Amos Chapter 6

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Wahala For Pipo Wey Dey Chill For Inside Zion

  1. Wahala for una wey dey okay for inside Zion, and for una wey trust di Mountains of Samaria. Una get level and big-name for Israel—wey be di first among nations; una wey pipo dey come meet for epp.
  2. Go Calneh and make you look am; go di great Hamat from there, con go Gath wey dey for Philistia. Abi dem beta pass una two kingdoms? Abi dia land big pass una own?
  3. Wahala for una wey no wan gree sey evil days dey come, but wetin una dey do dey only bring di days of evil.
  4. Una dey lie down on top of bed wey dem make wit ivory, con dey stretch for una soft-chair, as una dey chop di lambs from una sheep, and di small-malu from una malu-house.
  5. Dem dey try to free-style wit di strings (harp*), and dem make music instrument for demsef like David;
  6. Una dey drink ogogoro from big bowl, con dey rob di finest ororo for body, but una no dey feel sad becos of di scata-scata of Joseph.
  7. So una go dey among di first wey go enta foreign land as slaves; una party and una flexing go end.

       Israel Dey Carry-shoulder

8. Baba-God Almighty don swear wit hinsef—Baba-God Almighty don yarn sey; “I hate as Jacob dey carry-shoulder, and I hate hin strong-houses; I go give dis city plus everitin wey dey inside am—to dia enemies.”

9. And e go happun sey if na ten men remain for inside one house, dem sef go kpeme.

10. And if family-pipo and pesin wey suppose burn di body come carry dem komot from di house, con tok any pesin wey dey hide for inside-inside, sey, “Abi any oda pesin dey wit you?” so pesin go ansa sey, “No.” Naso he go tok sey, “Hold your tongue! Abeg we must no call Baba-God name [becos dem dey fear more punishment].”

11. Becos Baba-God don tok wetin he want, and he go break di big house to pieces, con scata di small house.

12. Abi horse dey run on top of rock? Abi pesin go go use hin malu wey he dey use take work for hin farm—con use am take work for dat kain place? Una don turn justice to sometin wey bitter, and una don turn di fruit of goodness to bitter poison.

13. Una wey dey happy becos una don take-over Lo-debar, una dey tok sey, “Abi no be awa pawa we use take-over Karnaim for awasef?”

14. See, Baba-God Almighty tok sey, “I go ginger nation against una, chai house of Israel, dem go oppress una from Lebohamath reach di river Arabah.”


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