Jeremiah Chapter 50

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Judgement On Babylon

  1. Dis na di word against Babylon, wey Baba-God tell Jeremiah about, and against di land of di Chaldeans:
  2. “Go yarn and tok among di nations. No hide anytin. Raise up flag to tell everi pesin sey, ‘Babylon don fall! Her images plus her idols don scata to pieces; Serious disgrace don catch her gods wey dem dey call Bel, and Merodach don scata to pieces.
  3. One nation from di north go attack her, con turn her to scata-scata, sote no pesin go remain for there; both men plus animals go run komot.

Hope For Israel Plus Judah

4. “Baba-God tok sey, for those days and for dat time, di pipo of Israel plus di pipo of Judah go come fyne Baba-God as dem dey cry.

5. Dem go ask for di road to Zion, con turn dia face to Zion. Dem go tok sey, “Come, make we gum-body wit Baba-God, wit everlasting agreement wey dem no go fit forget.”

6. My pipo na sheep wey don lose; dia shepherds don carry dem miss-road, con make dem waka-waka for di mountains. Dem don waka-waka from on top of di hills and mountains, con forget dia own place for rest.

7. Any pesin wey see dem con attack dem; dia enemies con tok sey, ‘We neva do any bad tin, becos dem sin against Baba-God, wey be di house of justice, Baba-God wey be di hope of dia ancestors.’

8. Pipo of Israel, make una komot from di land of Babylon, komot from di land of di Chaldeans, and be like di ram wey dey lead di sheep—lead my pipo go back to dia place.

9. See, I go ginger plenty ogbonge nations wey go gada, con fight Babylon—from di land of di north. Dem go take dia position against her, and dem go catch her from there. Dem go shoot dia arrows like warrior wey sabi well-well. Dem no dey miss anytin wey dem shoot.

10. So dem go scata Babylon (Chaldea), con carry all dia properties; all di pipo wey obtain her go belleful,” naso Baba-God tok.

Di Fall Of Babylon Na Confam

11. Baba-God tok sey, “Pipo of Babylon wey scata my pipo; becos una dey happy and jolly, becos una turn to fat malu wey dey work for farm [to komot di seeds from di wheat or corn], and una dey shout like malu, 

12. Shame go catch una mama well-well. Disgrace go catch di woman wey born una. Babylon go be di lowest of all di nations—empty, dry land, plus desert.

13. Becos of Baba-God vex, no pesin go fit stay for Babylon, she go empty kpatakpata. All di pipo wey dey pass Babylon go shock and dem go laff becos of all her wounds.

14. “Make una surround Babylon, con set against her—all of una wey dey set bow plus arrow. Make una shoot her wit all una arrows, becos she don sin against Baba-God.

15. Shout for her from everi corner! She don surrender, her foundtions don fall, dem don tear her wall put for ground. Since dis na Baba-God revenge, make una revenge on her; make una do her wetin she don do to oda pipo.

16. Cut all di farmers komot from Babylon, plus di ones wey dey use sickle take pluck di fruits wen harvest don reach. All of dem go run go meet dia pipo, becos dem dey fear di sword of di pipo wey dey oppress dem, and all of dem go run go dia own land.

Baba-God Pipo Go Save

17. “Israel be like plenty sheep wey don scata. Lions don pursue dem komot. Di first to scata dem na di king of Assyria, and las-las Nebuchadnezzar wey be di king of Babylon don break dia bones.”

18. So dis na wetin Baba-God Almighty tok, di God of Israel: “See, I go punish di king of Babylon wit hin land—as I take punish di king of Assyria.

19. But I go carry Israel go back to dia own land, and dem go chop from Carmel plus Bashan; and dia soul go belleful for di mountain of Ephraim plus Gilead.

20. “For those days and for dat time,” naso Baba-God tok, “Dem go fyne di sins of Israel—but dem no go see anytin; and dem go fyne di sins of Judah—but dem no go see anytin; becos I go forgive those pipo wey I save.

As Babylon Take Fall

21. “Attack di land of Merathaim wit those pipo wey dey stay for Pekod. Pursue, kill, con scata dem kpatakpata,” naso Baba-God tok. “Do everitin wey I don tell you.”

