Ezekiel Chapter 42

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Di Rooms For Di Priests

  1. Naso di man carry me enta di yard wey dey outside, for di way of di north side, con carry me enta some rooms wey dey for Baba-God house, wey dey for opposite di yard of Baba-God house, and opposite di building wey dey for di north side.
  2. Di door of dis building dey face di north—e long reach 168 feet, con wide reach 84 feet.
  3. For one side, e face di yard wey dey for inside, wey wide reach 34 feet; for di oda side, e face di pavement wey dey for di yard wey dey for outside—wit balcony opposite balcony for di three storeys.
  4. For front of di rooms, e get one passage wey go inside, e wide reach 16 feet, con long reach 168 feet, and dia doors dey face di north side.
  5. Di rooms wey dey for up of di house slim pass di ones wey dey for down, becos di passage chop small space for front.
  6. Na three storeys and dem no get pillars like di pillars for di yards; so di rooms for di bottom level dey support those wey dey on top.
  7. E get wall wey dey for outside, wey separate di rooms from di yard wey dey for outside; e long reach 87 ½ feet.
  8. Di rooms wey dey for di yard for outside—long reach 87 ½ feet, and di rooms wey face Baba-God house—long reach 175 feet.
  9. For bottom of dis rooms, door dey for di east side, as pesin dey enta dem from di yard wey dey for outside.
  10. Rooms dey for inside di thick part of di wall of di yard wey dey face di east; wey dey face di separate area, for opposite di building.
  11. Passage dey for dia front—and dem resemble di rooms wey dey for di north side of Baba-God house. Dis building wit rooms long and wide just like di oda one, and dem  get di same doormot and doors plus design.
  12. And just like di doors of di rooms wey dey face di south, e get door wey dey for front of di passage, before di wall wey dey face di east, as pesin dey enta dem.
  13. Naso di man con tell me sey, “All dis rooms wey dey face Baba-God house from di north and south na holy rooms. Na for here di priests wey dey give sacrifices to Baba-God go chop di most holy offerings; na for there dem go take keep di most holy tins, plus di seed offering [meat offering], sin offering, and guilty offering; becos di place dey holy.
  14. Wen di priests enta di Holy-place, dem must no go out to di yard wey dey for outside until dem don komot di clothes wey dem wear wen dem dey serve, becos dis clothes dey holy. Dem must wear anoda cloth before dem enta any part of di building wey dey open for everi pesin.”

Di Measurement Of Outside Baba-God House

15. Wen di man measure inside Baba-God house finish, he carry me come outside, from di east gate—to measure round di area of Baba-God house.

16. He use long ruler take measure di east side, and e long reach 840 feet.

17. He measure di north side, and e long reach 875 feet.

18. He measure di south side, and e long reach 875 feet.

19. He measure di west side, and e long reach 875 feet.

20. He measure di four sides: e get wall round am, e long reach 875 feet, con wide reach 875 feet—di wall dey separate di holy tins from di ordinary tins.


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