Jeremiah Chapter 49

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Judgement On Di Pipo of Ammon

  1. About di Ammonite: Dis na wetin Baba-God tok: “Abi Israel no get sons? Abi he no get son wey go claim hin properties? So why Molech don claim Gad? Why e pipo con settle down for e cities?”
  2. But Baba-God tok sey, “See, days dey come wen I go sound my war cry against Rabbah of di Ammonites; e go turn to scata-scata wey dem gada, and dem go burn all di villages wey dey round am. Naso Israel go claim di properties of those pipo wey bin claim dia properties,” naso Baba-God tok.
  3. “Make una cry, oh Heshbon, becos dem don scata Ai! Make una dey cry, oh daughters of Rabbah, and make una wear sackcloth, make una waka upandan inside una walls, becos Molech go run komot to foreign land, togeda wit dia priest and princes.
  4. Why una dey make-mouth for bottom-of-mountain, bottom-of-di-mountain wey get beta land, oh my pipo wey dey turn komot from me? Una dey trust una moni plus una beta-beta-tins, and una dey tok sey, ‘Who go fit stand against me?’
  5. See, I go carry wahala face una from all those pipo wey dey around una,” naso Baba-God yarn, di Almighty, “Dem go pursue everi one of una komot, and no pesin go gada di pipo wey dey scata komot.
  6. “But las-las, I go bring back di pipo of Ammon wey dem carry komot as prisoners,” naso Baba-God tok.

Judgement On Edom

7. About Edom: Dis na wetin Baba-God Almighty tok: “Abi wisdom no dey for Teman again? Abi beta advice don vanish from di pipo wey get-sense? Abi dia wisdom don vanish?

8. Turn make una run, turn back, hide deep inside hole for rocks, una wey dey stay for Dedan; becos I go carry wahala come meet Esau—for di time wey I go punish am.

9. Wen pipo dey pick grapes, abi dem dey leave some grapes for di tree? Abi wen tiff come for night, no be only wetin dem want dem go tiff?

10. But I don naked Esua; I go open di place wey he dey hide, so dat he no go fit hide hinsef. All hin pikin, hin family-pipo, and hin neighbours go kpeme, and he no go dey again.

11. Leave una pikin wey no get papa, I go protect dia lives. Una widows too fit trust me.”

12. Dis na wetin Baba-God tok: “And if innocent pipo must suffer (drink from di cup of punishment), why must una escape wit-out punishment? Una no go go wit-out punishment, but una must drink am.

13. I use mysef take swear,” naso Baba-God yarn, ‘Sey Bozrah go scata kpatakpata, e go turn to disgrace, waste, plus curse, and all e cities go scata finish forever.”

14. I don hear message from Baba-God: sey messengers don go meet di nations sey, “Make una gada unasef, make una attack am! Stand up for war!”

15. “Now I go make you small among di nations, and I go make men hate una.

16. Di kasala wey una ginger, and as una dey feel-big for una heart—una don whyne unasef, una wey dey live for inside holes for high rocks, wey dey stay on top of high mountain. Even though una build una house high well-well like eagle, na from there I go drag una come down,” naso Baba-God tok.

17. “Edom go scata kpatakpata; everi pesin wey dey pass go shock, and dem go hiss becos of all of e wounds.

18. As Baba-God take scata Sodom plus Gomorrah along wit all di towns wey dey around her,” naso Baba-God dey yarn, “So no pesin go fit stay for there; no man go live for there.

19. I go come like lion from di forest of Jordan to di green-land wey dey over-flow wit water, naso I go pursue di pipo of Edom from dia land kpakpakpa, and I go choose my own leader wey I like. Who fit be like me, and who fit carry me go court to face me? Which ruler fit dey against my wish?”

20. So, make una hear wetin Baba-God don plan against Edom, and wetin he don plan for those pipo wey dey stay for Teman: Enemies go drag dia small-small pikin komot. I go scata dia land kpatakpata becos of dem.

21. Di earth go shake becos of di sound of dia fall; dia cry go sound reach di Red Sea.

22. See, di enemy go attack Bozrah like eagle wey dey rush come down wit e feathers wey open. On dat day Edom sojas go fear like woman wey wan push pikin come out from belle.” 

Judgement On Damascus

23. Dis na about Damascus: “Hamath plus Arpad don lose hope, becos dem don hear bad news. Dia heart dey cut, and wahala dey for dia head like big-river wey no dey rest.

24. Damascus no get pawa again, she don turn to run komot, and fear-fear don hook her; pain plus sorrow don hook her—like woman wey wan born pikin.

25. Why di city wey get big-name and wey dey make me happy—no go empty kpatakpata?

26. Surely, her young men go fall for street; and dem go silence her sojas on dat day,” naso Baba-God Almighty tok.

27. “I go put faya for di walls of Damascus; e go burn di palaces of Ben-Hadad.”

Judgement On Kedar Plus Hazor

28. Dis na about Kedar plus di kingdoms of Hazor wey Nebuchadnezzar di king of Babylon go attack; Dis na wetin Baba-God tok: “Rise up, make una attack Kedar, con scata di pipo of di east.

29. Dem go carry dia house plus dia animals, dem go carry dia curtains, wit all dia properties plus camels. Men go shout to dem, ‘Kasala dey for everi corner!’

30. “Make una run go far-far! Make una stay deep inside di hole for rock, una wey dey stay for Hazor,” naso Baba-God tok. “Becos Nebuchadnezzar, wey be di king of Babylon dey follow hin advice against una; and he don arrange plan against una.

31. “Stand up make una attack rich nation wey dey live in peace,” naso Baba-God tok, “Nation wey no get gates or thick-iron; and e pipo dey stay alone.

32. Dem go tiff dia camels plus all dia plenty malu! Evensef, I go scata all those pipo wey dey for everi corner—follow everi strong-breeze, and I go put wahala on dem from everi side,” naso Baba-God tok.

33. “Hazor go be place where dragon dey live, e go be empty place forever. No pesin go stay for there; and no single man go stay for there.”

Judgement On Elam

34. Dis na di message from Baba-God wey come meet Jeremiah di prophet, against Elam, for di time  wen Zedekiah climb di king-chair as king of Judah:

35. Dis na wetin Baba-God Almighty tok: “See, I go break di bow of Elam, dia main pawa.

36. I go rise di four strong-breeze against Elam from di four side of heaven; I go scata dem enta di four strong-breeze, and Elam go run enta everi nation.

37. I go scata Elam for front of dia enemies, for front of di pipo wey dey fyne dia life; I go carry wahala face dem; even my serious vex,” naso Baba-God tok, “I go send sword follow dem, until I end dem kpatakpata.

38. I go set my king-chair for Elam, con scata di kings plus di princes from dem,” naso Baba-God tok.

39. “But e go happun for days wey go come lata, sey I go bring back di pipo of Elam wey dem carry as prisoners go foreign land,” naso Baba-God tok.


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