Ezekiel Chapter 5

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Di Sword Against Jerusalem

  1. “Now, man pikin, carry sharp knife, con carry barber razor—take shave your head plus your bear-bear, and make you carry scales to weigh di hair to three parts.
  2. Burn one third of di hair for di middle of di city—wen di sojas don surround di city finish. Carry anoda one third, con use your sword take cut am around di city. Scata di remaining  one third for breeze, and I go pursue am wit my sword.
  3. But carry some hair, con tie am for your cloth.
  4. Again, carry some of di hair, con throway dem inside faya to burn dem. Faya go spread from dem enta di whole nation of Israel.
  5. “Dis na wetin Baba-God Almighty tok: Dis na Jerusalem wey I don set for di center of di nations, wit kontris wey dey around her.
  6. But inside her wickedness, she don turn against Baba-God laws by doing wicked tins pass di nations, and she turn against my words pass even di kontris wey dey around her; becos her pipo don fashi my laws, and she no gree waka follow my ways.’
  7. So dis na wetin Baba-God Almighty tok: ‘Becos you don turn against me—pass di nations wey dey around una, and una no gree follow my words or keep my laws, or reach di standards of di nations wey dey around una;
  8. So dis a wetin Baba-God Almighty tok: ‘Me mysef—I dey against you Jerusalem, and I go punish you as all di nations dey look.
  9. Becos of all una mumu idols, I go punish una as I neva take punish any pesin before, and I no  go ever punish pipo like dat again.
  10. And wen e go happun, papa go chop dia pikin, and pikin go chop dia papa. I go put punishment on una, and I go scata di pipo wey survive among una—enta everi strong-breeze.
  11. ‘So as surely as I dey alive,’ naso Baba-God Almighty dey yarn, ‘Becos una corrupt my holy place wit una mumu images and wor-wor ways, me sef go cut una down; I no go look una to sorry-for una, and I go make sure sey una no go free.
  12. One third of una pipo go kpeme wit disease, or die becos dem dey hungry. Enemies go use sword take kill one third of una for outside di wall of di city. I go scata one third of una follow everi strong-breeze—con use sword take pursue dem for back.
  13. “Naso my vex for dem go stop, and I go belleful wit my vex for dem, becos I go don revenge. And wen I don vex for dem finish, naso dem go take sabi sey—me Baba-God don yarn wit  serious vex; wen I don vex for dem finish.
  14. “I go turn una to scata-scata and disgrace—among di nations wey dey around una, and for front of everi pesin wey dey pass.
  15. ‘Pipo go use una laff, and dem go whyne una. Una go be warning to all di nations wey dey round una. Dem go shock for wetin happun—wen Baba-God use vex take punish one nation, and para for dem, con change-am-for dem seriously. Me, Baba-God don yarn.
  16. Wen I shoot una wit my killer and bad arrow of hunger, I go shoot to scata una. I go make una hungry more-more, con cut una supply of food.
  17. I go send hunger plus wild animals against una, and dem go chop una pikin. Disease plus killings go sweep una land, and I go carry sword against una. Me Baba-God—don tok am.’”


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