fit repair di wall, wey fit stand for di places wey di wall don fall—to protect di city from my vex, so dat I no go scata di city; but I no see any any man.

31. So I don vex for dem, and I don burn dem wit di faya of my vex, dem go use dia head take carry all di bad-bad-tins wey dem don do,” naso Baba-God Almighty tok.


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