Amos Chapter 4

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Israel Neva Go Back To Baba-God

  1. Hear dis words, una wey be di malu (women) of Bashan, wey dey for di Mountain of Samaria, una wey be women wey dey oppress poor pipo and wey dey march pipo wey need epp, and wey dey tell una husband sey, “Bring drink come make we shark!”
  2. Baba-God Almighty don swear wit hin holiness sey: “Time go surely come wen dem go catch una wit hooks, and dem go drag even di last one of una—wit fish hook.
  3. Everi woman go go out straight, pass tru di wall wey dem don break, and dem go pursue una go Harmon,” naso Baba-God tok.
  4. “Go Bethel make una commit sin [give sacrifices to una idol]; go Gilead con sin more-more. Give una sacrifice everi morning, and una tithes—everi three years.
  5. And give sacrifice of tanks-giving wit bread wey una make wit yeast, and make-mouth about di offerings wey una give wit you free mind—becos na dis kain tin una dey like to do, chai pipo of Israel!” naso Baba-God tok.
  6. “I give una empty belle for everi city, and una no see bread chop for inside everi of una towns, but una no still come back to me,” naso Baba-God yarn.
  7. “I still hold di rain from una, wen una harvest na three months time. I send rain go one city, but stop di rain for anoda city. One farm get rain, anoda farm no get rain—sote e dry kpatakpata.
  8. Two or three cities go waka go one city becos of water, and dem no see enuff water to drink; but una no still come back to meet me,” naso Baba-God tok.
  9. “I sama una farms and grape-farms wit disease. Wen una garden, grape-farms, and fig trees—con burku, nahin locust chop dem; but una still no gree turn come meet me,”
  10. I send disease to una as I bin do for Egypt. I kill una young men wit sword for war, along wit all una horse wey enemies catch. Naso di smell of death for una camp, con full una nose; but una no still come back to me,” naso Baba-God tok.
  11. “I scata some of una cities, just as I bin take overthrow Sodom and Gomorrah. Those of una wey survive con be like faya wood wey dem komot from di faya, but una still no come meet me,” naso Baba-God tok.
  12. “So na wetin I go do to una be dis, Israel, and becos I go do dis tin to una, make una prepare to meet una God, oh Israel.”
  13. Baba-God wey form di mountains, wey make di strong-breeze, and wey dey show hin plans to man, Him wey dey turn day to darkness, and wey dey waka for di high places of di earth—Baba-God Almighty na hin name.


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