Ezekiel Chapter 45

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Di Holy Area Of Di Land

  1. Wen una divide di land to give everi tribe dia share, make una separate one part of di land to Baba-God, as holy place. Make e long reach 10 miles, con wide reach 8 miles. Di whole area go dey holy.
  2. For dis area, square plot of land go dey for Baba-God house, make e be 875 feet by 875 feet, and make space wey wide reach 87 ½  feet surround am.
  3. From dia holy area, make una measure place wey long reach 10 miles, con wide reach 4 miles, make una separate am for di holy place, and for di place wey holy pass.
  4. Dis area go holy, place wey una separate for di priests wey dey serve for  di holy place. Dem go use am for dia house and place for my holy place.
  5. Space wey long reach 43,750 feet, con wide reach 17,500 feet go belong to di Levites wey dey serve for Baba-God house. Dem go collect am so dat dem go get cities wey dem go dey stay.
  6. Next to di holy area, separate one area wey go be di property of di city, e go long reach 12.5 kilometers, con wide reach 3 kilometers, di area belong to di whole house of Israel.

           Land For Di Prince

 7. Make una keep di area of land for di prince—for two sides of di holy areas plus di land wey belong to di city. E go stretch go di west from di west side, con stretch go di east from di east side. E go long reach one of di areas wey dem share for di tribes of Israel—from di west border di east border.

Na dis area go be di share of di prince wey dey rule for Israel, and my princes no go oppress di pipo again, but dem go give di rest of di land to di pipo of Israel based-on dia tribes.”

Rules for Di Prince

  • ‘Baba-God Almighty tok sey, “Oh princes of Israel, e don do! Make una stop una fight-fight plus oppression.  Do tins wit una church-mind, and do wetin dey right. Make una no drive pipo komot from dia land again,” Naso Baba-God Almighty tok.
  • “Everi pesin must use correct weight for measurement—for measuring both dry and water-water tins:
  • Di measurement for water-water tins (epah*), plus di measurement for dry tins (bath*) must be di same. Di standard measurement go be homer*. Both di measurement for dry tins (epah*), and di measurement for water-water tins (bath*), must contain: 1homer=10 ephah* and 1homer=10 baths.

12. Di standard weight go be shekel*. One shekel go be 20 gerahs*.

Special Offering Plus Jollification

  1. “Dis na di offering wey una go give:  seventeen percent of una wheat and seventeen percent of una barley,
  2. And one percent of una olive ororo;
  3. Plus one lamb or goat for everi 200 of una animals from di beta green-land of Israel. Na dis go be di seed offerings, burnt offerings, plus peace offerngs to make dem pure,” naso Baba-God Almighty tok.
  4. All di pipo of di land must join to bring dis offering for di prince.
  5. Na di princes suppose provide di offering wey dem dey give for di religious festivals, di New Moon celebration, di Sabbath days, plus all oda events. Na him go provide di sin offerings, burnt offerings, plus peace offerings to make di pipo of Israel pure.”
  1. ‘Dis na wetin Baba-God Almighty tok: “For di first month, for di first day of di month, you go carry one small-malu wey no get comma for body, con use am take clean di holy-place.
  2. Di priest go take some blood from di sin offering, con put am for di doormot (door-frame) of Baba-God house, for di four corners of di part of di altar wey push come out, and for di doormot of di yard wey dey for inside.
  3. You must do di same tin on di seventh day of di month for any pesin wey komot for di corret way by mistake, or wey he no know. Naso you go take clean Baba-God house to make am pure.
  4. On di fourteenth day of di first month, make una observe di Passover, festival wey go last for seven days, and na bread wit-no yeast una go chop on those days.
  5. On dat day di prince go bring small-malu for sin offering for hinsef, and for di pipo of di land
  6. Na seven small-malu plus seven rams di prince go bring everi day for di seven days festival. And make di animals no get any scratch for body. Di animals go be for burnt offering to Baba-God, along wit one he-goat for sin offering everi day.

24. He go still bring seed offering (food offering) of 9kg of flour, plus 3 liters of ororo for everi single malu plus everi single ram.

25. For di seven days festival, wey dey start on di fifteenth day of di seventh month, he go bring di same tin for sin offerings, burnt offerings, seed offerings, plus ororo.’


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