Ezekiel Chapter 8

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Idol For Inside Baba-God House

  1. For di sixth year, on di sixth month, and on di fifth day of di month, as I dey sidon for my house and di senior-men of Judah dey sidon for my front, Baba-God Almighty hand con touch my body for there.
  2. I look, I con see pesin wey resemble faya. From di place wey be like sey nahin waist go down—be like faya; and from hin waist go up—bright like di colour of amber.
  3. He stretch out wetin be like sey na hand, con hold one of di dada [hair] for my head. Di Spirit carry me go up between earth and heaven, and inside di vision of Baba-God, he carry me go Jerusalem, go front of di inside gate wey dey face di north, for Baba-God house, where one idol dey, wey Baba-God no like.
  4. I con see di levels of Baba-God of Israel for my front, just like di vision wey I bin see for di smooth-land.
  5. Naso he tell me sey, “Man pikin, look di north side.” So I look, and for front of di gate of di altar, I con see dis idol wey dey make Baba-God vex.
  6. And he still tell me sey, “Man pikin, you dey see wetin dem dey do—see di serious mumu tins wey di pipo of Israel dey do for here, dem dey pursue me more-more go far- far from my holy place. But turn again, and you go see ogbonge tufiakwa wey pass dis ones.”
  7. He carry me go di door of di yard, wen I look, I con see one hole for wall.
  8. He con tell me sey, “Man pikin, now dig inside di wall.” So I dig inside di wall, and I see one door for there.
  9. He con tell me sey, “Go inside and make you see di wicked tufiakwa wey dem dey do for here.”
  10. So I go inside con look, and I see sey di wall cover wit drawings of animals wey dey creep, plus oda animals wey no clean, plus di oda idols wey di pipo of Israel dey worship.
  11. Seventy senior-men of di house of Israel stand for front of dem, and Jaazaniah wey be di son of Shaphan dey stand among dem. Everi one of dem get incense-container for dia hand, naso thick smoke dey rise from di incense.
  12. Naso he tell me sey, “Man pikin, you don ever see wetin di senior-men of di house of Israel dey do inside darkness, all of dem dey for di room of dia own idols? Dem dey tok sey, ‘Baba-God no dey see us; Baba-God don fashi di earth.’ ”
  13. He still tok sey, “Turn again, and you go see dem dey do tins wey even bad pass dis ones.”
  14. Naso he carry me go front of di north gate of Baba-God house, and I see women dey sidon for there—dey cry for di god Tammuz.
  15. So he tell me sey, “Man pikin, you dey see dis tin? Turn again, and you go see tufiakwa wey even pass dis one.”
  16. He con carry me enta di yard wey dey for inside Baba-God house. For there, near di doormot of di holy-place, between di room wey dem take dey enta Baba-God house and di bronze altar, about twenty-five men dey for there wit dia backs wey dey face Baba-God house, and dem face di east side; naso dem dey worship di sun for di east.
  17. He con tell me sey, “Chai, man pikin, you don see dis tin? Abi na small mata for di pipo of Judah to dey do dis kain tufiakwa wey dem dey do for here? Dem don full di land wit killing, con kontinu to make me vex. See, dem dey put di branch for dia nose.
  18. So I go deal wit dem as I dey vex; I no go sorry-for dem as I dey look dem, or allow dem go free. Even  though dem dey shout for my ears wit cry, I no go listen to dem.”


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