Ezekiel Chapter 34

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Shepherds Wey No Dey Do Dia Work

  1. Message from Baba-God come meet me, sey:
  2. “Man pikin, prophesy against di shepherds of Israel; prophesy and make you tell dem sey: ‘Dis na wetin Baba-God Amighty dey yarn against di shepherds: Wahala for di shepherds of Israel wey dey only chop alone! Abi shepherds no suppose to dey give food to di sheep wey dey follow am?
  3. But una chop di fat, wear di skin, and una kill di ororbor sheep, but una no give di sheep food to chop.
  4. Una neva make pipo wey no get pawa—get pawa, una no gree heal sick pipo, or tie dia wounds. Una neva carry pipo wey lose—come back, or fyne pipo wey don miss-road; but una don rule dem wit gra-gra plus wickedness.
  5. So dem con scata becos shepherd no dey, and wen dem scata—dem turn to meat for wild animals.
  6. My sheep con scata full di mountains and on top of everi high hill: yes my sheep scata for everi where for earth, and no pesin fyne dem or look for dem.
  7. So una wey be Shepherds, make una hear Baba-God word:
  8. “As surely as I dey live,” naso Baba-God Almighty tok, “Becos my sheep no get shepherd, so dem rob dem and dem turn to food for wild animals, and becos my shepherds no look for my sheep, but dem just dey chop alone, and dem no give my sheep food.”
  9. So una wey be shepherds, oh make una hear Baba-God word:
  10. Dis na wetin Baba-God Almighty tok: “I dey against di shepherds and I go hold dem for my sheep wey I put for dia hand. I go komot dem from giving food to my sheep, so dat di shepherds no go feed demsef again. I go save my sheep from dia mouth, so dat dem no go be food for dem again.”

Baba-God Na Di Real Shepherd

  1. ‘Dis na wetin Baba-God Almighty tok: “Me mysef go look for my sheep, and I go fyne dem.
  2. As shepherd take dey fyne hin sheep on di day wey he dey among di sheep wey don scata, naso I go take fyne my sheep. I go save dem from all di places where dem scata put—for di dark day wen clouds cover di sky.
  1. I go carry dem come out from di nations, con gada dem from all di kontris, and I go carry dem enta dia own land. I go give dem green-land to chop on top of di mountains of Israel, near di rivers, plus all di places wey pipo dey live for di land.
  2. I go give dem food chop for beta green-land, and on top of di high mountains of Israel nahin dem go see food chop. Dem go lie down for beta green-land for there; dem go chop from beta green-land for di mountains of Israel.
  3. Me mysef—I go feed my sheep, con make dem lie down,” naso Baba-God Almighty tok.
  4. “I go fyne those wey don lose, con carry pipo wey don miss-road come back. I go tie dia wounds, con give pawa to di ones wey dey sick: but I go scata both di fat and strong ones [those ones wey stubborn and we no dey gree]. I go give dem judgement as food.”
  5. ‘As for una my sheep, dis na wetin Baba-God Almighty tok: “I go judge between one sheep and anoda sheep, and between rams and he-goats.
  6. Abi e no dey enuff for una to chop from di green-land? Must una still march di rest green-land wit una leg? Abi e no dey enuff for una to drink pure water? Must una still march portor-portor take scata di water wit una leg?
  7. As for my sheep, dem dey chop wetin una don march for ground wit una leg, con dey drink water wey una don use portor-portor take spoil wit una leg.”
  8. ‘So dis na wetin Baba-God Almighty dey tell dem: “See, me mysef go judge between di ororbor sheep [fat] and di lekpa [thin] sheep.
  9. Una wey be di fat sheep don use una shoulder and una side—take push, con use una horn take push all my sick sheep wey no get pawa—sote una pursue dem go abroad;
  10. I go save my sheep, and pipo no go rob dem again, I go judge between one sheep [bad sheep] and anoda sheep [good sheep].
  11. I go give dem shepherd, my servant David, and he go feed dem; he go give dem food to chop, con turn to dia shepherd.
  12. Me—Baba-God, I go be dia God, and my servant David go be prince among dem. Me— Baba-God, I don yarn.
  13. I go make agreement of peace wit dem, con komot evil animals from dia land, so dat dem go stay for desert wit safety, con sleep inside forest wit no fear.
  14. I go bless dem plus di places wey dey round My hill. I go send rain for dia season, showers of blessings go dey.
  15. Di trees wey dey for di land go produce dia fruits, and plenty food go grow for di land, di pipo go dey safe for dia land. Dem go know sey na me be Baba-God, wen I don break di chains of di heavy load wey dem dey carry, con save dem from those pipo wey turn dem to slave.
  16. Di nations no go oppress dem again, and wild animals no go chop dem again. Dem go live wit safety and no pesin go make fear catch dem.
  17. I go give dem  big farm wey dey get plenty-plenty food, so dat hunger no go ever catch dem again  and foreigners no go ever laff dem again.
  18. Naso dem go sabi sey, me, Baba-God wey be dia Oga—dey wit dem, and sey dem—di pipo of Israel be my pipo,” naso Baba-God Almighty tok.’
  • “Una be my sheep, di sheep of my green-land, una be my pipo, and I be una God,” naso Baba-God Almighty tok.


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