Lamentations Chapter 2

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               Baba-God Vex For Jerusalem

  1. See as Baba-God cover di Daughters of Zion wit di cloud of hin vex! Di best of Israel cities dey for dust, e don fall from heaven come down. On dis day wey Baba-God dey vex well-well, he no sorry-for even hin holy-place wey be hin stool.
  2. Baba-God don swallow all di houses of Jacob wit-out pity; he don bring down di strong places of di Daughters of Judah as he dey para. He don bring her kingdom and her princes down to sand-sand—wit disrespect.
  3. He don cut everi horn of Israel komot as he dey vex well-well. He don komot hin right hand of protection as enemy dey attack us. He don burn Jacob like serious faya wey dey burn everitin wey dey around am.
  4. He don bend hin bow and arrow against hin pipo as if dem be hin enemy. He use hin right hand take fight dem, con kill all di pipo wey he like. He don pour hin vex like faya on Jerusalem wey fine.
  5. Baba-God con be like enemy; he don swallow Israel. He don swallow all her palaces, con scata all her strong-houses. E don make di Daughters of Judah cry and complain burku.
  6. He don break hin worship-place put for ground as if na just garden. He don scata hin holy place of meeting. Baba-God don make pipo forget di holy festivals plus Sabbath days. Baba-God don fashi di King plus di priests as he dey vex seriously.
  7. Baba-God don fashi hin altar, con hate hin worship-place. He don carry di walls of her palaces give di enemy, dem dey raise dia voice dey shout inside Baba-God house like sey na di day of festival.
  8. Baba-God don make up hin mind to tear down di fine walls wey round di Daughters of Zion. He measure dem komot, to make sure sey he scata dem kpatakpata. So he make di wide walls plus di tall-building dey cry—dem don fall togeda.
  9. Her gates don sink enta ground; he don scata and dabaru dia thick iron. Her king and her princes don enta foreign nations as prisoners, di law no dey again, and her prophets no dey see visions from Baba-God again.
  10. Di senior-men of di Daughters of Zion dey sidon for ground in silence; dem don pour dust put for dia heads and dem dey wear sackcloth. Di young women of Jerusalem don bow dia heads face ground.
  11. I no fit see again becos of too much cry-cry, my belle dey pain me, I don vomit my liver for ground— becos my pipo don scata, becos small-small pikin and babies dey faint for di streets of di city.
  12. Naso dem ask dia mama sey, “Where di bread and wine?” as dem dey faint like men wey don wound for di streets of di city, as dia life dey fade dey go for dia mama hand.
  13. Wetin I fit tok about una? Wetin I fit use take compare una, chai—daughters of Jerusalem? Wetin I fit use take compare una, so dat I go calm una down, chai virgin Daughter of Zion? Your wound deep like big-river. Who fit heal you?
  14. Una prophets don see yao-yao and yeye vision for una; dem no show una sins so dat una for escape di enemies wey catch una. Di prophecies wey dem give una na lie, and e make una miss-road.
  15. Everi pesin wey dey pass una way—dey clap dia hands for una; dem dey laff and dem dey shake dia heads for di Daughters of Jerusalem, con tok sey “Na dis be di city wey dem call di perfect beauty, di happiness of di whole earth?”
  16. All your enemies dey open dia mouth against una; dem dey hiss, dem dey bite dia teeth, con tok sey, “We don swallow her, e don tey wey we don true-true dey wait for dis day, we don fyne am, and we don see am.”
  17. Baba-God don do wetin he plan; he don do di word wey he tok about tey-tey. He no sorry-for una as he dey nack una for ground, he don make di enemies dey happy for una mata. He don give levels to una enemies horn.
  18. Di heart of di pipo dey cry to Baba-God, “Chai, fine walls of di Jerusalem (Daughters of Zion), make una tears flow like river for day and for night; make una no rest, make una no let una eyes close.
  19. Rise up, make una cry out for night, as night just start; pour your heart come out like water for Baba-God front. Carry your hands go up to am, becos of una pikin lives, wey dey faint becos of hunger for front of everi street.
  20. “Chai Baba-God, look and make you reason who you dey do like dis? Abi make women dey chop dia pikin, di pikin wey dem don take care of? Abi make dem dey kill both priests and prophets inside Baba-God holy house?
  21. “Both small and big dey lie down togeda for sand-sand for streets; sword don kill my young men and fine girls. You don kill dem on di day wen you dey vex; you no sorry-for dem as you dey kill dem.
  22. “You don invite gbege from everi corner of, as if you dey call dem for festival. On di day wey Baba-God dey vex, no pesin survive am or escape. Di enemy don kill all di small-small pikin wey I train and wey I take care of.”


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