Ezekiel Chapter 4

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Sign Sey Sojas Go Surround Jerusalem

  1. “Now, man pikin, carry clay block, con put am down for your front. And make you  draw di map of di city of Jerusalem put.
  2. Show di city wey sojas surround. Build wall round am, build mountain to attack am; set camp against am sef, con put machine to nack di wall down—round di city.
  3. Den take iron pan, put am as iron wall between you and di city, set your face against di city and make di city surround wit attack. Dis one go be warning to di pipo of Israel.
  4. “Den lie down for your left side, con put di sins of di house of Israel on yoursef. You go carry dia sins for di numba of days wey you lie down on your side.
  5. I wan make you carry di sins of Israel for 390 days—one day for one year of dia sins. “Afta you don finish dis tin, lie down again, dis time for your right side, and make you carry di sin of di house of Judah. I go give you 40 days, one day for everi single year.
  6. Turn face Jerusalem wey surround wit attack, shake your hand against di city, con prophesy against am.
  7. I go tie you wit ropes so dat you no go fit turn from one side to di oda side, until di days of surrounding di city don finish.
  8. “Take wheat plus barley, beans plus lentis, millet and spelt, keep dem inside container and use dem take make bread for yoursef. Nahin you go chop for di 390 days wey you go lie down wit your side.
  9. Measure 0.228 kg (8 ounce) of food to chop everi day, and chop am for time wey you set.
  10. You go dey measure di water wey you go dey drink—two cups a day.
  11. Chop di food as you go take chop barley cake; bake am as di pipo dey look you, use human being dry shit as your fuel.”
  12. Baba-God tok sey, “Naso di pipo of Israel go take chop food wey no good among di nations wey I go pursue dem go.”
  13. So I tok sey, “No be so, Almighty God! I neva ever corrupt mysef. From wen I small reach now, I neva chop anytin wey don die or wey animal kill. No meat wey no clean don ever enta inside my mouth.”
  14. He con tok sey, “Naso! I go allow you bake your bread wit malu shit,  instead of human being shit.”
  15. So he tell me sey: “Man pikin, I go cut di food wey dey enta Jerusalem. Di pipo go dey chop small-small food wit fear, and dem go dey manage water wit no hope,
  16. becos food plus water go hard to get. Dem go dey vex wen dem see demsef, and dem go waste komot becos of dia sins.


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