Ezekiel Chapter 37

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Bottom-of-di-mountain of Bones Wey Don Dry

  1. Baba-God hand con dey for my body, so he carry me come out by di Spirit of Baba-God, con carry me go middle of bottom-of-di-mountain—wey brekete wit bones.
  2. He carry me waka upandan among dem, so I see plenty-plenty bones for bottom-of-di-mountain wey open, see, dem be bones wey don dry well-well.
  3. Naso he ask me sey, “Man pikin, abi all dis bones fit live again?” So I tok sey, “Oh Baba- God Almighty—na you sabi.”
  4. Naso he follow me tok again sey, “Prophesy to all dis bones, con tell dem sey, ‘Oh dry bones, make una hear Baba-God word!
  5. Dis na wetin Baba-God Almighty dey tell all dis bones: ‘See, I go make breath enta inside una, and una go get life.
  6. I go put flesh and muscles for una, con cover you wit skin. I go put breath inside una, and  una go live again. Naso una go sabi sey na me be Baba-God.”’”
  7. So I prophesy as Baba-God yarn me, and as I dey prophesy, noise con dey, sound of movement, and di bones start to dey form togeda, bone to bone.
  8. And wen I look, I con see sey flesh and muscles don dey form to cover di bones. Naso skin form to cover dia body, but breath neva dey inside dem.
  9. Naso he tell me sey, “Prophesy to di breeze; prophesy, oh man pikin, con tell di breeze sey, ‘Dis na wetin Baba-God Almighty tok: “Come from di four breeze, oh breath, con breath inside dis pipo wey don die—so dat dem go live.”’”
  10. So I prophesy as he tell me, and breath enta dem; dem con get life, naso dem stand up wit dia leg—see di kain big army.
  11. Naso he tell me sey: “Man pikin, all dis bones na di whole pipo of Israel. Dem tok sey, ‘Awa bones don dry kpatakpata and we don lose hope; we don cut komot kpatakpata.’
  12. So prophesy and make you tell dem sey: ‘Dis na wetin Baba-God Almighty tok: “See, my  pipo Israel, I go open una graves, con carry una komot from inside una graves, and I go carry una come back to di land of Israel.
  13. Den una wey be my pipo go sabi sey na me be Baba-God—wen I don open una graves, con carry una komot from inside-inside una graves.
  14. Naso I go put my Spirit inside una, and una go live. I go settle una for una own land. So una go sabi sey na me Baba-God—don yarn, and I don do am,” naso Baba-God Almighty tok.’”

One Kingdom Under One Oba [King]

  1. Baba-God word come meet me again, sey:

16. “Man pikin, carry small wood and make you write put: ‘For Judah and for di pikins of Israel, wey be hin padi’; den carry anoda wood, con write put, ‘For Joseph, di stick of Ephraim, and for all di house of Israel, wey be hin padi.’

  1. Join dem togeda to form one stick, so dat dem go be one for your hand.
  2. “Wen your kontri pipo ask you sey, ‘Abi you no go tell us wetin you mean wit dis tin?’—
  3. “Tell dem sey, ‘Dis na wetin Baba-God Almighty tok: “I go carry di stick of Joseph—wey dey for Ephraim hand, plus di tribes of Israel dia padi, con join am, wit Judah stick, naso I go make dem be one single stick, and dem go be one for my hand.”’
  4. Hold di stick wey you don write put, for your hand—as dem dey look you.
  5. “Naso you go tell dem sey, ‘Dis na wetin Baba-God Almighty tok: “I go surely carry di pipo of Israel komot from among di nations wey dem run go. I go gada all of dem from everi corner, con carry dem back to dia own land.
  6. I go turn dem to one nation for di land, for di mountains of Israel. Na one king go lead dem, and dem no go ever be two nations again, or separate as two kingdoms again.
  7. Dem no go stain demsef again wit dia idols, or wit dia mumu tins, or as dem turn komot from me in any way, becos I go save dem from all di places wey dem take commit sin, and I go make dem clean: so dat dem go be my pipo, and I go be dia God.
  • “My servant David go be king wey go lead dem, and all of dem go get one shepherd. Dem go follow my words sef. Dem go keep my laws, con do dem.
  • Dem go stay for di land wey I give my servant Jacob, di land wey una papa-papa-papa bin dey. Dem plus dia pikin, and dia pikin-pikin go stay for there forever, and David wey be my servant—go be dia prince forever.
  • Evensef, I go make agreement of peace wit dem; e go be agreement wey go last forever. I go make dem stand gidigbam, con make dem plenty, and I go put my holy- place among dem forever.
  • My house go dey among dem; yes, I go be dia God, and dem go be my pipo.
  • Naso di nations go sabi sey, me Baba-God nahin make Israel holy, wey my holy-place dey among dem forever.”’”


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