Lamentations Chapter 4

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  Di Wahala Of Zion

  1. See as gold don lose e shine, di fine gold don dull! Di beta-beta-stones for di holy place don scata for front of everi street.
  2. Di precious sons of Zion, wey be like fine gold, how come e no get levels again like ordinary clay pot wey artist make?
  3. Even jakals dey feed dia pikin wit breast, but di daughters of my pipo don wicked like ostrich for inside desert.
  4. Becos dem no see water drink, small-small pikin tongue dey gum-join up of dia mouth; small pikin dey beg for bread, but no pesin dey give dem.
  5. Those pipo wey bin dey chop mende-mende food—don turn to pipo wey no get shishi for streets, those ajebuta wey bin dey wear designers—don dey fyne food for inside yama-yama.
  6. Di punishment of di sins of my pipo pass di punishment of Sodom, wey Baba-God scata wit one minute, wit-out hand to epp dem.
  7. Her princes bin fresh pass snow, and dem white pass milk, dia body red pass rubies, and dem resemble sapphires.
  8. But now dia face black pass charcoal; dem no get levels for streets. Dia skin don dry for dia bones; e don dry like stick.
  9. Those pipo wey sword kill beta pass di pipo wey hunger kill; hunger nack dem and dia life waste komot becos dem no see food from dia farm.
  10. WeDi hand of women wey get soft-heart don use dia own hand take cook dia own pikin, wey dem chop as food [to surivive]—wen scata-scata nack di daughters of my pipo.
  11. Baba-God don vex for us kpatakpata, he don pour out hin serious vex. He don burn Zion wit faya, and di faya don burn her foundations.
  12. Di kings of dis earth no gree believe, even di pipo for di world sef no believe sey enemies fit enta di gates of Jerusalem.
  13. But e happun becos of di sins of di prophets, and di bad-bad-tins wey her priests don do, wey dey shed di blood of pipo wey get clean-heart.
  14. Now dem dey waka like blind pipo for street. Dem don corrupt demsef wit blood sote no pesin fit touch dia cloth.
  15. “Komot from here, una no clean!” Naso men dey tell dem, “Komot! Komot! No touch us!” Wen dem run, con dey waka upandan, pipo among di oda nations no let dem stay.
  16. Baba-God vex don scata dem; he no-send dem again. Dem no respect di priest again, and dem no show favour to senior-men.
  17. But awa eyes no dey see road again as we dey fyne epp; from awa tall-house, we watch for nation wey fit come save us.
  18. Dem dey watch awa way—sote we no fit waka for street. Awa own don finish, awa days don finish. We go soon die!
  19. Di pipo wey dey pursue us fast pass eagle wey dey for sky; dem pursue us for di mountains, con dey wait for us codedly for desert.
  20. Awa king—di pesin wey Baba-God anoint, di life of awa nation—don fall for dia trap. We bin tink sey hin shadow go protect us against any nation!
  21. Make una dey happy and make una jolly, oh Daughter of Edom, una wey dey stay for di land of Uz. Naso di cup go pass to una; una go high, con naked unasef.
  22. Chai Daughter of Zion, your punishment go end; he no go carry una again go foreign land as slaves. But, Oh Daughter of Edom, he go punish your sin, con show una di bad-ba


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