Ezekiel Chapter 39

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Di Killing Of Gog Armies

  1. “Man pikin, prophesy against Gog, con tok sey: ‘Dis na wetin Baba-God Almighty dey yarn: “See, I dey against you, chai Gog, you wey be chief prince of Meshech plus Tubal.
  2. I go turn you round, con drag you dey go. I go carry you komot from far-far for north, con send you go attack di mountains of Israel.
  3. Den I go nack your bow komot from una left hand, con make una arrows fall komot from una right hand.
  4. Una go fall on di mountains of Israel, una plus all una sojas, plus di nations wey dey wit una. I go give una as food to everi kind of wild birds, and to di wild animals of di land—so dat dem go chop una.
  5. Una go fall for di open field: becos I don yarn,” naso Baba-God di Oga tok.
  6. “I go send faya on Magog, and on those pipo wey dey live wit no wahala for di islands, and dem go sabi sey na me be Baba-God.
  7. I go make pipo sabi my name among my pipo Israel. I no go allow any pesin downgrade my holy name again, and di nations go sabi sey na me be Baba-God, di Holy  One for inside Israel.
  8. See, e dey come, and e go happun,” naso Baba-God Almighty tok,  “Na di day wey I dey tok about be dis.
  9. “Naso those pipo wey dey live for di cities of Israel go come out, con burn di weapon wit faya—both small and big shields, di bows plus arrows, di thick stick wey dem dey use fight, plus long-sharp-weapon. Dem go use dem for faya-wood for seven years.
  10. Dem no go need to gada wood from forest, or cut wood from forests, becos dem go use di weapons for faya. And dem go obtain di pipo wey obtain dem, con tiff di pipo wey tiff from dem,” naso Baba-God Almighty tok.

Di Burial Of Gog

11. “And e go happun on dat day sey, I go give Gog burial ground for inside Israel, for bottom-of-di- mountain of those wey dey travel, for di east side of di big-river. E go block di road of pipo wey dey travel, becos dem go bury Gog plus all hin plenty sojas for there. So dem go call am, ‘Bottom-of-di-mountain of Hammon-gog.’

12. Di pipo of Israel go bury dem for seven months, so dat dem go fit clean di land.

13. All di pipo wey dey for di land go bury dem, and di day of my levels go be day wey dem go always remember,” naso Baba-God Almighty tok.

14. “Dem go choose men wey go dey always move upandan for di land [men wey dem employ], to bury di dead sojas wey attack di land, and those deadbody for ground wey dem neva bury, to clean di land. Na for di end of seven months dem go start to dey look for di deadbody.

15. As dem dey waka for di land and any one of dem con see human being bone, he go put sometin to mark di place, until di pipo wey dey dig grave go bury am for bottom-of-di- mountain of Hamon-gog.

16. And dem go even call di city ‘Hamonah’. Naso dem go take clean di land.”’

17. “As for you, man pikin, dis na wetin Baba-God Almighty tok: ‘Tok to everi kain bird wey get feather, plus all di wild animals for di land: “Make una gada togeda, con come, from everi corner to di sacrifice wey I dey arrange for una, na big sacrifice for di mountains of Israel. Na for there una go chop flesh, con drink blood.

18. Una go chop di body of strong men, con drink di blood of di princes of di earth—as if dem be ram or lambs, goats and small-malu—all di ororbor animals from Bashan.

19. For di sacrifice wey I dey arrange for una, una go chop fat—sote una go belleful, con drink blood sote una go high.

20. Una go chop belleful wit plenty horse for my table, wit horse-riders, strong men, plus everi kain sojas,’ naso Baba-God Almighty tok.

Israel Come Back To Di Land

21. “I go show my levels among di nations, and all di nations go see di punishment wey I dey give, and di hand wey I use on dem.

22. From dat day go, di pipo of Israel go sabi sey na me be Baba-God wey be dia Oga.

23. And di nations go know sey Israel enta foreign land as prisoners, becos of dia sins; becos dem turn against me—so I hide face from dem, con carry dem give dia enemies, naso sword kill all of dem.

24. I deal wit dem based-on di yama-yama wey dem dey do, plus di bad-bad-tins wey dem  dey do. And I hide my face from dem.”’

25. “So dis na wetin Baba-God Almighty tok: ‘Now I go carry Jacob come back from foreign land where he be prisoner, and I go sorry-for all di pipo of Israel, con protect my holy name wit seriousness [go jealous for my holy name];

26. Dem go forget dia shame, plus how dem take turn against me—wen dem live wit no wahala for dia land, wit no pesin wey go make fear catch dem.

27. Wen I don carry dem come back from di nations, and I don gada dem from di kontris of dia enemies, and I don use dem take show sey I holy—as all di nations dey look,

28. Naso dem go sabi sey na me be Baba-God dia Oga, and even though I send dem komot among di nations, I go gada dem go dia own land, and no single pesin go remain for foreign land.

29. So I no go hide my face from dem again, becos I don pour my Spirit on di pipo of Israel,’ naso Baba-God di Oga tok.”


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