Lamentations Chapter 5

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       Prayer For Mercy

  1. Oh Baba-God, remember wetin don happun to us; reason, and make you see awa disgrace.
  2. Foreigners don collect awa land and properties, and awa house dey wit foreigners.
  3. We don turn to pipo wit-no mama and papa, awa mama don turn to widows.
  4. We must buy di water wey we dey drink; and we dey buy awa own wood.
  5. Those wey dey pursue us dey for awa neck, we don taya, but dem no let us rest.
  6. We carry awasef give Egypt and Assyria so dat we go fit get food to survive.
  7. Awa papa-papa-papa commit sin and dem no dey again, and we dey face dia punishment.
  8. Slaves dey rule us, and no pesin dey to free us from dia hands.
  9. We dey risk awa life just to get food to chop, becos killers dey for di desert [wey go attack us if we go awa farm].
  10. Awa skin hot like oven becos of di fever from hunger.
  11. Dem don rape awa women for Zion, dem dey use gra-gra sleep wit awa babes for di cities of Judah.
  12. Dem don hang princes wit dia hands; dem no gree respect senior-pipo.
  13. Dem force young men dey hustle for grinding stone, and boys fall becos of di heavy wood wey dem carry.
  14. Di senior-men no dey gada for di gates again; di young men don stop dia music.
  15. Happiness don komot from awa hearts; awa dance-dance don turn to cry-cry.
  16. Di crown don fall komot from awa head. Wahala for us becos we don do bad-bad-tins!
  17. Awa heart dey faint becos of dis, awa eyes dey close becos of dis tins
  18. Becos of di mountain of Zion wey don empty, foxes dey waka upandan for there.
  19. You oh Baba-God, you dey forever; your king-chair dey last from generation to generation.
  20. Why you dey always forget us forever? Why you dey fashi us tey-tey like dis?
  21. Carry us come meet you again, Oh Baba-God, so dat we go fit come back; make awa days new again like before.
  22. But you don pursue us komot kpatakpata, and you dey vex for us well-well.


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