Ezekiel Chapter 9

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Baba-God Punish Those Pipo Wey Dey Worship Idols

  1. I hear am tok out wit loud voice, “Carry di guards of di city come here, everi single one of dem wit weapon for hand.”
  2. I con see six men dey come from di gate wey dey up, wey dey face di north, everi single one of dem wit killer weapon for hin hand. One man wey wear linen cloth dey wit dem and he carry tins for hin side—to use take write. All of dem enta, con stand near di bronze altar.
  3. Now di levels of di God of Israel go up from on top of di cherubim, from where e dey, con move go di doormot of Baba-God house. Naso Baba-God call di man wey wear linen, wey carry tins for hin side—to use take write;
  4. And Baba-God tell am sey, “Go di whole city of Jerusalem, con put mark for di foreheads of those pipo wey dey cry and wey dey feel sad becos of di bad-bad-tin wey pipo dey do for inside di city.”
  5. As I dey listen, he con tell di odas sey, “Follow am enta di city con kill, no sorry-for any pesin or show love.
  6. Kill old men, young men and babes, women plus small-small pikin, but no touch any pesin wey get di mark. Start from Baba-God holy place.” So dem start wit di senior-men wey dey for front of Baba-God house.
  7. Naso he tell dem sey, “Spoil Baba-God house, con full di yard wit deadbody. Make una  dey go!” So dem start to dey kill di pipo for di city.
  8. As dem dey kill, I con dey alone, so I fall face down, con dey cry loud, “Kai, Baba-God Almighty! Abi you go kill all di remaining pipo of Israel as you dey pour your vex on Jerusalem?”
  9. He con ansa me, “Di sins of di pipo of Israel plus Judah burku well-well; di land brekete wit killing, and bend-bend way burku for di city. Dem dey tok sey, ‘Baba-God don fashi di  earth; Baba-God no dey see.’
  10. So I no go sorry-for dem wen I dey look dem, or let dem go free, but I go carry wetin dem don do—put for dia own head.”
  11. Naso di man wey wear linen cloth, and wey carry di tins wey he go use take write, con tell Baba-God sey, “I don do wetin you tell me to do.”


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