Jeremiah Chapter 46

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Di Judgement On Egypt

  1. Dis na di message wey come meet Jeremiah from Baba-God about di nations:
  2. Against Egypt, against di army of Pharaoh Neco, wey be di king of Egypt, wey dey near River Euphrates for Carchemish. And wey Nebuchadnezzar di king of Babylon win for war, for di fourth year of Jehoiakim wey be di son of Josiah di king of Judah:
  3. “Arrange una shield, both big and small, and make una march come out for war!
  4. Gada di horses and make una climb dem! Make una set, con wear una helmets! Make una long-sharp weapon—sharp well-well. And wear una fighting cloth!
  5. Wetin I dey see? Dem dey fear, dem dey shift go back, dem don beat dia warriors. Dem don run sharp-sharp and dem no gree look back, na so-so fear dey for everi corner,” naso Baba-God tok.
  6. “Di pipo wey sabi run no fit run, and make di strong men no escape; dem go stagger, con fall go di north side, near River Euphrates.”
  7. “Who be dis wey dey rise like di Nile, like river wey e water dey overflow?
  8. Egypt dey rise like di Nile, like river wey e water dey overflow. She tok sey, ‘I go rise, con cover di earth; I go scata cities plus dia pipo.
  9. Make di horse ginger! Drive di horse-moto wit vex! Make di strong men march out, oh warriors, men of Ethiopian plus Lybian wey dey carry shield, and di men of Lydia wey dey set dia bow plus arrow.
  10. Becos dis na di day of Baba-God Almighty—na day of revenge, so dat he go revenge for hin enemies. Sword go kill until e don belleful, until e don taya to drink blood. Becos Baba-God Almighty go give sacrifice for di land of di north, near River Euphrates.
  11. Oh virgin daughters of Egypt, make una go Gilead go fyne medicine! Una dey waste una plenty medicine, becos notin go fit heal una.
  12. Di nations go hear about una shame; una cry don burku for di earth. One warrior don fall on top of anoda warrior; both of dem go fall down yakata.”
  13. Dis na di message wey Baba-God tell prophet Jeremiah about how Nebuchadnezzar di king of Babylon go take show, con attack Egypt:
  14. “Tok dis tin for Egypt, and tok am out for Migdol; tok am out for Memphis, and for Tahpanhes: tok sey, ‘Make una stand strong, con ready, becos sword go kill di pipo wey dey around.’
  15. Why una warriors con fall for ground? Dem no fit stand, becos na Baba-God sweep dem komot.
  16. He make plenty of dem fall; dem don fall on top of demsef. And dem go tok sey, ‘Stand up make we go back to meet awa own pipo and to awa native land—to komot from di sword of di pipo wey dey oppress us.’
  17. Na for there dem go cry, ‘Pharaoh wey be king of Egypt na only loud noise; he don let hin time pass am.’
  18. “As surely as I dey live,” naso di King tok—di King wey hin name na Baba-God Almighty, “Babylon dey come attack Egypt—e tall like Mountain Tabor, or like Mountain Carmel wey dey near di big-river.
  19. Oh daughters wey dey for Egypt, carry una load to komot from dis land, una go komot from Egypt, becos Memphis go turn to waste, e go scata kpatakpata wit no pesin to stay for there.
  20. Egypt be like fine malu, but scata-scata dey come meet am—scata-scata from di north.
  21. Even di sojas wey dem pay to fight for her be like malu pikin wey be ororbor. Dem no stand to fight. All of dem turn, con run komot; becos di day of dia gbege don fall on dem, and di time for dia punishment don show.
  22. Egypt go hiss like snake wey dey escape. Di enemy dey march wit dia army and dem go attack her wit dia axe, like men wey dey cut trees down.
  23. Dem go cut her forest reach ground, even though trees full di forest now, becos dem plenty pass locust wey dem no fit count dem,” naso Baba-God tok,
  24. “Shame go catch Egypt, and di pipo of di north go take dem.”
  25. Baba-God Almighty, di God of Israel, tok sey, ‘See, I go punish Amon wey be di god of Thebes, Pharaoh, and Egypt, wit her gods and her kings—even Pharaoh wit those pipo wey dey trust Pharaoh.
  26. I go give dem to those pipo wey dey fyne dia lives, to Nebuchadnezzar wey be king of Babylon and hin servants. But lata, pipo go live for Egypt again like before,” naso Baba-God tok.
  27. “No let fear catch you, oh Jacob (pipo of Israel plus Judah) my servant; no lose hope oh Israel. I go surely save una komot from dis far-far place, con save una pikin-pikin-pikin from di land wey dem carry una go. Jacob go come back to hin place, naso he go get peace plus rest again, and no pesin go make fear catch am.
  28. No let your mind dey cut, oh Jacob (pipo of Israel plus Judah) my servant, becos I dey wit you,” naso Baba-God tok, “Even though I scata di nations kpatakpata—wey I pursue una go, I no go scata una kpatakpata. But I go correct una wit justice; I no go let una just go wit-out punishment.”


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