Ezekiel Chapter 46

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Di Prince Offerings

  1. ‘Dis na wetin Baba-God tok: “Di gate of di inner yard wey dey face di east must dey closed for di six days of work, but on di Sabbath day and on di day of di New Moon—make dem open di door.
  2. Di prince go enta from di room wey dem take dey enta wey dey for outside. Den he go stand near di doormot of di gate. Naso di priest go arrange hin burnt offering plus peace offerings. He go bow down to worship for di doormot of di gate, con go back outside from di way he pass enta. Make dem no close di gate until evening reach.
  3. And di pipo of di land go worship Baba-God for front of dis gate for Sabbath days and di days of New Moon celebrations.
  4. “Everi Sabbath day, di prince go bring burnt offering of six lamb plus one ram, and make dem no get scratch for body;
  5. He go bring 9 kg of flour wit di ram, plus any amount of flour for everi single lamb. And he go still give 3 liters of ororo wit everi 9kg of flour.
  6. For di New Moon celebration, he go bring one small malu, six lambs, plus one ram, all of dem must no get scratch for body.
  7. Wit di small-malu, he must bring 9 kg of flour for as seed offering (meat offering), and di same tin for di ram. And wit everi single lamb, he go bring any amount of flour wey he fit give. Wit everi 9kg of flour, he must bring 3 liters of ororo.
  8. Di prince must enta di gate from di room wey dey for di doormot, and he must komot from di same way he follow come.
  9. But wen di pipo enta from di north gate to worship Baba-God for holy festivals, wen dem enta from di north gate—dem must come out from di south gate. And those wey enta from di south gate—must come out from di north gate. Dem must no pass di same gate wey dem use enta, but dem must always use di opposite gate.
  10. Di prince wey go dey among dem—must enta and komot wit di pipo for dis festivals.
  11. “So for di special festivals and holy festivals, di seed offering (meat offering) go be 9kg of flour for everi single malu and for everi single ram, and he fit give plenty  amout of flour wey he like for di lambs—wit 3 liters of ororo for everi 9 kg of flour.
  12. Wen di prince give burnt offering or peace offerings wit free-mind to Baba-God, make dem open di gate wey dey face di east side—for am, and he go arrange hin burnt offerings plus peace offerings as he dey do for Sabbath day. Naso he go komot, and dem go close di gate afta he komot.
  13. Everi morning, una must arrange burnt offering to Baba-God, lamb wey be one year old—and wey no get any comma for body.
  14. Everi morning, una must give seed offering [meat offering] to Baba-God wit di lamb; 2 kg of fine flour, mix wit 1 liter of ororo. Dis seed offering go be law wey go dey forever.
  15. Naso una go arrange di lamb, plus di seed offering [meat offering], and di ororo—everi morning—forever.”
  16. ‘Dis na wetin Baba-God Almighty tok: “If di prince give gift of land to one of hin sons as hin property, e go belong to di pikin as part of hin family property.
  17. But if di prince give gift of land to one of hin servants from hin property, di servant fit keep am only reach di Year of Jubilee—naso di land go go back to di prince. But wen di prince give gift to hin sons—e go belong to dem [forever].
  18. Make di prince no collect any pesin property [land] wit gragra, con pursue dem komot from dia land; but make he give hin son property from hin own land; becos I no wan make any of my pipo komot from dia land.”

Di Kitchen For Baba-God House

  1. For my vision, di man carry pass di way wey dey near di gate, con carry me enta di holy rooms wey belong to di priests, wey dey face di north side. He show me one place for di end of di west side.
  2. He con yarn me sey, “Na for here di priests go dey cook di meat of di sin offerings plus di guilty  offering, con bake di flour of  di seed offering [meat offering]—so dat dem no go carry dem come di yard wey dey for outside, to make di pipo holy.”
  3. Naso di man carry me come back to di yard wey dey for outside, con carry me go everi of di for  corners. For everi corner, I see anoda yard.
  4. Everi of dis yard wey close—long reach 20 meters, con wide reach 15 meters;  all di four corners na di same size.
  5. Around di inside walls of di four of dis yard, e get one low wall of stone, and against di wall, places dey to build faya.
  6. Naso di man tell me sey, “Na dis be di kitchens where di ministers [Levites] for Baba-God house—go boil di sacrifices of di pipo.”


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