Jeremiah Chapter 47

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Judgement On Di Philistines

  1. Baba-God message come meet prophet Jeremiah about di Philistines before Pharaoh attack Gaza:
  2. Dis na wetin Baba-God tok: “See, water dey rise from di north; dem go turn to big-water wey dey overflow. Dem go over-flow di land plus everitin wey dey for di land, di city plus those pipo wey dey stay for inside am. Di men go cry out; all di pipo wey dey stay for di land go cry.
  3. Dem go hear di noise as horse dey run, di noise of horse-moto, di sound of di rolling of tyres. Papa no go turn back to carry dia pikin, becos dia hands go dey shake wit fear.
  4. Becos di day don reach to scata all di Philistines, and no pesin go remain to epp di cities of Tyre plus Sidon. Baba-God go scata di Philistines, di pipo wey remain from di kontri of Caphtor.
  5. Gaza go shave her head gorimakpa; dem don silence Ashkelon wit di pipo wey remain for bottom-of-di-mountain: how long una go dey cut unasef [becos una dey cry]?
  6. Una go dey cry sey, ‘Ah, Baba-God sword, how long until you go rest? Go back to where you suppose dey, stay for there and make you rest!’
  7. But how e go fit rest wen Baba-God don send am to attack Ashkelon and di areas wey near water-side?”


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