Jeremiah Chapter 51

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          Serious Judgement Against Babylon

  1. Dis na wetin Baba-God tok: “See, I go raise up against Babylon, and against dem wey dey stay for Leb Kamai—wit strong-breeze wey dey scata tins.
  2. I go send foreigners enta Babylon, wey go blow Babylon like chaff, dem go empty Babylon land; and dem go attack her from everi corner—on di day of wahala.
  3. No let di sojas wey dey shoot arrow—set to shoot, and no am stand up wit hin fighting-cloth; no free dia young guys; kill all di army of Babylon kpatakpata.
  4. Dem go fall down con kpeme for inside Babylon, dem go wound seriously for di streets of Babylon.
  5. Baba-God no fashi Israel plus Judah, Baba-God Almighty; even though dia land burku wit sin against di Holy One of Israel.
  6. Run komot from Babylon! Save your life! No die becos of her sins. Dis na di time for Baba-God to vex; Baba-God go pay Babylon based-on wetin she don do.
  7. Babylon bin dey like gold cup for Baba-God hand; she make di whole earth jogodo. Di nations drink her ogogoro; so all of dem don dey crase.
  8. Babylon don fall sharp-sharp—con scata; cry for her! Take medicine for her pain; maybe she fit heal.
  9. “We for heal Babylon, but she no fit heal; make we leave her and make everi pesin go hin own land, becos her judgement high reach heaven, e dey rise up reach sky.’
  10. “Baba-God don confam sey we dey right; come make we go tok wetin Baba-God don do for inside Zion.’
  11. “Sharp di arrows, gada di shield! Baba-God don ginger di spirit of di kings of Medes, becos hin plan na to scata Babylon; becos Baba-God go revenge, he go revenge on those pipo wey scata hin house.
  12. Raise di war flag against di wall of Babylon! Make di guard strong, and position di watchmen, con set for surprise attack. Baba-God don plan and he don do wetin he tok against di pipo of Babylon.
  13. You wey dey stay near plenty water, and wey get plenty beta-beta-tins, una own don finish today, na dis be una gain from longatrot.
  14. Baba-God Almighty don use hinsef take swear sey: “I go surely full you wit sojas, like plenty locusts, and dem go shout against una.”

Song of Praise To Baba-God

15. “He make di earth wit hin pawa; na hin wisdom he take stand di world gidigbam, and na hin understanding he take stretch out di heavens.

16. Wen he raise hin voice, di plenty water wey gada for heaven dey shake. He dey make cloud raise from di ends of di earth. He dey make lightning for di rain, and he dey bring out strong-breeze from Hin store.

17. “Everi man no-get-sense and dem no sabi anytin; shame dey catch everi goldsmith for hin idols. Hin images na scam; dem no fit breath.

18. Dem be useless tins, na sometin wey pipo dey yab; wen dia cup full, dem go kpeme.

19. Baba-God of Jacob (di portion of Jacob) no be like dem, becos nahin make everitin, and Israel na di tribe wey he choose as hin property forever—Baba-God Almighty na Hin name.

Babylon Punishment

20. Na you be di axe wey I take dey fight, and di weapons wey I take dey fight war, na you I go take break di nations into pieces, and na you I go take scata kingdoms;

21. I go use you take scata plenty horse plus dia riders, I go use you take scata horse-moto plus dia riders,

22. And I go use you take scata man plus woman; I go use you take scata young guys and fine girls.

23. I go use you take scata shepherd plus hin sheep; I go use you take scata farmer wit di malu wey he take dey work for farm; and I go use you take scata commanders plus rulers.

24. “Na for una front I go take revenge on Babylon plus all di pipo of Chaldeans, becos of all di bad-bad-tins wey dem don do inside Zion,” naso Baba-God tok.

25. I dey against una, oh Babylon—strong mountain wey dey dabaru pipo, you wey scata di whole earth,” naso Baba-God tok, “And I go stretch out my hand against una, I go roll una down from rocks, con make una turn to mountain wey don burn.

26. No pesin go carry rock from una to build, or take any stone from una to make foundations, becos una go scata, con empty forever,” naso Baba-God tok.

27. Raise flag as sign for di land. Make di sound of war among di nations! Gada all of dem against Babylon. Arrange dem to fight against her. Call di kingdom of Ararat, Minni, plus Ashkenaz—against her. Choose commanders against her, bring horses like plenty-plenty locusts.

28. Prepare di nations to fight war against her; di king of Medes, dia govnors plus all dia commanders, plus all di kontris wey dem dey rule.

29. Di land go shake and dem go feel pain: becos Baba-God go do everitin wey he don plan against Babylon, to make di land of Babylon empty wit no pesin to live inside am.

30. Di warrior of Babylon don stop to dey fight; dem dey hide for dia strong-house. Dia pawa don finish; dem don turn to women. Dem dey burn dia houses; dem don break di thick-iron of dia gates.

31. Messengers upon messenger dey run go meet di king of Babylon to let am know sey enemies don attack everi corner,

32. and sey enemy don block di place wey dem take dey cross di river (Euphrates), and dem don burn di water-land where reed dey grow—sote di sojas of Babylon don dey shake.

