Lamentations Chapter 1

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           Sorrow For Inside Jerusalem

  1. See as di city empty kpatakpata, city wey first burku wit pipo! See as she be like woman wey her husband die, city wey be ogbonge before among nations. She wey be princess among cities, don turn to slave now.
  2. She dey cry well-well for night, water dey flow from her face. No pesin dey to cool her down among all her lovers. All her padi don betray her; dem don turn to her enemies.
  3. Becos of suffer-head plus hard work, Judah don enta foreign land as slave. She scata among di nations; she no see place to rest. All di pipo wey dey pursue her don catch her inside di middle of her suffer-suffer.
  4. Di roads to Zion dey cry becos no pesin dey come her holy festivals. All her gates dey empty, her priests dey cry, her fine girls dey cry, and she dey inside serious pain.
  5. Her enemies don turn to her oga; her enemies dey prosper. Baba-God don carry sorrow go meet her becos of all di plenty bad-bad-tins wey she don do. Her pikin don enta foreign land as slaves, as prisoners to dia enemies.
  6. All di levels don komot from di Daughter of Zion. Her princes be like deer wey no see green grass to chop; dem don run like pesin wey no get pawa from di pipo wey dey pursue dem.
  7. For di days of her suffer-suffer and waka-waka, Jerusalem remember all di beta-beta-tins wey she bin get before-before. Wen her pipo fall for enemies hand, dem no see any pesin to epp dem. Her enemies look her, con laff as dem dey scata her.
  8. Jerusalem don commit big-big sins, so her levels don komot. Di pipo wey bin dey respect her con dey hate her becos dem don see her nakedness; she hersef dey cry and she hide her face wit shame.
  9. Her yama-yama hook her skirts; she no reason her destiny. So she fall yakata; no pesin dey to comfort her. “Chai Baba-God, look my suffer-suffer becos di enemy don get levels.”
  10. “Her enemies put hand for all her best-beta-tins; she see nation wey no know Baba-God as dem dey enta her holy place—those pipo wey you forbid to enta your meeting.
  11. All her pipo dey cry as dem dey fine bread to chop; dem dey exchange all dia beta-beta-tins for food just to survive. “Chai Baba-God, look and consider, becos pipo hate me.
  12. “Abi e no mean anytin to you, all of una wey dey pass go? Look around una, con see if any pesin dey suffer like me. Na Baba-God dey make me suffer wen he vex for me seriously.
  13. “He send faya from up-up wey dey burn my bones. He set net for my legs, con make me turn back. He make me empty, and I dey faint from morning to night.
  14. “He don tie all my sins togeda; na hin hand weave am todega to press my neck, and Baba-God don komot my strength. He don carry me give those pipo wey pass my pawa.
  15. “Baba-God don march all di warriors wey I get, he don gada plenty pipo to kill all my young men. Baba-God don march all di virgins daughters of Judah for hin wine-factory.
  16. Na dis tins dey make me cry and my eyes dey rush wit water. No pesin dey near me to make me calm down, no pesin dey to ginger my spirit. My pikin no get future again becos di enemies don press dem.”
  17. Zion dey stretch her hands, but no pesin dey to make her calm down. Baba-God yarn about Jacob, sey—hin neighbours go turn to hin enemies; Jerusalem don turn to yama-yama among dem.
  18. Baba-God get clean-heart, but I no gree obey wetin he tell me to do. Make all of una listen; make una look my suffer-suffer. My young men and my fine girls don enta foreign land as slave.
  19. “I call my padi but dem betray me. My priests plus my senior-men die for inside di city as dem dey fyne food to chop so dat dem go fit survive.
  20. “Chai Baba-God, see as suffer don nack me! Wahala dey inside me, and my heart no settle down, becos I don disobey you well-well. Killing dey for di streets; death dey inside house sef.
  21. “Pipo don hear me dey cry, but no pesin dey to cool me down. All my enemies don hear my cry, dem dey happy for wetin you don do. Make you bring di day wey you don tok about so dat dem go suffer like me.
  22. “Make all dia wickedness reach your front; deal wit dem as you take deal wit me becos of all my sins. My cry-cry plenty and my heart dey faint.”


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