Ezekiel Chapter 47

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Di Water From Under Baba-God House

  1. For inside my vision, di man carry me come back to di doormot of Baba-God house. Na for there, I con see water wey dey flow from bottom of di doormot of di house, for di east side: becos di  front of di house dey for di east side, and di water dey come from under di right side of di house, for di south side of di altar.
  2. Naso di man carry me go outside di wall tru di north gate, con carry me around for di outside—to di outside gate wey dey face di east; na for there I see di water wey dey flow out from di right side.
  3. And wen di man wey carry di measuring stick for hin hand con move go di east side, he measure 1,750 feet, and he carry me cross di water. Di water  reach my ankles.
  4. He measure anoda 1,750 feet, con carry me cross am again. Dis time di water reach my knees. Afta anoda 1,750 feet, di water con reach my waist.
  5. Naso he measure anoda 1,750 feet, and di river con too deep to waka cross. E deep reach to swim, but too deep to waka pass.
  6. So he ask me, “Man pikin, you dey watch?” Naso he carry pass near di river.
  7. Wen I come back, I con surprise sey plenty trees dey grow for di water-side of di two corners of di river.
  8. He con yarn me sey, “Dis river dey flow go east kontri, and he dey go down to bottom-of-di-mountain, con enta di Dead Sea. Di water of di small-river go make di salt water of di Dead Sea—to fresh and clean [di water go heal].
  9. Tins wey dey live inside am go con burku any where di river flow reach. Fish go brekete for di Dead Sea, becos dis water dey flow go there, con make di salt water fresh. Life go prosper any where wey di river flow reach.
  10. Fishermen go stand for di water-side of di Dead Sea. From En-gedi go reach En-eglaim, di water-side go burku wit nets wey dem dey dry for sun. Different-different fish go brekete for inside di Dead Sea just as dem burku for di Mediterranean sea.
  11. But di swamp plus di water-land no go fresh—so dat pipo go use di salt from dem.
  12. Different-different fruit trees go grow for di water-side of di two sides of di river. Di leaves  of dis trees no go ever fade, and fruits go always dey for dia branches. Fresh fruit go grow go everi month, becos na di river wey dey flow from Baba-God house go dey water dem. Di fruit go be for food and dia leaves go be for medicine.”

Di Borders of di Land

  1. Dis na wetin Baba-God Almighty tok: “Divide di land like dis for di twelve tribes of Israel: Dem go give di pikin-pikin-pikin of Joseph two shares of di land.

14. Make dem get di same share of di land, becos I swear to give am to dia papa-papa-papa, una go claim dis land as una property forever.

  1. “Na dis go be di boundaries of di land: Di north border go be from di Mediterranean sea go Hethlon, e go kontinu go reach Lebo-hamath, go reach Zedad;
  2. Den e go kontinu go Berothah plus Sibraim, wey dey for di border between Damascus plus Hamath, and las-las—go reach Hazer-hatticon, for di border of Hauran.
  3. So di north border go be from di Mediterranean sea go Hazar-enan, for di boder between Hamth for di north side and Damascus for di south side.
  4. Di east border go start from one place between Hauran plus Damascus, con kontinu go south along River Jordan, between Israel and Gilead, pass di Dead Sea and far-far go reach di south for Tamar. Na dis go be di border for di east side.
  5. “Di south border go be from Tamar go reach di water of Meribath near Kadesh, along di small-river of Egypt to di big-river [Mediterranean sea]. Naso dis south border go be.
  6. “For di west side, di Mediterranean sea esef go be your border reach one place opposite Lebo-hamath. Na dis be di west side.
  7. “Divide di land inside dis boundaries among di tribes of Israel.
  • Share di land as una property. Di foreigners wey dey live among una and wey don get pikin wey dem born for here—go receive share of di land sef, wen una divide am. Make una  treat dem like full Israelite citizens, and make dem receive land among di tribes.
  • Make una give dis foreigners land inside di terrirory of di di tribe where dem dey live now,” naso Baba-God Almighty tok.


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