Ezekiel Chapter 23

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Two Ashawo Sistas

  1. Message from Baba-God come meet me again, sey:
  2. “Man pikin, e get two women, dem be daughters of di same mama.
  3. Dem turn to ashawo for Egypt, dem con dey do olosho from small. Dem press dia virgin breast for dat land.
  4. Di senior one name na Oholah, and her sista name na Oholibah. Dem belong to me and dem born sons and daughters. Oholah na Samaria; and Oholibah na Jerusalem.

Di Senior Sista, Samaria

  • “Oholah start to dey do ashawo wen she still belong to me; and she run follow men, di Assyrians wey be her neighbours.
  • Dem dey wear blue cloth, dem be govnors plus commanders, all of dem na fine young guys wey dey ride horse.
  • She give hersef as ashawo to dem—to all di top men of Assyrians, con corrupt hersef wit all di idols of everi man wey she dey follow.
  • She no stop her ashawo work wey she start for Egypt. Pipo sleep wit her wen she small, dem press her breast, con use her cure dia konji like ashawo.
  • “So I carry her give her boyfriends [lovers], di Assyrians wey her eyes dey shuuk for.
  • Dem naked her, dem carry her sons and daughters komot, con kill her wit sword. Afta she receive her judgement, everi woman for di land do aproko for her mata.

Di Junior Sista, Jerusalem

  1. “And wen her sista Oholibah see dis tin, she con spoil for her konji level—even pass her sista; and her ashawo way con bad pass her sista own.
  2. Her eyes sef shuuk for di Assyrians her neighbours—rulers and commanders, and rulers  wey wear fine cloth, men wey be horse-riders, and all dem na fine guys.
  3. I see as she dey do, con see sey she sef spoil hersef just like her senior sista.
  4. And she carry her ashawo to di next level. She fall in love wit di pictures wey dem paint for wall—pictures of Chaldeans (Babylon pipo) sojas as dem wear fine red uniforms;
  5. Wit fine belt for dia waist, plus cap wey dey flow for dia head, all of dem resemble captains, like di Babylonians of Chaldea—di land wey dem born dem put.
  6. As she just see dem, her eyes shuuk follow dem, con send messengers go meet dem for Chaldea.
  7. Naso di pipo of Babylon come sleep wit her. Dem use her like ashawo, con spoil her well-well, sote she [Jerusalem] use vex turn komot from dem.
  8. Wen she kontinu her ashawo way—korokoro, con dey show her nakedness, I turn komot from her wit vex, just as I bin turn komot from her sista.
  9. But she con dey bad more-more as she dey remember wen she still be youth, wen she be ashawo for Egypt.
  10. For there nahin her eyes take shuuk follow men, wey dia preek be like donkey preek and wey dey pour like horse.
  11. So you dey remember your corrupt ways wen you be youth, wen di Egyptians touch your nipple, con press your virgin breasts.

Judgement On Jerusalem

  • “So Oholibah, dis na wetin Baba-God Almighty tok: ‘See, I go ginger your boyfriends [lovers] against you—wey you don separate yoursef from as you dey vex, and I go bring dem against you from everi corner;
  • Di pio of Babylon plus all di Chaldeans, di men of Pekod and Shoa plus Koa, plus all di Assyrians wit dem; all of dem na handsome young men, govnors and rulers, commanders plus men wey get big-name, and all of dem be horse-riders.
  • Dem go attack you from di north, wit horse-moto, trucks, wit war horses, plus plenty pipo. Dem go set againt you from everi angle—wit small and big shield, plus helmet. Dem go epp me judge you, and dem go judge you based-on dia own way.
  • I go set my jealousy against you, and dem go deal wit you wit vex. Dem go cut your nose komot wit your ears, and those of una wey remain go die by sword. Dem go carry una sons and daughters komot, and faya go burn those of una wey remain.
  • Dem go naked una sef, con collect una fine-fine jewelries.
  • So I go end di ashawo and olosho wey una start for Egypt—sote you no go look dis tins wit wish—to remember Egypt again.
  • Becos dis na wetin Baba-God Almighty tok: “See, I go soon give you to those pipo wey you hate, to those pipo wey you turn komot from me wit vex.
  • Dem go deal wit you wit badbelle, con collect everitin wey you don hustle for. Dem go naked  you, con live you wit no clothes, and di shame of your ahsawo go show. Both your corrupt way and ashawo life.
  • I go do dis tins to you, becos your eyes shuuk to follow di nations, con corrupt yoursef wit dia idols.
  • You don follow di way of your sista; so I go put her cup [cup of judgement] for your hand.’
  • “Dis na wetin Baba-God Almighty tok: ‘You go drink from your sista cup—wey big and deep; pipo go laff you, con yab you, becos di cup contain plenty tins.
  • You go full wit highness and sorrow, di cup of scata-scata plus emptiness, di cup of your sista Samaria.
  • You go drink am till e finish; you go break am to pieces, con use am take tear your  breasts; becos I don yarn,’ naso Baba-God Almighty tok.
  • “So dis na wetin Baba-God Almighty tok: ‘Since you don forget me, con put me for your  back, you must pay for di sins of your ashawo and olosho.’”

Baba-God Judge Di Two Sista

  • Baba-God yarn me sey: “Man pikin, abi you go judge Oholah plus Oholibah? Den tell dem about  dia tufiakwa wey dem dey do,
  • becos dem don sleep wit oda men and blood don stain dia hands. Dem turn komot from me con dey follow  dia idols like ashawo, dem even sacrifice dia pikin wey dem born for me,  for faya—as food for di idols.
  • Dem don do dis tin to me sef: For dat same time, dem corrupt my holy-place, con spoil my Sabbaths.
  • On dat day wen dem sacrifice dia pikin to idols, dem enta my holy-place, con corrupt am. Dis na wetin dem do to my house.
  • “Evensef, you send messengers to men wey come from far-far, and wen dem show, you baff yoursef for dem, you paint your eyes, con wear jewelries.
  • You sidon for beta bed wey dem design, con put my incense plus my special ororo for  table wey dem put for your front.
  • From around her nahin di sound of plenty men wey dey flex—dey come from come; plus everi kind of men; even di Sabeans come from di desert, wey put bangles for your hands [for di two sistas hand], wit fine crowns for una heads.
  • Naso I tok about her [Ohola] wey be old ashawo, sey, “Abi dem go sleep wit her now, and she sef go sleep wit dem?’
  • And dem sleep wit her as dem take dey sleep wit ashawo. Dem sleep wit those olosho women wey no get shame—Ohola plus Oholibah.
  • But men wey get clean-heart go judge dem wit punishment of women wey dey sleep wit oda men wey no be dia husband, and wit di punishment of women wey shed blood, becos dem be ashawo, and blood don stain dia hands.
  • “Dis na wetin Baba-God Almighty tok: ‘I go bring plenty pipo against dem, and I go make dem move dem [upandan], and pipo go rob dem.
  • Di pipo go stone dem, con cut dem down wit swords; dem go kill dia sons and daughters, con burn dia houses wit faya.
  • “So I go end dia ashawo for di land, so dat all women go get warning and make dem no copy una ashawo way.
  • Dem go pay una for una ashawo work, and una go suffer di punishment of una sins as una turn follow idols; naso una go take sabi sey na me be Baba-God.’”


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