Ezekiel Chapter 31

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  1. On di eleventh year, for di third month and on di first day, Baba-God word come meet me, sey:
  2. “Man pikin, tell Pharaoh wey be di king of Egypt and hin plenty army sey: ‘Who dem fit take compare your levels as king?
  3. See Assyria wey bin dey like di fine cedar tres of Lebanon, wit fine branches wey dey cover di  forest as shade. E tall well-well sote e reach cloud.
  4. Di water make am grow well, di water wey dey for under ground make am grow tall wit e rivers wey dey flow round di place wey dem plant am,  con send her small rivers to all di trees [oda nations] wey dey for field.
  5. So e tall pass di oda trees for field, e branches con dey burku, e branches con dey grow long—as e spread out becos of di plenty water.
  6. All di birds wey dey fly for sky build dia bird-house for e branches, all di animals for field born pikin under e branches; all di ogbonge nations live under e shade.
  7. E bin dey strong and e fine, wit e long branches, becos e root reach where plenty water dey.
  8. Di cedar trees wey dey for inside di garden of Baba-God no fit stand am, and di pines trees no fit match e branches, even di plane trees no fit compare wit e branches—no tree wey dey inside Baba-God garden fine reach am.
  9. I make am fine wit plenty branches, sote all di trees for Eden wey be di garden of Baba-God, con dey jealous am.’
  10. “So dis na wetin Baba-God Almighty tok: ‘Becos Egypt don carry esef up, con raise esef up among di thick branches, and e con dey feel-big inside e levels,
  11. So I carry am give strong ruler of di nations, to deal wit am. I don pursue am komot becos of e wickedness.
  12. And foreigners, di nations wey wicked pass, don cut am down, con leave am. E branches fall for di mountains, for bottom-of-di-mountains, and e branches don break for near all di rivers of di land; and all di pipo of di earth wey dey stay for under e shade—don discharge.
  13. All di birds wey dey fly for sky settle down for e branches wey don fall, and all di animals for di field con dey among e branches,
  14. So dat no one of di trees wey dey near di water go ever carry esef up becos e tall, or carry esef up among di thick branches, and no oda tree wey get plenty water go ever tall reach dem again. Dem don package dem for death, to enta inside-inside ground. Dem go enta inside pit, along wit di pipo wey dey go down to di pit [grave].’
  15. “Dis na wetin Baba-God Almighty tok: ‘On di day wen he enta grave, I cos cry-cry; I cover di water for underground becos of am. I stop e rivers, con make e plenty water dry. I make Lebanon cry for am, and I make di trees wey dey for inside forest dry becos of am.
  16. I make di nations shake wit fear wen dem hear di sound as he dey fall, wen I bring am down to grave wit those wey dey go down to pit. Naso all di trees wey dey for Eden, di finest and di best trees for Lebanon, all di trees wey get plenty water, con calm down for under di earth.
  17. Dem sef follow am go grave, wit those pipo wey dem kill wit sword; and those wey dey give am strong hand, wey live for under e shade among di nations.
  18. ‘Which of di trees for Eden reach your levels and your greatness? But you sef go go down wit di trees of Eden—for under di earth; you go lie down among di pipo wey no dey circumcise, wit those wey sword kill. Dis na wetin go happun to Pharaoh plus all hin plenty-plenty army,’ naso Baba-God Almighty tok.”


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