Ezekiel Chapter 7

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Di Judgement For Israel Don Dey Reach

  1. Baba-God word come meet me sey:
  2. “Man pikin, dis na wetin Baba-God Almighty dey follow di land of Israel tok: Na di end be dis! Di end don reach for all di four corners of di land.
  3. Di end don reach for una and I go vex for una. I go judge una based-on wetin una don do, con pay una back for una mumu ways.
  4. I no go sorry-for una wen I dey look una, or let una go free. I go surely pay una back wit punishment, becos of wetin una don do, and becos of di tufiakwa wey una dey do among una. Naso una go take sabi sey na me be Baba-God.
  5. Dis na wetin Baba-God Almighty tok: “Gbege! Di kain gbege wey pipo neva hear about before—dey come.
  6. Di end don reach! Di end don reach! Morning don reach for una; see e don show-face!
  7. Morning don come for una—una wey dey stay for di land. Di time don come, di day of yawa don reach; and no jollification dey on top of di mountains again.
  8. Now I go soon pour my vex on una, con para for una finish; I go judge una based-on wetin una don do, and I go pay una back becos of all una mumu ways.
  9. I no go sorry-for una wen I dey look una, or let una go free; I go pay una back based-on wetin una don do, and una mumu ways among una. Naso una go sabi sey na me Baba- God—dey nack una.
  10. “Di day of judgement don come! E don come! Yawa dey wait for una. Di wickedness plus  buga of di pipo don dey grow, con form full flower.
  11. Dia fight-fight don grow, con turn to walking-stick of wickedness. None of dem go remain, no single one of dia plenty pipo—none of dia beta-beta-tins or sometin wey get value among dem—and no pesin go dey to cry for dem.
  12. Di time don reach, di day don reach. Make di buyer no happy becos of di cheap price wey dem buy tins, and make di pipo wey dey sell no feel pain becos of wetin dem lose;  becos all of dem go fall under Baba-God punishment.
  13. Pipo wey sell properties no go fit get dem back, even though dem still dey alive, becos wetin Baba-God yarn (di vision of punishment), go happun to everi pesin—e no go change. Pipo wey dey do bad-bad-tins no go fit survive.
  14. Even though dem blow di trumpet to make everi pesin ready; but no pesin wan go fight, becos I dey vex for di plenty pipo.
  15. “Di sword dey for outside, disease plus hunger dey for inside. Sword go kill those pipo wey dey outside, and hunger plus disease go kill those pipo wey dey inside.
  16. All di pipo wey survive con escape, go dey inside di mountains like doves wey dey fear for bottom-of-di-mountain—all of dem go dey cry, becos of dia own sins.
  17. Dia hands go dey hang like useless hand, dia knees go weak like water.
  18. Dem go wear sackcloth and fear go grip dem. Dia faces go cover wit shame and dem go shave dia heads gorimakpa.
  19. Dem go throway dia silver for street, and dia gold go komot from dem. Dia silver plus gold no go fit save dem on di day wen Baba-God go vex; dem no go fit use dem do wetin dem want or chop am belleful—becos na roadblock wey dey make dem fall inside sin.
  20. Dem dey make-mouth wit dia fine-fine jewelries, and dem use am take make mumu idols wey be tufiakwa. Nahin make Baba-God let dem hate dia beta-beta-tins.
  21. “I go carry dia beta-beta-tin give foreigners as tin wey dem obtain, and evil men go collect all dia beta- beta-tins, con corrupt dem.
  22. I go turn my face komot from dem wen enemies dey corrupt my Holy place, and wen robbers break enta am, con rob am.
  23. “Arrange chains, becos di land brekete wit kill-kill and di city burku wit fight-fight.
  24. So I go bring di nations wey wicked pass—to claim dia houses, I go stop di strong pipo make dem no dey carry-shoulder-up, and dem go spoil dia holy places.
  25. Wen gbege show, dem go fyne peace, but dem no go see am.
  26. Kasala upon kasala go show, and tori upon tori. Dem go try to get vision from di prophet; but di priest no go get anytin to teach di pipo from di law, and di senior-men no go get any advice to give.
  27. Di king go feel sad, di prince go lose hope, and di pipo hand go shake wit fear. I go punish dem for everitin wey dem don do, and I go judge dem based-on wetin dem suppose get; naso dem go sabi sey na me be Baba-God!’”


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