Ezekiel Chapter 44

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Di East Gate Plus Di Prince

  1. Naso di man carry me back to di gate wey dey for outside Baba-God house—di gate wey dey face di east, but di gate close.
  2. Baba-God con tell me sey, “Make dis gate close. Make no pesin open am, and make no pesin enta from di gate, becos Baba-God wey be di Oga of Israel don pass there enta; so di gate go close.
  3. Na only for di prince; di prince hinsef fit sidon for di doormot to chop for Baba-God front. He go enta from di room wey dem take dey enta di gate, con go out from di same way.”
  4. Naso di man carry me go front of Baba-God house tru di north gate side. I look and I see Baba-God levels as e brekete for inside di place, so I fall face ground.
  5. Di Oga con tell me sey, “Man pikin, look well-well; watch wit your eyes, and use your ears take hear everitin wey I wan tell you about all dis rules and laws of Baba-God house. Observe di doormot of Baba-God house plus all di doors to komot from di holy- place [ observe di pipo wey suppose enta Baba-God, and those wey no suppose enta di holy-place.
          Those Wey Go Enta Baba-God House
6. Tell di pipo of Israel wey dey disobey me sey, dis na wetin Baba-God tok: “Una tufiakwa don do, chai, house of Israel?

To add join all una tufiakwa, una bring foreigners wey no circumcise for both dia heart and dia body, to stay for my holy-place—to corrupt my house, wen una give  my food—di fat plus di blood; and dem don break my agreement becos of all una tufiakwa.

And una no keep di service of my holy tins, but una choose oda pipo to keep my holy-place for una.”

Dis na wetin Baba-God tok: “No foreigner wey no circumcise for heart and body—go enta inside my holy-place—no be even foreigner wey dey live among di pipo of Israel.

Laws For Di Priests

  1. Surely, di Levites wey waka komot go far from me wen di pipo of Israel waka miss-road, and wey waka komot from me con dey follow idols—dem go pay for dia sins.
    1. But dem go still dey serve for my holy-place, dem go dey guard di gates of Baba-God house and dem go serve for di house. Dem go kill di burnt offering plus oda sacrifices for di pipo, con stand for dia front to serve dem.
    1. Becos di Levites serve di pipo of Israel wen dem dey worship dia idols, con make di house of Israel fall enta sin, so I swear against dem wit my hand wey raise up—dem go pay  for dia sins,” naso Baba-God Almighty tok.
  1. Dem must no come near me to serve me as priests, or come near any of my holy tins or di tins for di Most Holy place. Dem go carry di shame of di tufiakwa wey dem don do.
    1. But I go still choose dem to dey serve for Baba-God house, for all di hard work, plus everitin wey dem dey do inside am.
    1. “But di Levites priest wey be di pikin-pikin-pikin of Zadok, wey dey in charge of my holy-place wen di pipo of Israel waka miss-road from me—go come near me to serve for my front. Dem go stand for my front to bring di fat plus blood,” naso Baba-God Almighty tok.
    1. Na only dem go enta my holy-place, con near my table to serve for my front; and dem go do dia work for me.
    1. And e go happun sey, wen dem enta di gates of di yard wey dey for inside, make dem wear linen cloths; dem must no wear anytin wey dem make wit wool wen dem dey serve for di gates of  di yard wey dey for inside or inside Baba-God house.

18. Make dem wear linen caps for dia heads plus linen short-nika for dia body; make dem   no wear anytin wey dey cause sweat.

  1. Wen dem go out to di yard wey dey outside, to meet di pipo, make dem komot dia clothes wey dem use take serve, con leave dem for di holy rooms, and make dem wear oda clothes so dat dem no go use dia cloth take make di pipo holy.
  2. Dem must no barb gorimakpa or let dia hair grow long, but dem must dey barb low-cut.
  3. Make no priest drink ogogoro before he enta di inside yard.
  4. And make dem no marry widow or woman wey her husband don pursue komot, but dem must marry virgin wey be from Israel, or widow of priest.
  5. Dem suppose teach my pipo di different between wetin dey holy and wetin be ordinary tin, con show dem how to sabi wetin dey clean and wetin no clean.
  6. For any kwanta, na dem go be judges, and dem must judge based-on my laws. Dem must keep my laws and rules about all my festivals, and dem must keep my Sabbath holy.
  7. Priest must no corrupt hinsef by going near deadbody. But for hin papa, mama, pikin, broda or sista wey neva marry, he fit near dem.
  8. And afta he don clean hinsef, he must wait for seven days.
  9. And on di day wey he go enta di holy-place, inside di yard wey dey for inside to serve for  di holy-place, he must give hin sin offering,” naso Baba-God Almighty tok.
  10. “About dia property (land), na me be dia own. Una no go give dem any property for Israel, becos I belong to dem.
  11. Make dem chop di seed offering (meat offering), di sin offering, plus di guilty offerings. Everitin for Israel wey dem dey give Baba-God—belong to dem.
  12. Di best of all di firstfruits of everitin, plus everi sacrifice of anytin from all una sacrifices—go belong to di  priests. Una suppose give di priests una first flour wey una mix, so dat blessings go dey chill for una house.
  13. Di priest no suppose chop any bird or animal wey die own e own, or wey wild animals kill.


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