Ezekiel Chapter 35

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Judgement On Mountain Seir

  1. Message from Baba-God come meet me, sey:
  2. “Man pikin, set your face against di mountain of Seir; prophesy against am,
  3. con tok sey: ‘Dis na wetin Baba-God tok: “See, I dey against you, oh Mountain Seir, and I go stretch out my hand against you, con make you turn to empty waste land kpatakpata.
  4. I go turn your cities to scata-scata, con make you empty. Den you go sabi sey na me be Baba-God.
  5. Becos una always get badbelle for di pipo of Israel since olden days, con kill dem wit di pawa of sword wen dem dey face wahala, for di time wen I don already punish dem for dia sins,
  6. So, as surely as I dey live,” naso Baba-God tok, “I go give una to pipo wey go shed una blood, and blood go pursue una. Since una no hate killing, so na blood go pursue una.
  7. I go turn di mountain of Seir to empty waste land kpatakpata, con cut komot all di pipo wey dey go or come from there.
  8. I go full hin mountain wit di deadbody of hin men; those pipo wey sword kill go fall on top of your hills, for bottom of your mountains, and inside una rivers go burku wit pipo wey dem kill wit sword.
  9. I go make you empty forever; pipo no go live for your cities again. Naso you go sabi sey na me be Baba-God.
  10. “Becos you tok sey, ‘Dis two nations and dis two kontris go be awa own, and we go claim dem,’ even though me—Baba-God dey for there,
  11. So as surely as I dey live,” naso Baba-God Almighty tok, “I go do una based-on di vex and jealousy wey una show inside una badbelle against dem, and I go show mysef among dem wen I judge una.
  12. Naso una go sabi sey me Baba-God, and I don hear all di insults wey una tok against di mountains of Israel; una tok sey, ‘Dem don scata kpatakpata, and dem don fall for awa hand—for us to chop.’
  13. And I don hear as una dey make-mouth against me, and una don tok plenty tok against me.”
  14. Dis na wetin Baba-God Almighty tok: “Wen di whole earth go dey celebrate, I go turn una to waste land.
  15. As you bin dey happy wen di land of di pipo of Israel empty, naso I go do una. Una go empty kpatakpata, oh Mountain Seir, you plus di whole Idumea (Edom)—even all of am! Naso dem go sabi sey na me be Baba-God.”’


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