33. Dis na wetin Baba-God Almighty tok, di God of Israel: “Di daughters of Babylon be like wheat wey dem wan separate from chaff for harvest ground, dis na di time to march her, and di time for her harvest go soon start.”

34. “Nebuchadnezzar wey be di king of Babylon don chop us finish, he don put us for katakata, he don turn us to empty calabash [container]. He don swallow us like snake, and he don full hin belle wit awa beta foods, and he con vomit us.

35. Make di wound wey dem wound awa body dey upon Babylon,” naso di pipo of Zion tok, “And make awa blood dey on di head of di pipo of Chaldean,” naso Jerusalem go tok.

36. So dis na wetin Baba-God tok: “See, I go carry una mata for my head, con revenge for una; I go make all her big-rivers dry, con stop her water wey dey flow.

37. Babylon go turn to waste wey dem gada, na place where dragons go dey stay. Pipo go shock wen dem see Babylon, dem go hiss; and Babylon go be place wey no pesin dey stay.

38. Dem go shout togeda like lions, dem go cry like lion-pikin.

39. But as dem dey flex, I go make party for dem, I go make dem high sote dem go dey jolly—naso dem go sleep forever, and dem no go wake up again,” naso Baba-God tok.

40. “I go bring dem down like sheep wey dem wan go kill, like rams plus he-goats.

41. “Oh, how dem take catch Sheshak, and pipo don stop to dey cut-cap for Babylon wey di whole earth bin dey hail! See as Babylon don make all di nations shock!

42. Di big-river go raise to cover Babylon; di plenty waves don cover her.

43. Di cities of Babylon don empty, e don turn to dry desert land—where no pesin dey live, and wey no pesin dey travel pass.

44. I go punish Bel (di god of Babylon), and I go make am vomit wetin he don swallow (di holy properties wey dem tiff plus di pipo wey dem carry from Judah). Di nations no go gada go meet am again. Yes; di wall of Babylon go fall yakata.

Message For Di Pipo Wey Dey For Foreign Land

45. “Komot from inside her, my pipo! Make all of una save una life from Baba-God serious vex.

46. No let una mind cut, or let fear catch una wen tori dey fly for di land; one tori go come dis year, anoda one go come di next year; and fight-fight for di land, rulers against rulers.

47. See, di time go surely come wen I go judge di idols of Babylon; Baba-God go disgrace her whole land, and deadbody go lie down full Babylon.

48. Naso di heaven plus di earth, plus everi pesin wey dey inside am—go shout wit happiness, becos of Babylon. Naso pipo wey go scata her go attack her from di north,” naso Baba-God tok.

49. “Babylon must fall becos of di pipo of Israel wey dem kill, just as pipo for all di earth don fall becos of Babylon.

50. You wey don escape sword, komot and no waste time! Remember Baba-God from far-far land, con tink about Jerusalem.”

51. “We dey face disgrace plus insult, and shame dey cover awa face, becos foreigners don enta di holy places of Baba-God house.”

52. “But days dey come, wen I go punish her idols, and di pipo wey wound go cry tru-out her land,” naso Baba-God tok.

53. “Even if Babylon fit climb reach sky, con build tall strong-house, I go still send pipo wey go scata am,” naso Baba-God tok.

54. “Di sound of cry dey come out from Babylon, di sound of plenty scata-scata dey come out from di land of di Chaldeans.

55. Baba-God go scata Babylon, he go make her strong voice shut up. Di waves of enemy go nack dem like plenty water; di noise of dia voice dey halla.

56. Pipo wey go scata Babylon don rise against her; dem don attack Babylon, dem don catch her strong men, and dem go break all her bows plus arrows, becos Baba-God na di God wey dey pay back; and he go surely pay back.

57. I go make her princes plus her wise men jogodo, even her commanders, govnors, plus sojas. Naso dem go sleep forever and dey no go wake up,” naso di King tok, wey hin name na Baba-God Almighty.

58. Dis na wetin Baba-God Almighty tok: “Babylon wide wall go fall yakata for ground, and dem go burn her high gates wit faya; di pipo suffer for notin, di pipo work taya for notin, and di builders from plenty nations don work in vain, becos dia work go scata for faya.”

Jeremiah Prophecy To Seraiah

59. “Dis na di message wey Jeremiah di prophet give Seraiah wey be di son of Neriah, di son of Mahseiah, wen he go Babylon wit Zedekiah di king of Judah, for di fourth year as Zedekiah be king. Seraiah na quartermaster*.

60. Jeremiah write about all di kasala for book—wey go happun to Babylon—even everitin wey dem write against Babylon.

61. He tell Seraiah sey, “Wen you reach Babylon, make sure sey you read all dis words come out.

62. Den make you tok sey, ‘Oh Baba-God, you don tok sey you go scata dis place, so dat even man plus animal no go fit stay for there, and e go empty forever.’

63. Wen you read dis book finish, tie stone join am and make you throway am for River Euphrates.

64. Den make you tok sey, ‘Naso Babylon go take sink, and e no go fit rise up again becos of di wahala wey I go carry meet her. And her pipo go fall.’ ” Dis na di end of Jeremiah message.


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