Ezekiel Chapter 43

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  Baba-God HouseWhere He Dey Stay

  1. Lata, naso di man carry me come back to di gate wey dey face di east.
  2. I con see di levels of Baba-God of Israel dey come from di east. Hin voice be like di noise of plenty water, and di earth con dey shine wit hin levels.
  3. Di vision wey I see be like di vision wey I bin see wen I bin come scata di city, and like di vision wey I see near River Chebar; so I fall face down,
  4. And Baba-God levels enta inside Baba-God house from di gate wey dey face di east.
  5. Den di Spirit carry me go up, con carry me enta di inside yard, and Baba-God levels con brekete for inside Baba-God house.
  6. As di man dey stand for my side, I hear pesin dey tok to me from inside Baba-God house.
  7. And he tell me sey, “Man pikin, na dis be di place of my king-chair, and di place where I dey rest my leg. I go stay for there, among di pipo of Israel forever. Di pipo of Israel plus dia king no go fit corrupt my holy name again—wit dia ashawo ways of following idols, and by dia burial offerings for dia kings wen dem kpeme.

8. Dem put di doormot of dia idol altar near my doormot, wit only wall wey divide dem. Dem even downgrade my holy name wit di tufiakwa wey dem don do, so I scata dem as I dey vex.

9. Now make dem komot dia ashawo ways (worshipping idols) far from me, plus di dead body of dia kings, and I go live among dem forever.

10. As for you, man pikin, tell di pipo of Israel about di worship-place wey I show you, so dat shame go catch dem  for dia sins. Make dem measure di pattern.

11. And if shame dey catch dem for all di tins wey dem don do, den tell dem di design of Baba-God house—di arrangement, di doors for going in and out—di whole design wit all di laws plus rules. Write am down for dia front, so dat dem go fit keep di full design  plus all di laws, con do dem.

12. Na dis be di law of Baba-God house: Di whole area wey dey surround on top of di mountain na di most holy. See, na dis be di law of Baba-God house.

Di Measurement Of Di Altar

13. Based-on di official standard, na dis be di measurement of di altar: di bottom of di altar get one gota wey wide reach 20 inches, con deep reach 20 inches, wit rim for di ourside corner wey high reach 10 inches. Naso di altar high reach:

Di base of di altar [di lowest part of di altar], from on top to bottom—high reach 4 feet. Di next part of di altar wey dey on top of di base [di lowest part of di altar], no wide and long reach di corners of di lowest part—e enta inside small from everi corner wit 20 inches, con high reach 7 feet. Di next part of di altar wey dey on top of di second part—no wide and long reach di second part of di altar. E enta inside small from di corners wit 20 inches.

Di top area where dem dey burn di sacrifices high reach 7 feet, wit four horns wey face up—from di four corners of di faya-place.

On top of di altar na square, 20 feet for di two-two sides.

And di corners wey push out, long reach 24 ½ feet, con wide reach 10 ½ feet, and di bottom wey surround am na 1 ¾ feet. E steps con dey face di east side.

To Make Di Altar Holy


  1. Baba-God Almighty con tell me sey, “Man pikin, listen to wetin I dey yarn you. ‘Dis na di laws of di altar, on di day wen una don build di altar, to burn sacrifices on top, con sprinkle di blood of di animals wey una sacrifice on am;
  2. You go give one small-malu for sin offering—to di priests wey belong to di tribe of Levi, wey be di pikin-pikin-pikin of Zadok, wey dey come near to serve me,’ naso Baba-God Almighty tok.
  3. You go carry some of di blood, con put am for di four horns of di altar, for di four sides of di coners dey push out, and round di borders: naso you go take clean am, con make am pure.
  4. You go carry di small-malu wey una give as sacrifice for sin offering, con burn am for di correct place outside di area of Baba-God house.
  5. Di next day you go carry he-goat wey no get comma for body—as sin offering. Use di blood take clean di altar just as you do to di malu.
  6. Wen you don clean am finish, carry one small-malu and one ram, make di two of dem no get any comma for body,
  • And carry dem come meet Baba-God. Di priests go sprinkle salt on dem, con burn dem as offering to me.
  • Everi day of di seven days, you go offer one goat, one small-malu, plus one ram as sin offering. All of dem must no get comma for body.
  • Na for seven days di priests go use take clean di altar, con make am pure; naso dem go take make am holy.
  • Wen dis days don finish, from di eight day—di priests go start di offering for di altar, di burnt offering plus di peace offering of di pipo. And I go happy wit una,’ naso Baba-God Almighty tok.”


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