Ezekiel Chapter 28

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Prophecy Against Di King of Tyre

  1. Baba-God word come meet me again, sey:
  2. “Man pikin, tell di ruler of Tyre sey: ‘Dis na wetin Baba-God Almighty tok: “Becos you dey feel-big for inside your heart, and you tok sey, “I be god; I dey sidon for Baba-God chair—for middle of di big-rivers.” But you be man and you no be Baba-God, but you tink sey you wise like Baba-God.
  3. Abi you wise pass Daniel? Abi you sabi everi secret?
  4. By your wisdom and understanding you don make moni, con gada plenty beta tins for yoursef, you don gada gold plus silver for your store.
  5. Wit your ogbonge wisdom to sell market, una don get more-more moni, and becos of di beta- beta-tins wey una get, una heart con dey feel-big.”
  6. ‘So dis na wetin Baba-God Almighty tok: “Becos you tink sey you wise like Baba-God;
  7. See, I go bring foreigners wey go attack you, di nations wey wicked pass for dis world; dem go carry dia sword to attack your fine wisdom, and dem go spoil your fine face wey dey shine.
  8. Dem go carry you put inside pit, and you go die bad death like di pipo wey kpeme for middle  of big-rivers.
  9. Abi you go con tok sey, “I be God,” for front of di pipo wey kill you? But you go just be ordinary man, and you no be god, for di hand of di pipo wey dey kill you.
  10. You go die like pipo wey no circumcise for foreigners hands, becos I don tok am,” naso Baba-God Almighty tok.’”

Cry For Di King Of Tyre

11. Naso Baba-God word come meet me, sey,

12. “Man pikin, sing dis burial song for di king of Tyre. Tell am sey, ‘Dis na wetin Baba-God Almighty tok: “You bin dey like di example of sometin wey perfect. You brekete wit wisdom, and di way you bin fine na elele.

13. You bin dey for Eden, Baba-God garden; everi fine-fine-stone cover you: sardius, topaz, plus diamond, beryl, onyx, jasper, sapphire, emerald, plus carbuncle, and gold: your sheke-sheke and your flutes don ready for di day wey dem make you.

14. I choose you and I anoint you as di cherub wey dey guard; I make you stand; you dey for Baba-God holy mountain, and you bin waka upandan among di stones wey dey shine like faya.

15. You no get error for your ways from di day wey Baba-God make you—till wickedness con enta you.

16. Wit your big market, you con burku wit bloodshed, and you do bad-bad-tins. So I pursue you komot wit disgrace from Baba-God mountain. I komot you, chai ogbonge guard, I komot you, oh cherub wey dey guard, from di place among di stones wey dey shine like faya.

17. Your heart con dey feel-big becos you too fine and you con spoil your wisdom becos of your levels. So I throway you come earth; I use you take do show for front of di kings.

18. Wit your sins wey brekete, and mago-mago business, you don corrupt your holy-place. So I make faya come out from you, and e burn you, I turn you to ashes for ground for front of everi pesin wey dey look.

18. All di nations wey sabi una go shock for una, becos of una gbege, and una no go dey again.

Prophecy Against Sidon

20. Baba-God word come meet me:

“Man pikin, set your face against Sidon; prophecy against am,

con tok sey: ‘Dis na wetin Baba-God Almighty tok: “I dey against una, chai Sidon, and I go get levels inside una; and una go sabi sey na me be Baba-God—wen I suffer una wit punishment, con show sey I dey holy tru una.

I go send disease to her, con make blood flow for her streets. Dead pipo go fall inside Sidon, wit di sword wey dey against her from everi angle. Naso dem go sabi sey na me be Baba-God.

“Di pipo of Israel no go get badbelle neighbours again—wey sharp like wild flower, and wey dey shuuk like shuuku-shuuku. Naso dem go sabi sey na me be Baba-God di Oga.”

Israel Blessing For Future

  • ‘Dis na wetin Baba-God Almighty tok: “Wen I gada di pipo of Israel from di nations where dem scata put, I go show mysef sey I dey holy among dem as di nations dey look. Naso dem go stay for dia own land, wey I give my servant Jacob.
  • Dem go live for there inside safety, and dem go build houses, con plant grape-farm; dem go live inside safety wen I suffer all dia neighbours wit punishment—wey downgrade dem. Naso dem go sabi sey na me be Baba-God dia Oga.”’”


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