22. Di noise of fight-fight dey for di land, di noise of plenty scata-scata!

23. How di hammer of di whole earth take cut, con break to pieces? How Babylon con empty among di nations.

24. I don set trap for you, chai, Babylon, and you fall inside am before you know; dem see you and dem catch you, becos you turn against Baba-God.

25. Baba-God don open hin weapon-house, and he don carry di weapon of hin vex come out, becos na dis be di handwork of Baba-God Almighty for di land of di Chaldeans.

26. Make una attack her from her border wey dey far-far, open her banks; scata her put for ground. Scata her kpatakpata; make notin remain about her.

27. Make una kill all dia malu-pikin; carry dem go kill! Wahala for dem! Becos dia cup don full; di time wey Baba-God go punish dem don reach.

28. Listen to di voice of di prisoners wey escape from Babylon, listen as dem dey tok for Zion—as Baba-God don take revenge against di pipo [di pipo of Chaldeans (Babylon)] wey scata hin worship-place.

29. “Call pipo wey dey shoot arrow, make dem shoot Babylon, all di pipo wey dey set bow. Make una gada round her; make una no let any pesin escape. Pay her back for wetin she don do; do her wetin she do to odas; becos she dey carry-shoulder for Baba-God and di Holy One of Israel.

30. So her young men go fall for street; dem go kill all her sojas dat day,” naso Baba-God tok.

31. “See, I dey against una, una wey dey feel-big well-well,” naso Baba-God Almighty tok, “Becos una day don reach—di time wey Baba-God go punish una.

32. Di pipo wey dey feel-big well-well—go stagger, con fall, and no pesin go epp dem stand up. I go set light for di cities of Babylon wey go burn everi pesin wey dey around her.”

33. Dis na wetin Baba-God Almighty tok: “Dem dey oppress di pipo of Israel plus di pipo of Judah, and all di pipo wey hold dem as prisoners, hold dem tight, and dem no gree let dem go.

34. But di God wey dey save dem strong kakaraka; Baba-God Almighty na hin name. He go seriously defend dia way, so dat he go bring peace for dia land, but he dey cos katakata for Babylon.

35. “Sword dey against di pipo of Chaldean!” naso Baba-God tok, “Di sword dey against di pipo wey dey stay for Babylon, and against her princes plus dia wise men!

36. Sword dey against her fake prophets! Dem go turn to mumu. Sword dey against her warriors, and dia heart go cut.

37. Sword dey against all her horse plus horse-moto, and against all di foreigners wey dey among dem. Naso dem go con be like women. Sword dey against her beta-beta-tins; and dem go rob dem!

38. Rain no go fall for dia water—sote dem go dry; becos na land of idols, and di pipo don dey mad becos of idols.

39. So wild animals wey dey stay for desert plus di wild animals of di island go stay for there, and na for there di owls go dey stay. Pipo no go fit live for there again forever, and pipo no go fit stay for there from generation to generation.

40. As Baba-God take overthrow Sodom plus Gomorrah along wit all di cities wey dey around, naso no pesin go fit stay for there; and no single man go live for there,” naso Baba-God tok.

41. “See! Army dey come from di north; ogbonge nation wit plenty kings go ginger from di ends of di earth.

42. Dem go carry bows plus long-sharp-iron; dem wicked well-well and dem no dey sorry-for pesin. Dem dey shout like big-river, dem dey ride dia horse; dem dey come like men wey don arrange demsef for war—to attack you, chai, daughters of Babylon.

43. Di king of Babylon don hear gist about dem, and hin hand no strong again. Fear don hook am, and pain like woman wey wan born pikin.

44. I go come like lion from di forest of Jordan to di green-land wey dey overflow wit water, naso I go pursue di pipo of Babylon from dia land kpakpakpa, and I go choose my own leader wey I like. Who fit be like me, and who fit carry me go court to face me? Which ruler fit dey against my wish?”

45. So make una hear wetin Baba-God don plan against di land of di Babylon, and wetin he carry for hin mind against di pipo of Chaldeans. Dem go drag di small-pikin of dia animals komot; he go scata dia place kpatakpata—wit dem.

46. Di earth go shake wen dem hear di sound of Babylon dey fall; and dem go hear di cry among di nations.


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