Amos Chapter 3

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Witnesses Against Israel

  1. Hear dis word wey Baba-God don tok against una, chai, pipo of Israel—against di whole family wey I carry komot from Egypt:
  2. “Na only una I don choose among all di families wey dey for di earth; so I go punish una for all una sins.”
  3. Abi two pipo fit waka togeda unless dem agree?
  4. Abi lion dey halla inside bush wen animal no dey to catch? Abi young lion dey cry for inside hin joint wen e neva catch anytin?
  5. Abi bird fit fall enta trap wey dey for ground, wey dem no put food? Abi trap go move from ground wen e neva catch anytin?
  6. Wen dem sound trumpet for inside city, abi di pipo no go dey shake? Abi wen kasala enta city, no be Baba-God cause am?
  7. Surely, Baba-God Almighty no dey do anytin wit-out telling hin servants di prophets.
  8. Di lion don halla—who no go fear? Baba-God Almighty don yarn, who fit prophesy?
  9. Tok dis message for di palaces of Ashdod plus Egypt, con tok sey: “Make una gada unasef for di mountains of Samaria; see di serious katakata wey dey inside her, and di oppression among her pipo.”
  10. Dem no sabi do di right tins,’ naso Baba-God tok,  “Dia palace burku wit beta-beta-tins wey dem tiff wit fight-fight plus oppression.’”So na wetin Baba-God Almighty tok be dis: “Enemy go surround una; dem go bring una pawa come down, con steal from una palaces.”
  11. So na wetin Baba-God Almighty tok be dis: “Enemy go surround una; dem go bring una pawa come down, con steal from una palaces.”
  12. Na wetin Baba-God tok be dis, “As shepherd take dey save goat from lion mouth—wit only two legs or small piece of ear, naso dem go take drag di pipo of Israel komot—wey dey stay for Samaria—wit only di di corner of dia bed, or di foam of dia soft-chair for Damsacus.
  13. “Hear dis tin and make you tok against di house of Jacob,” na wetin Baba-God Almighty tok.
  14. “On di day wen I go punish Israel for hin sins, I go scata di altar of Bethel sef, dem go cut di horns of di altar komot, and e go fall for ground.
  15. I go break down all di fine-fine houses: dia cold-season house, plus dia hot-season house. And all di houses wey dem design wit ivory, plus all di oda big-big houses—go komot forever,” naso Baba-God tok.


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