Ezekiel Chapter 27

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Cry For Tyre

  1. Baba-God word come meet me again, sey:
  2. “Man pikin, sing burial song for Tyre,
  3. Tyre wey be di gate to di big-water [sea], wey be di biggest market for di world. Give Tyre dis message from Baba-God Almighty: “Chai, Tyre, you bin dey make-mouth sey, ‘See as I fine well-well!’
  4. Your borders enta di middle of di big-river. Di pipo wey build you make you fine—no  be small [dem make your beauty perfect].
  5. You bin dey like big ship wey dem build wit di fire wood from Senir. Dem carry  Cedar from Lebanon to make pole for you.
  6. Dem carve your paddle from di oaks trees of Bashan. And di Ashurites cover your planks wit ivory from di water-side of Cyprus.
  7. Dem make your ship-cloth wit di best linen wey dem design from Egypt [so dat e go be your sign]; blue and purple cloth from di island of Elishah nahin be your canopy wey cover you [canopy of dia ship].
  8. “Men of Sidon plus Arvad nahin dey paddle your ship; oh Tyre, your wise men wey dey inside you nahin be your sailors [pipo wey dey drive ship].
  9. Old wise men from Gebal nahin dey patch di places wey dey leak, ships from everi land come wit dia market to exchange market wit una.
  10. “Di men of Persia, Lydia plus Put serve as sojas for your army. Dem hang dia shield plus helmets for your walls, and dem make you fine.
  11. Men of Arvad wit your army bin dey guard your wall for everi side; and di men of Gammad dey for una tall-houses. Dem hang dia shields around your walls; dem con make you fine  well-well.
  12. “Tarshish do business wit you, becos of your ogbonge beta-beta market; dem exchange silver, iron, tin plus lead—for una market.
  13. Javan, Tubal plus Meshech do business wit una; dem exchange slaves plus different kain tins wey dem make wit bronze—for una market.
  14. “Men of Togarmah exchange horses, horses for war, and mules—wit una market.
  15. Di men of Dedan do business wit una, and many island na una customers; dem pay una wit ivory horns plus ebony.
  16. Syria do business wit una becos of una plenty market wey una dey produce; dem exchange emarald, purple cloth, designer cloth, fine linen, and jewelries of coral plus rubies.
  17. Judah plus Israel do business wit una; dem exchange wheat from Minnith, figs, honey, ororo, plus cream.
  18. Damascus do business wit una, wit wine from Helbon plus wool from Zahar—becos of your plenty beta-beta market.
  19. “Dan plus Javan do business wit una market from Uzal, dem exchange una market wit; wrought iron, cassia and calamus.
  20. Dedan na your customer for fine cloth wey dem dey use take sidon for horse back.
  21. Arabia plus all di princes of Kedar na your customers wey dey always do business wit una—wit lambs, rams plus goats.
  22. Di market-pipo of Sheba plus Raamah do business wit una, dem exchange all di fine kind of spices for una market, plus fine-fine-stones, and gold.
  23. Haran, Canneh plus Eden, and di market-pipo Sheba of Asshur and Chilmad—do business wit una.
  24. For una market, dem do business wit una; dem bring fine-fine wrapper to sell; blue clothes, cloth wey dem design, plus cedar box of fine cloth [wit different-different colours] wey dem tie wit fine-fine chains.
  25. “Di ships of Tarshish nahin dey carry una market. Una full wit plenty market, con get levels well-well for di big- rivers.
  26. Di men wey dey drive una ship carry una go big-big-rivers, but di strong-breeze from east break una to pieces for middle of di big-rivers.
  27. Your beta-beta-tins, plus your market, your properties, your sailors and di pipo wey dey cover di places wey dey leak, your market-pipo, all una sojas wey dey wit una, wit all una pipo—go fall for inside di big-river on di day wen you go scata.
  28. Una cities wey dey near water go dey shake as una sailors dey cry.
  29. And all di men wey dey move di ship go run komot from di ship; both di sailors plus all di captains of di water go stand for land,
  30. Dem go raise dia voice, con cry well-well for una; dem go sprinkle dust for dia heads, con roll for ashes.
  31. Dem go shave dia heads gorimakpa becos of una, and dem go wear sackcloth. Dem go cry for una wit pain for inside dia soul and wit bad cry.
  32. As dem dey cry and shout becos of una, dem dey sing dis sad song for una: ‘Abi any city bin dey like Tyre before, city wey don scata for middle of big-river?
  33. Wen una market dey for big-river, una satisfy plenty nations wit una plenty beta-beta-tins plus una market, and una make di kings of di earth rich.
  34. Now wey di big-river go scata una inside di deep-deep water; una market plus all di pipo wey dey wit una go go down wit una.
  35. All di pipo wey dey stay for di island go shock; all dia kings go fear well-well, and worry-worry go dey for dia face.
  36. Di market pipo among dem go hiss for una; una don end wit gbege, and una no go dey again forever.’”’”


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