Jeremiah Chapter 48

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Judgement On Moab

  1. Dis na wetin Baba-God Almighty tok, di God of Israel—against Moab: “Wahala for Nebo, becos e don scata, con empty. Disgrace go catch Kiriathaim and e go fall for enemies hand. Dem go make shame catch e strong-house and e go scata kpatakpata.
  2. Dem no go fit praise Moab again; for Heshbon, men don plan how to bring her down: ‘Come, make we end dat nation.’ Dem go cut una down, chai town of madmen! Na sword go pursue una.
  3. Hear di cries from Horonaim, cry of serious kasala and scata-scata.
  4. Dem go break Moab; her small-small pikin go cry well-well.
  5. Dem go dey cry well-well as dem dey go up of Luhith, dem go hear cry of pain for di road down to Horonaim.
  6. Run, make una run for una life; make una turn to bush for inside desert.
  7. Since una trust una handwork and una moni, dem go carry una sef as prisoners, and dem go carry una god Chemosh go foreign land, togeda wit e priests and princes.
  8. Dem go attack everi city, and no single city go escape. Bottom-of-di-mountain go scata finish, and di smooth-land go scata kpatakpata, becos Baba-God don tok am.
  9. I wish sey Moab get feathers, so dat she for fly komot, becos her cities go empty and no pesin go dey stay for there.
  10. “Curse dey for di pesin wey dey use wayo take do Baba-God work! Curse dey on those pipo wey no wan use dia sword take kill.
  11. “Moab no get wahala since wen e first be nation, like palm-wine wey don settle down for calabash, wey dem no pour from one calabash to anoda calabash—dem neva move Moab go foreign land before. So hin taste con dey inside am, and hin scent neva change.
  12. But days dey come,” naso Baba-God yarn, “Wen I go send men wey go pour am from di calabash, dem go pour am kpatakpata, con break di calabash.
  13. Naso shame go catch Moab becos of dia god Chemosh, as shame bin take catch di house of Israel wen dem trust Bethel.
  14. How una go tok sey, ‘We be warriors and strong men of war’?
  15. Dem don scata Moab, and enemies go take-over her cities; dem don kill dia young boys wey strong pass,” naso Baba-God tok—hin name na Baba-God Almighty.
  16. “Moab go soon fall; kasala go sharp-sharp burst on dem.
  17. Cry for her, all di pipo wey dey stay near her, and everi pesin wey sabi her big name. Tok sey, ‘Dem don break her strong govment; e levels and pawa no dey again.’
  18. “Come down from your levels, con sidon for dry ground—una wey be di pipo of Dibon, becos those pipo wey scata Moab go scata Dibon sef. Dem go break down all una strong-houses.
  19.  Una wey dey stay for Aroer, make una stand for corner of road con dey watch. Ask di man wey dey run and di woman wey dey escape from Moab, sey, ‘Wetin happun?’
  20. Dem go ansa, ‘Moab don fall, cry for am, becos dem don disgrace Moab. Tok am for River Arnon sey enemies don empty Moab con scata am,
  21. And Judgement don come di smooth-land—plus Holon, Jahza, and Mephaath,
  22. Dibon, Nebo plus Beth-Diblathaim,
  23. and Kiriathaim, Beth-Gamul plus Beth-Meon,
  24. Kerioth and Bozrah—and to all di cities of Moab wey dey far plus near.
  25. Dem don cut Moab horn komot; dem don break her hand,” naso Baba-God tok.
  26. Make una make am jogodo, becos he don carry shoulder pass Baba-God. Make Moab sef play inside hin vomit; and make pipo dey yab am.
  27. Abi una no yab Israel sef? Abi una catch dem among tiff? Una dey shake una head—con dey yab dem any time wey una dey tok about dem?
  28. All of una wey dey stay for Moab, make una run komot from una house and make una go stay for inside rocks. Make una be like dove wey dey build e bird-house for inside di mouth of hole inside rock.
  29. “We don hear as Moab take dey feel-big—how he take dey feel-big well-well, and how he take dey carry-shoulder-up, as he take dey feel-big, how he take dey make-mouth, and how he take dey look pipo wit small-eyes for her heart.
  30. I know sey he dey do anyhow wit vex,” naso Baba-God tok, “But di mouth wey he dey make dey useless—just like di tins wey he dey do.
  31. So I dey cry for Moab, I dey cry for everi pesin wey dey for Moab, I go cry for all di pipo of Kir-hareseth.
  32. Oh vines (grape-farms) of Sibmah, I dey cry for you pass as I take cry for Jazer. Your branches spread far go reach di big-river; dem go far well-well reach di big-river of Jazer; but dem don scata una cold-season fruits plus una grapes.
  33. Harvest celebration don komot from di rich farms of Moab. I don make di wine stop to dey flow from di wine-factory; I don stop di noise of di pipo wey dey make wine wit celebration.
  34. “Di sound of dia cry dey rise from Heshbon go Elealeh plus Jahaz, from Zoar far reach Horonaim and Eglath-shelishiyah, even di waters of Nimrim don dry.
  35. For Moab, I go stop di pipo wey dey make offering for shrine for high places, and stop di pipo wey dey burn incense to dia gods,” naso Baba-God tok.
  36. “So my heart go cry for Moab like flute; e dey cry like flute for di pipo of Kir-hareseth, becos moni and beta-beta-tin wey dem gada—don waka.
  37. Everi pesin shave dia head gorimakpa, con cut dia bear-bear, dem go cut mark for dia hand, and everi pesin go wear sackcloth.
  38. Na only cry-cry go burku for on top of di houses of Moab, and for dia streets; becos I don break Moab like container wey no pesin like,” naso Baba-God tok.
  39. Dem go dey cry sey, “See as Moab don scata finish! See as Moab dey turn her back wit shame! Naso pipo go dey yab Moab, and all di pipo wey dey around Moab go shock for Moab mata.”
  40. Na wetin Baba-God tok, ‘Look, one nation go rush down on Moab like eagle wit e feathers wey spread.
  41. Kerioth don fall for enemies hand, and dem go take-over e strong-houses. On dat day, di hearts of Moab warriors go be like di heart of woman wey dey feel pain as she wan born pikin.
  42. Moab go scata as nation, becos he don carry shoulder up against Baba-God.
  43. Fear, and pit, plus trap go fall on una, oh pipo of Moab,” naso Baba-God tok.
  44. “Any pesin wey run from di fear—go fall inside hole, any pesin wey climb komot from di hole—go fall for trap; becos I go bring di year of punishment on Moab,” naso Baba-God tok.
  45. “Di pipo wey escape go stand under di shadow of Heshbon becos dem don taya, but faya go come out from Heshbon, and faya from di house of Sihon; naso e go burn di forehead of Moab, di crown of di head of katakata pikin.
  46. Wahala for you, oh Moab! Di pipo of Chemosh don scata kpatakpata; dem don carry your sons and daughters as prisoners of war go foreign land.
  47. “But I go bring back di pipo, con bless Moab again for di days wey dey come,” naso Baba-God tok. Na dis be di end of di Judgement on Moab.


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