Ezekiel Chapter 41

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Di Measurement Of Di Holy-place

  1. Lata, naso di angel carry me go di holy-place of Baba-God house. He measure di side pillars; and dem wide reach 10 feet for di two sides.
  2. Di gate wide reach 5 meters, and di sides of di gate long reaah 2 ½ meters. Di holy-place long reach 20 meters, con wide reach 10 meters.
  3. Naso he enta inside di next room, con measure di side pillars of di doormot, e thick reach 3 feet. Di door wide reach 10 feet, and di walls wey dey for di two sides of di doormot long reach 12 feet for one side and for di oda side.
  4. E long reach 34 feet wen he measure am, and e wide reach 34 feet, naso he  tell me sey, “Dis na di most holy place.”

Di Side Rooms Wey Dey For Di Wall

5. So he measure di wall of Baba-God house, and e thick reach 10 feet, and everi side rooms wey dey round di house wide reach 7 feet.

6. Di rooms wey dey for di side na three storey, one on top of di oda one, wit thirty rooms for everi storey. Places dey round di wall of di house wey push out small—so di support for di side rooms go rest on di places for wall wey push out—so dat di support no go enta inside di walls.

7. Di walls of di house thick more for di bottom level dan for upstairs, and di rooms wey dey for up stairs con dey wide pass di rooms wey dey for bottom—from one storey to anoda storey. Steps connect from di bottom level tru di middle floor—go up to di up floor.

8. I con see sey Baba-God house get base wey raise up round am, wey form foundation for di side rooms. E long reach 10 ½ feet.

9. Di outside wall of di side rooms of Baba-God house thick reach 8 ¾ feet, and di open space wey dey between di side rooms of Baba-God house

10. and di rooms wey dey for outside—dis open area na  35 feet, and e dey round Baba-God house.

11. Two doors open from di side rooms to di open area, one door dey face di north, and one dey face di south; and di free space (yard) wide reach 8 ¾ feet.

Di House Wey Dey For Di West End

12. One building stand for di west side, dey face di yard of Baba-God house. E wide reach  116 feet, con long reach 150 feet, and di wall thick reach 9 feet.

Di Measurement Plus Design of Di Area of Baba-God House

13. Naso di man measure Baba-God house, and e long reach 175 feet, and di yard wey dey  around, di building, plus di walls long 175 feet sef.

14. Di yard wey dey for di east side, for inside Baba-God house—wide reach 175 feet.

15. He measure di building wey dey face di yard of Baba-God house, for back of Baba-God house, and di spaces wey dey for di two-two sides, and e long reach 168 feet; he still measure di main hall [Holy-Place], di inside room [Most Holy Place], plus di room wey dem take dey enta di yard,

16. di side pillars and di thin windows, plus di balconies wey dey around di three storeys, opposite di doormot—dem cover dem wit wood for everi side. Dem use wood take form panel for dem from ground go reach di window, and dem cover di windows—

17. to di space wey dey for up of di door, even reach di room wey dey for inside, and even outside, and for all di walls wey dey round, both inside plus outside, by measurement.

18. Dem design all di walls wit carvings of cherubim plus palm tree, so dat one plam tree dey between one cherub and anoda cherub, and everi cherub get two face.

19. Di man face dey look di palm tree for one side, and di lion face dey look di palm tree for di oda side. Dem carve dem round inside Baba-God house.

20. From ground to di space wey dey for up of di door, dem carve cherubim plus palm trees, and for di wall of Baba-God house (di Holy-place).

21. One square pillar (door-frame) dey for di doormot of di Holy-place, and di ones wey dey for di doormot of di Most Holy Place resemble am.

22. E get one altar wey dem make wit wood. E high reach 5 feet, e wide reach 4 feet. Na wood dem take make di corners, under am, plus e walls. Di man con tell me sey, “Na dis be di table wey dey for Baba-God front.”

23. Both di holy-place and di Most holy place get double doors.

24. And di doors get two-two panels wey dey fold: two panels for one door, and two panels for di oda door.

25. Dem use cherubim plus palm trees wey dem carve take design di doors of di holy-place, just like dem take design di walls. And dem use wood take form shade for front of di room wey dem take dey enta Baba-God house.

26. For di two sides of di room wey dem dey follow enta Baba-God house, windows dey, and dem design dem di two sides of di wall wit palm trees wey dem carve. And di rooms of Baba-God house plus di canopies (shade).


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