Amos Chapter 5

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Burial Song For Israel

  1. Hear dis word, oh pipo of Israel! Listen to dis burial song about una.
  2. “Virgin Israel don fall, and she no go rise again, her own land don empty kpatakpata, and no pesin dey to carry her up.”
  3. Dis na wetin Baba-God Almighty tok; “Di city wey dey march out wit thousand strong pipo for Israel, go get only hundred pipo wey remain, and di city wey dey march out wit hundred pipo go only get ten pipo wey remain for di house of Israel”

Israel Need To Repent

4. Dis na wetin Baba-God tell di house of Israel: “Make una fyne me so dat una go live;

5. Make una no fyne Bethel, make una no go Gilead, make una no travel go Beersheba. Becos Gilead go surely enta foreign land as slave, and Bethel go turn to notin.”

6. Fyne Baba-God so dat una go survive, or he go sweep tru di house of Joseph like faya. E go burn am, and Bethel no go see pesin to stop di faya.

7. Una wey dey turn justice to sadness, and una throway goodness put for ground.

8. Him wey make di Pleiades* plus Orion*, him wey dey turn mid-night to morning, and wey dey turn dy to night, him wey dey call di water of di big-river, con pour dem take cover di land—hin name na Baba-God [Osanobua].

9. He dey bring scata-scata like rain against di strong pipo, sote dia strong-house go dabaru.

10. Dem hate pesin wey dey judge wit hin church-mind, and dem hate pesin wey dey tok truth.

11. So becos una dey march poor pipo, con use gragra take collect tax from dia food; even though una don build some big-house wit fine stones, una no go live inside di big-house; una don plant fine grape-farm, but una no go drink from di wine.

12. Becos I know how many bad-bad-tins una don do, and how una sins big reach: una dey oppress pipo wey get clean-heart, and una dey collect bribes, and una dey stop justice from poor pipo for inside court.

13. So man wey get-sense go keep quiet for dat kain time, becos di times na evil.

14. Make una fyne good tins and no be evil tins, so dat una go live. Naso Baba-God Almighty go dey wit una, just as una tok.

    Di Judgement Wey Dey Come

15. Hate evil tins, love beta tins; and make justice stand for una land. Maybe Baba-God Almighty fit sorry-for di remaining pipo of Joseph.

16. So na wetin Baba-God, di Oga and di Almighty—tok: “Cry-cry go dey for all di streets, and dem go tok for all di main roads sey, “Ah! Ah!’ Dem go call di farmers make dem con cry, con call all di pipo wey sabi cry well-well to come mourn.

17. Cry-cry go dey for all di grape-farms, becos I go pass tru una,” naso Baba-God tok.

18. Wahala for una wey dey wait for di day of Baba-God! Why una dey wait for di day of Baba-God? Dat day go be darkness, and no be light.

19. E go be like sey na man wey run from lion only for am to jam bear; or as if he enta hin house, con rest hin hand for wall, only for snake to bite am.

20. Abi di day of Baba-God no go be darkness? And no be light, abi e no go dark well-well wit no single light inside am?

21. “I hate, and I no like una religious festival; and I no dey gbadun una holy meetings.

22. Even though una carry burnt offerings plus seed offerings come meet me, I no go accept dem. Even though una bring peace offerings of fat malu—I no go look am.

23. Make una komot wit di noise of una songs! I no go listen to di music from una strings [harp].

24. But make justice roll down like water, and make goodness roll like big stream wey no dey dry!

25. “Abi una carry sacrifice and offering come meet me for forty year wen una dey inside dersert, chai house of Israel?

26. But una still carry una king Sikkuth plus Chiun wey be una idols [idols wey man make for di gods of Saturn*], di stars of una god wey una make for unasef.

27. So I go pursue una komot go foreign land, pass Damascus,” na wetin Baba-God tok—wey hin name na Almighty.


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